The Merchant Republic

Council Membership

Council members are leaders of any territory who have taken the oath and joined the republic. Council membership is indefinite unless oath is broken. Their only power is the ability to put forth a vote of no confidence against the speaker which must be seconded. All council members get a vote on resolutions put forth by the various guild leaders.

Oath of Membership

I swear to uphold the laws of the merchant republic or lose council membership.
I swear to uphold the Independence, of each members domain or lose my Independence.
I swear to uphold the spirit of the merchant republic or lose my will.


  • All guild leaders are in office for 1 year which then the position will be open for voting again the exception being the speaker who is only votes on every ten years.
  • Guild leaders must put forth resolutions in their own guild specific sphere of influence.

Guild of Cartography

Guild Leader: Henry "Sage" Conner ap Liam

Guild of Coin

Tasked with oversight of free trade of the Merchant Republic, and the establishment of an official coinage of the Republic. Each coin will have a symbol of the Republic on one side, and a symbol of the domain of origin on the other. Has the authority to establish Mints for the purpose of delegating the minting of new coins. Responsible for a one-time pooling of resources for the foundation of roads army equipment and coinage.
Guild Leader: Faelan ap Danaan
Current licensed Mints: Franklin, Titus & Faelan

Guild of Craftsmen

Guild Leader: Franklin Richards

Guild of Diplomats

Speaker of the Council of the Republic. The Speaker will mediate council discussions, and abstain from all Council votes except to break ties. Responsible for putting forth votes of no confidence for Guild Leaders.

Guild Leader: The Regent

Guild of Health

Guild Leader: Canlu Trimoan

Guild of Law

Guild Leader: Cade

Guild of Roads

Guild Leader: Titus

Guild of War

Tasked with the defense of the merchant republic, and leading it's armies in said defense. Able to call war games but must ask the domain holder permission for use of domain and stays on the largesse of the domain holder
Guild Leader: Cladious Cappadocias

Laws & Referenda

  • No banditry against those who have lawful use of the roads. Those who are not of the Merchant Republic must pay tolls, and tolls are to be collected by the Guild of Cartographers. Tolls collected are to be used by the Guild of Roads for maintenance.
  • Laws that are voted on those who are not present to vote will be informed of the law and have a month to vote yea, nae, or abstain. If a month passes with no vote, abstination is assumed
  • If requested services are rendered they must be paid within a month if not it will be arbitrates by the guild of coin, if it involves the guild of coin then it arbitrated by the guild of law if it involves both guilds of law and coin it will be arbitrated by the speaker if thee speaker is indisposed then the council arbitrates with the Guilds of Coin and Law abstaining.
  • The army of the merchant republic to have uniforms red and blue divided with the symbol of the Republic on front and the symbol of their domain of origin on back
  • The Court Stenographer keeps notes for the meetings of the merchant republic. This is not a voting position, but may be held by an existing voting guild leader. The stenographer does not get a vote in matters pertaining to the court, though may exercise any existing vote. The stenographer gets a payment of coin once elected into his position or each year they maintain this duty. Claudious of clan Cappadocian is the current stenographer.