Pascal, God of Sacrifice

The kingdoms of Aztlan and Ukhu Amarumaya were quite hostile towards Dischordia. As with the Xibalba War centuries earlier, Pascal was the focus of much of their animosity. The ambassadors levied accusations against him of theft and treason against their kingdoms. Dischordia’s courtiers could not find a diplomatic solution to their grievances. They insisted that only Pascal returning to face judgement could ease the discontent.

During the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke, many grew concerned that Aztlan would join the conflict on behalf of their ally. The Imperials hoped to avoid a war on many fronts. They tried to persuade Pascal to sacrifice himself for the good of Dischordia. Pascal agreed, but put his own plans into motion. He would use his sacrifice to complete his ascension to godhood. He prepared a ritual, empowered the sacrifice of tens of thousands of his loyal followers. Using their faith him, and his own death, Pascal succeeded in becoming the God of Sacrifice.

Though delivered into Aztlan’s hands, Pascal's ascension robbed them of their vengeance. They honored their part of the agreement, and remained out of the war, but their animosity did not abate. They blamed Dischordia for denying their long-sought vengeance, which they would not forgive.