Court of Empires

Strained diplomacy marred the relationship between Ukhu Amarumaya and Dischordia. Dischordia's hostility with Aztlan, Ukhu's closest allies, complicated matters.

This diplomatic difficulty grew into overt hostility throughout the first year. A former Imperial noble, Marco, was sacrificed during the celebration of Carnivale. Shortly following this, two Shadow Lords, Selene and Ravi, were appointed as the Voices of Balor. Though matters of internal Dischordian politics, the two events had unintended international consequences.

It was later discovered that Marco was the brother of King Supay of Ukhu, who took news of his death personally. Likewise, the Camazotz of Ukhu could not forgive the Shadow Lord's genocide of their people, and viewed Selene and Ravi's appointment as the Voices of Balor as a deeply personal offense.

Selene and Ravi took it upon themselves to improve diplomatic relations with Ukhu, and to assuage the spirits by repairing some of the damage their forebearers had wrought. After Dischordia assisted Jukurrpa in cleansing a caern on Papua New Guinea, they persuaded the elders of Jukurrpa to dedicate the Caern to Bat, and establish it as an international court for shifters. With such a prestigious sept dedicated to it, Bat's name grew in importance.