Jade Empire

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Kingdom Summary

A self-proclaimed kingdom of balance and enlightenment led by the August Personage of Jade. The supernaturals rule here as much as anywhere. However, unlike in other places, where the supernaturals have been hidden and disregarded, they have been integrated into the Jade’s cultures for generations. Humanity thrives here, protected rather than enslaved by their supernatural rulers, beneath the Sun and Moon of old.

Dominant Races

Chi’n-Ta (Mages), Kuei-Jin, Hsien (Fae), Hengeyokai (Shifters)

Politics & NPCs

The nobility follow a feudal system of Clans and Houses in which the clans are divided along species lines, and Houses are the various groups within those creature types. Each House is led by a Daimyo who owes fealty to their Clan Daimyo. The Clan Daimyo, in turn, serves the Jade Emperor. The nobles of the Jade Empire ascribe to the tenets of Bushido. Though conflicts can, and do arise, they are settled through duels of personal honor far more often than armed warfare.

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Kingdom of Aether, Kingdom of Lazarus, Kingdom of the Iron Lotus

Kingdom Views

The truth of the world can be found sitting at the riverside, The river never begins, the river never ends. All of life is like the river, lessons never begin and lessons never end. What is now has been before and will be again. It is the short sighted and foolish who believe that life has no patterns, no purposes. All that is now is part of what has been and what will come to be. To master the future, one must study the past. Understand the Will of Heaven, and you make all things possible. Ignore it, and you will accomplish nothing.

Aether - Wherever there is light, there must be shadow. The yang cannot exist without the yin. Oblivion is within every being as both the source and the end of every soul. It is as natural to existence as life or Paradise, and the wise do not fear its coming. One must be deeply aware of the impermanence of the world, for it is the journey from beginning to end that gives life meaning.

Aztlan - The actions of this kingdom are reminiscent of the tortures of Yomi - the Hell of Being Skinned Alive, the Hell of the Heartless Sinners... Clan Kuei-Jin could list a dozen. It is unclear if they are unwitting pawns of hell, or willing servants. It is unclear which is worse.

Dischordia - When darkness descends, a man must find allies in the shadows. In other circumstances, the chaos of Dischordia would be anathema to the balance of the Jade. Indeed, at one time, an assassin was sent to remove Balor before he became a threat. The August Personage of Jade, in his infinite wisdom, put the wheels in motion to create the strongest lasting alliance of this age, and the assassin, Tao no Shi, became the voice of two kingdoms.

Jukurrpa - The allies of Clan Hengeyokai revere the dreams of the Emerald Mother, and keep alive the seed of Yang during the drought of Yin. When the Wheel of Ages turns once again, we will look to Jukurrpa as the fertile ground from which the new world grows.

Lazarus’ Empire - Both Stygian wraiths and the kin-jin have long been enemies of the Clans of the Jade Empire. Lazarus continues in the Vatican tradition of trying to impose his beliefs on the world, but the proud traditions of the Jade will not acquiesce so easily to the demands of the power-mad.

Kingdom of the Iron Lotus - Countless Akashayana were slaughtered at the hands of the Chakravanti during the Himalayan Wars. The Consanguinity of Eternal Joy is a beacon of corruption and death. Countless revered ancestors met their final end at the hands of the abomination that awoke during the Week of Nightmares. The Lotus and their goddess have brought little but pain and death to the world, and only furthers the foothold of the Aether in the world.

Ukhu Amarumaya - We have had little contact with those of Ukhu, and know little of their way of life. What we do know of them, is that they serve a god of death. However, the wise do not judge a man by the lord he serves, but by his choice of enemies... and Ukhu Amarumaya has chosen a worthy enemy indeed. They, like us, oppose the rampant imperialism of Lazarus. It is possible we would have much in common with this kingdom.

Umbral Realms

Low Umbra - Shroud 4

  • Clan Kuei Territory (Yellow Springs - Shroud 0)
  • Clan Kuei-Jin Territory (Yomi-Wan - Gauntlet 5)

Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 4

  • Clan Hengeyokai Territory - Gauntlet 0 (Umi, Tiger Lands, Mountains of Heaven)
    Clan Five Metal Dragon Territory - Gauntlet 10 (CyberRealm, Digital Web - Gauntlet 2)
  • Dreaming - Mists 9 / Banality 6

High Umbra - Periphery 4 (Afterworlds, Elemental Courts of Orient, Fortress of Government - Periphery 3)

Historical Information

Rise of the Yama Kings

Unlike the Western world, for whom the fall of the shroud was accompanied by ghosts of the dead warring upon the living, the return of revered ancestors was a welcome event in the East. The fall of the Gates of Hell that accompanied them, however, was not. The Yama Kings, freed from their prisons in Yomi, declared war upon the world, vying for supremacy to become the Demon Emperor who would rule over the sixth age. The courts collapsef as each of the races fended for themselves fighting the Yomi lords and their Akuma servants. Only Strike Force Zero, led by Ash Sho Lung, stood in defense of humanity in the face of overwhelming odds.

After but a single year of war, a young man, glowing as bright as the light of day, arrived riding on the back of a Dragon. With arrows of sunlight, the young man slew the Yama Kings and ended the war, and claimed the mantle of the Jade Emperor. As the War of the Dead raged throughout the rest of the world, the Jade Empire withdrew from the conflict to rebuild. Shards of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, the spirits of the sun and moon, were found and re-assembled. Though weakened and incomplete, engineers of clan Five Metal Dragon constructed orbital platforms to aid the spirits in returning to the Heavens.

