War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

During the Court of Empires, diplomatic relations between Dischordia and Lazarus' Kingdom failed. Dischordian nobles learned of a dark ritual planned by the Prince Alyosha Buljiev. In response, Dischordia launched a coordinated attack on Buljiev's domain of Carpathia. Their attack, seen by Lazarus' Empire as unprovoked, precipitated the conflict. The hostility between the two kingdoms erupted into the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.

Each side attempted to gain allies against the other, but Ukhu remained neutral in the war. They watched with interest, as their two most powerful enemies weakened one another.

Only their alliance with Aztlan threatened to embroil them in the conflict. Dischordia attacked and conquered the Xibalban city of Juarez. Aztlanā€™s ambassador responded with threats of retribution. They delivered an ultimatum: return Juarez, and Pascal the traitor... or Aztlan would join the war against Dischordia, with their South American allies."