War of Aether

Stories tell that even Nul fears angering the Maharani-Goddess Kali. He left the Kingdom of the Iron Lotus untouched when he struck at the rest of the world. But not all feared the Lotus. Centuries of hostility resurfaced between the Lotus and the Jade Empire.

Hostilities rekindled between Kali’s Chakravanti followers, and the Akashics of the Jade. The Kuei-Jin of the Jade Courts cast a scornful gaze upon the Ravnos of the Iron Lotus. Kuei-Jin knew Ravana, the Ravnos Antediluvian, as one of their Yama Kings, a lord of hell. Ravana slaughtered countless Kuei-Jin elders during the Week of Nightmares. These events set in motion the rise of the Yama Kings.