In the seventh year of the War of the Dead, the August Personage of Jade learned of a Yama King within North America who had eluded his purge. He senr an assassin, Hsien Nayan Tao no Shi, to kill him. When the assassin arrived, however, the Yama King was already engaged on the battlefield against Balor. Tao defeated the Yama King, but is defeated by Balor in turn. Balor spared his life, and Tao no Shi becomes his first Voice, bringing peace between the East and Dischordia. Rumors whispered among many of the Clan Kuei-Jin say that the last Yama King was not truly the last. Yomi is not empty, they say, and insist that there are yet other Yama Kings who bide their time and await their chance to rise and claim the mantle of Demon Emperor. 

The First Tumultuous Years 

Within the Jade Empire, the nobles of Clans Hengeyokai and Chi’n-Ta gathered shards of Amaterasu (the Sun) and Tsukuyomi (the Moon), and, with the aid of Clan Five Metal Dragon, joined them to strengthen the spirits of the sun and moon. The light of Amaterasu, though weaker than it had been before her fall, once again brought harm those of Clan Kuei-Jin. The Kuei-Jin, led by Akuma Harshin, rebeled against the Jade Emperor in pursuit of land beneath the black sun for freedom from Amaterasu’s curse. Clan Kuei-Jin seized Hawaii, displacing thousands of Rokea in the process. The Rokea attempted to settle on the west coast of Dischordia, causing conflict with the Kingdom of Lost Angels.

As the Voice of Balor convened the courts of Dischordia, he took an interest in some of its nobles, and extended invitations to a few to visit his home among the Jade Courts. Only Khaalid Gheedi of Aranta-Shadur accepted the invitation. During one of his visits to the Jade Court, Khaalid, with the aid of Akuma Harshin and Ash Sho Lung, defended the court against an attack of Spectres. For their dedicated service to the Emperor, Harshin was forgiven for his transgressions and placed as the head of Clan Kuei-Jin, with House Akuma given the means to reclaim their lost honor by serving as the Jade’s front line warriors. For Khaalid’s service to the Emperor, he was rewarded with land and station within the Jade Court.

Diplomatic Relations

While Dischordia sought to stake a claim to the wastelands around them, diplomatic relations between them and the Jade Empire expanded. Khaalid’s vassal, Bahari, Dorian Osbourne of Unification, and Dr. Alex Lazlo of Appalachia each received invitations. During one of Aranta-Shadur’s explorations, Bahari allowed a powerful shard of Luna to escape to the East and merge with the spirit of Tsukuyomi there. Upon his next visit to the Jade Court, Bahari learned that this new shard had imbalanced the spirits of the Sun and Moon, and made him a number of enemies among clan Five Metal Dragons.

War of Aether

When Nul struck the East, he made an attempt on the life of the Emperor. Hsien Nayan Tao no Shi, also known as the Voice of Balor, sacrificed himself to save the Emperor’s life. Though the intended target yet lived, Nul was pleased at the result he had achieved: the link between the Jade Courts and Dischordia had been severed. With the loss of the Voice, the Jade Empire and Dischordia began to drift apart. The Kuei-Jin in Hawaii began eyeing Dischordia as a potential conquest. Only through the continued diplomatic efforts of Dischordian nobles, most notably Count Khaalid Geedi of Aranta-Shadur, was war averted.

War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

During the Court of Empires, diplomatic relations between Dischordia and Lazarus' Kingdom failed. Dischordian nobles learned of a dark ritual planned by the Prince Alyosha Buljiev. In response, Dischordia launched a coordinated attack on Buljiev's domain of Carpathia. Their attack, seen by Lazarus' Empire as unprovoked, precipitated the conflict. The hostility between the two kingdoms erupted into the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.

The first sign of the Cataclysm was the haze on the horizon. Blood-red and fire-orange, it was visible even in kingdoms across oceans and hemispheres. Storms of fire raged across the European continent. Those who survived the strikes saw clouds of dust and fire, and felt the ground shake from the impact. The reverberation of the catastrophe could be felt all around the world. Tsunamis, floods, and hail storms devastated the Jade and Iron Lotus. Earthquakes rumbled and volcanoes erupted in Ukhu Amarumaya and Aztlan. Sinkholes opened in Jukurrpa swallowing stretches of land. Heat waves ravaged the Diamond Congo, withering the jungles. Great sandstorms blasted across the African deserts. The Antarctic Aether grew even colder as it’s blizzards raged. Across the globe, maelstroms tore their way through the kingdoms of the world.

Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke

The war ended one year, to the day, after the events which marked its beginning. Delegates from Dischordia and Lazarus met to solidify a treaty and bring the war to a close. Every kingdom sent diplomats to witness the signing, but each had ulterior motives. Each hoped to see their kingdom's goals reflected in the final document. The Treaty detailed terms of ceasefire, such as returning prisoners and withdrawing troops. Yet it also contained several initiatives which advanced specific agendas.

The Sublime Cataclysm

As two powerful kingdoms waged their war, the other kingdoms watched and waited. No matter who would be victorious, their victory would alter the political landscape. Few could have suspected the true cost of the end of the war, or the impact it would have on their own kingdoms. In the war's final months, Lazarus' Legion marched on Dischordia and laid waste to their domains. In response, the Dischordian lords enacted a plan of unsurpassed devastation. None outside of Dischordia witnessed the ritual, but kingdoms the world over felt the impact.