Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke

The war ended one year, to the day, after the events which marked its beginning. Delegates from Dischordia and Lazarus met to solidify a treaty and bring the war to a close. Every kingdom sent diplomats to witness the signing, but each had ulterior motives. Each hoped to see their kingdom's goals reflected in the final document. The Treaty detailed terms of ceasefire, such as returning prisoners and withdrawing troops. Yet it also contained several initiatives which advanced specific agendas.

Although Ukhu Amarumaya had very little at stake in the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke, the Treaty proved to be a great victory in their eyes. Lazarus' Kingdom, a long time enemy of Ukhu Amarymaya, had fractured. Though the disparate domains maintained close ties, none were as powerful as they had been when united.

Shifters from every domain celebrated the Treaty. The kingdoms of Jukurrpa, Ukhu, and the Diamond each supported a single agenda. Through their efforts, shifters of all breeds were bound in the pursuit of balance. To achieve this, they would all resume the hunt against the taint of the Corruptor.

The Treaty established a stronghold - an International court for all Shifter kind. The Sept of the Mended Spirit, dedicated to Bat, on the Jukurrpan island of Papua New Guinea. There, shifters from all over the world would be welcome to gather and seek wisdom from others.

Most Shifters were relieved at having a purpose once again, but some had concerns. Some shared concerns about the Sept in Jukurrpa. The Wyrm, the very corruption they committed to fight, had once driven Bat to madness. The Treaty had accepted the Kingdom of Aether into Reality. They knew that the force of destruction they represented was part of the Balance they sought. But they too represented corruption and devastation of the Wyrm's influence.