Fall of the Sects, Fall of the Shroud

In the months leading up to the Fall, the Sabbat Palla Grande was attacked, throwing the sect into chaos Many present were sent to final death, including much of the sect's leadership, leaving the Sword of Caine without a hand to guide them. Surviving Bishops and Archbishops gathered together as many packs as they could, and were in turn collected by the few surviving Cardinals. Most rallied to the banner of Cardinal Radu Bistri.

 The Camarilla had little time to enjoy the weakening of their enemies. The remnants of the Sabbat, blaming the Camarilla elders for the attacks, descended upon their rivals’ cities with a vengeance. Only two months later, the sun rose black. Vampires exulted in this time of darkness, indulging in their bloodlust upon a helpless world and shattering the Camarilla's carefully maintained masquerade. Few vampires were able to cling to their humanity, and many gave into their beast. Fortified by their paths of enlightenment, and vindicated by the end times for which they had long prepared, the Sabbat redoubled their war against the Antediluvians' Camarilla pawns. Many Camarilla vampires, now unable to deny the truth of Gehenna, sided with the Sword of Caine in the face of impending rise of the Ancients.


While the sects warred with one another, the death of so many vampires resonated through the bloodlines, and the Ancients stirred. As each of the antediluvians awoke, so too did their age-old jyhad. Emerging from the shadows into the dim light of Anthelios, they renewed their ancient rivalries, competing with their siblings for power, territory, and an ever-dwindling herd. The kine bent before the power of the Ancients, unable to resist. Many children of Caine could not fight the power of their sire's blood and served at the whims of their progenitors. Even some unaffected by their sire's disciplines served out of a sense of self-preservation. Of those who resisted, few survived. Even elders of each sect could not oppose the Antediluvians, and any who faced them directly were swiftly reduced to ash.

Such assaults barely distracted the Ancients from their own rivalries. The Earth shook with the potent force of their battles, and earthquakes swallowed cities whole. As the world crumbled under the onslaught of the Ancient's battles for control, a blanket of darkness covered the world for a time. As many fell to the fangs of their own siblings, contradictory rumors circulated claiming which of the Ancients ended which of their siblings, and which were believed to have survived. None can truly claim to have witnessed their progenitor's end, but with each one that fell, their deaths echoed through those who bore their blood.

The strongest reverberation came with the death of Caine, and was felt by every unliving vampire. Each knew, instinctively, that it could be nothing else. As with the Antediluvians, Caine's death occurred without witnesses, and is equally surrounded in mystery and rumor. Most believe only Lilith could be powerful enough to destroy the dark father, that she exacted her revenge before ascending to rule the night sky as the red moon.