Weaver Ascendant (Pre-Fall)

Blinded by the Wyrm’s corruption, Garou remained oblivious to the Weaver’s subtle threat. By the time they realized it, it's victory was all but assured. As it grew in power, it's pawns became more zealous in their eradication of imperfection. The agents of the Weaver calcified Caerns and hunted shifters with methodical precision. It only spared those who surrendered their will to the Onesong and joined the Weaver as drones. In this, the Glass Walkers were all but lost.

Shifters who survived turned their attention to fight the Weaver. But they face an enemy entrenched in every facet of the world, and far more organized than the Wyrm. Its steady calcification of the world thickened the Gauntlet to near impassibility. Hunted, cornered, and cut off from the Umbra, the Garou feared it was a losing battle. Then, unexpected allies joined the fight. Remnants of the Black Spiral Dancers and the Cult of Phoenix. They had been all but eradicated by the Weaver’s minions. They proposed a radical option: Bring Phoenix’s prophecy to fruition. Free the Wyrm from the Weaver’s web. Allow it to destroy the Weaver’s stasis, and fulfill its purpose in restoring the balance.

Freeing the Wyrm

Three Septs accepted this quest: Thunderstrike Sept in Russia, Sept of the Blood Fist in the Black Forest of Germany, and the Sept of Eternal Glory in Vancouver. Striking on multiple fronts, the Weaver’s control of the physical realm cracked, giving them a brief opening to step into the Umbra... perhaps for the last time. Songs are sung of the glory and sacrifice of the three Septs and the dangers they faced as they traveled through the Umbra to Malfeas, and of the glorious battle to free the Wyrm. Though their quest succeeded, many were lost. As they weakened the Wyrm’s bindings, it tore at the Weaver’s Webs, the first of them to fall was the shroud. The eye of the Wyrm opened fully, and Anthelios, the black sun, rose.


The Wyrm wasted no time destroying the Weaver’s patterns. With the fall of the shroud, the world slipped into chaos and the Weaver’s control faltered, but it did not relent. It tried once again to bind the Wyrm, but only served to slow it. The Wyrm’s newfound freedom did not alleviate eons of madness, and it continued to spread corruption and destroy indiscriminately. Spiritual tremors echoed through the Umbra, fracturing entire Realms. A massive chunk of the CyberRealm crashed into the Earth. Luna perished, and Lilith rose in her place as a new Celestine of blood and darkness. Some say that Gaia changed after Luna’s death, while others fear she, too, perished in the chaos. Emboldened by Lilith’s light, and no longer hindered by Helios, vampires emerged in great number. Facing such upheaval, many fell to the Wyrm’s madness, growing the ranks of the corrupted breeds. Those who remained pure of the Wyrm’s touch found themselves once again outnumbered in a desperate war, questioning if they had made the right choice.

Striking a Balance

Years went by in a constant struggle for survival. When dreams vanished from the world, the Weaver regained its foothold, and stagnation reigned. For a time, the shifters believed the Weaver had once again trapped the Wyrm. When the Wyrm resurfaced, it did so with a renewed sense of purpose, its madness no longer in complete control. The Wyrm redoubled its efforts to bring about destruction and change. War and conflict raged as disasters devastated the world. Some say that these upheavals were the death throes of Gaia, herself. The Weaver’s grip on the world, and it's own sanity, slipped completely. As it became lost in its own growing madness, it's daughter, Ananasa, stepped in to fulfill her purpose and begin restoring balance to the Triat.