Ukhu Amarumaya

This is an NPC only Kingdom

Kingdom Summary

Ukhu Amarumaya is the kingdom of the Incan pantheon returned to Earth, their underworld made manifest in the Andes mountains of South America, and the tribal cultures of the Amazon basin. A kingdom of human sacrifice, and untold gold and riches.

Dominant Races

Mummies, Shifters, Mages, few Fae & Wraiths

Politics & NPCs

Dischordia and Ukhu Amarumaya have had a tense relationship since the start of the Court of Empires, and the South American kingdom has been quite closed off, even going so far as to banish Dischordians from their borders from time to time. As a result, the inner workings of their kingdom are unknown. It is known that Ukhu Amarumaya is the kingdom of Spuay, the Undying God of Death and the Underworld. The people of the Amazon offer sacrifices to Supay and Viracocha to keep the jungle lush and vibrant. The spirits of the forest, and the tribes who depend upon them, owe their lives to Supay and serve willingly. Though ruled over by a God of Death, little has changed in the lives of the people. Families live their lives much as they did before the fall, but having a supernatural family member is considered a blessing to host such a guardian within their household.

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Aztlan, Jukurrpa


Dischordia, Lazarus’ Empire

Kingdom Views

This is the time of the Ukhu Pacha, the inner world of death that precedes new life. The dark god, Supay, rises ascendant with the bones of our ancestors. sacrifice the world over 1000 years, before the fertile Pachamama arises. 

Aether - The Ukhu Pacha is the realm of death, but also new life. It is the cycle that gives it meaning. The darkness has a place, but so does the golden light.

Aztlan - No other kingdom understands the need for sacrifice as our allies of Aztlan. Their gods, like ours, demand blood as a demonstration of faith. It is truly unfortunate, however, that they have allowed themselves to be swayed by Lazarus’ claims of godhood, and chosen to ally with their conqueror.

Diamond Congo - Their reverence for their jungles mirrors our own. We were allies of their prior king, Tore, and only time will tell if Ogun shares his predecessor’s wisdom.

Dischordia - We have not forgiven them for the violations of the traitor Pascal, but their actions since have only compounded our grievances. The attacks on our allies of Aztlan, the murder of our King Supay’s brother, the honoring of a genocidal tribe by their King Balor... They attempt to buy our forgiveness with platitudes, but they refuse to sacrifice even one life for the benefit of their kingdom.

Jade Empire - They have tried to deny the cycle of the world, and deny the devils in the darkness by clinging to the apron strings of their celestial mother, ignoring the fact that their mother is a corpse. They believe they have won, when the battle has scarcely begun. When they finally open their eyes, it may be too late for them and their people.

Jukurrpa - The seed of the wyld grows within Jukurrpa, offering the promise of life after the cycle of death. The promise of balance and the continuation of the cycle lies within our allies. 

Kingdom of the Iron Lotus - Despite a difficult start between our kingdoms, relations have been soothed as both of our kingdoms recognize the cycle and embrace the necessity of death. 

Lazarus' Empire - Little has changed in Europe since the days of the conquistadores who first destroyed our empire for our gold. Like his predecessors, Lazarus seeks to spread his control over every corner of the Earth, not for riches, but for ideology and to cement his claims of divinity.

Middle Kingdom - We share much in common with their Undying, but know too little of their Pharoah, Set. Legends tell that Set is a being of chaos, rather than balance. If this is so, then the Undying in his service have betrayed the very essence of their souls, and we weep for their loss of Balance.

Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 2 (Lands of Gold (Andes) - Shroud 0)
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 3 (Pangea (Amazonas) - Gauntlet 0)
  • Dreaming - Mists 8
  • High Umbra - Periphery 8 (Afterworlds - Periphery 4)

Historical Information

In South America, along the Andes Mountains, a series of volcanic eruptions accompanied the Fall of the Shroud. It is believed that these eruptions are responsible for raising the Incan Empire to Earth. In this age, it is Supay, the Incan God of Death, who rules. The Volcano God, Viracocha, serves as his general. Supay brought the spirits of the dead with him from his domain in the Underworld, the Ukhu Pacha, to reinhabit their mummified remains awaiting their return.

War of Aether

When Nul attacked the world, several of the larger coastal cities of Ukhu Amarumaya were lost to darkness. Velha, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro survived the Fall of the Shroud, only to be consumed utterly by the Kingdom of Aether during the twenty years of night.

Pascal, God of Sacrifice

With the convening of the Court of Empires, the kingdoms of Aztlan and Ukhu Amarumaya entered court with an openly hostile stance towards Dischordia. As with the Xibalba war centuries earlier, Pascal was the focus of much of their animosity. The two kingdoms took the opportunity to express their displeasure with Pascal and levy accusations of theft and treason against him on behalf of their kingdoms. As Dischordia’s courtiers tried in vain to find a diplomatic solution to their grievances, the southern kingdoms insisted that only one thing could ease the discontent between the kingdoms: returning Pascal to face judgement. After Lazarus declared war on Dischordia, many were concerned that Aztlan would join the conflict on behalf of their ally. Hoping to avoid a war on multiple fronts, efforts were made to persuade Pascal to sacrifice himself for the good of Dischordia. Pascal agreed, planning to use it as part of a larger ritual to complete his ascension to godhood. Empowered by rituals of the New Faith and the ritual sacrifice of tens of thousands of Pascal's loyal followers, Pascal achieved his life's goals and ascended to become the God of Sacrifice. Although Dischordia delivered Pascal into Aztlan’s hands, his ascension robbed them of the vengeance they sought.

Following the ritual, Pascal's tomb was sealed and established as the first temple to his worship. Thousands of warrior-monks tend to it, provided by the Hierophant, Zachariah Baldric, and Pascal's former vassal, Dietrich Mercer of Unification.