Kingdom Summary

Haven is a rather unique kingdom in that its location is geographically unknown. All who have reached it have done so unintentionally, almost entirely in fleeing from the Maelstroms in search of shelter. They have each found Haven - a vast coastal city surrounded by barriers both natural and unnatural, all surrounded by a barrier which appears to keep the force of the Maelstrom at bay. The Maelstroms continue to rage just beyond the barrier, allowing none to leave, but occasionally openings appear, or the barrier expands to grow the territory of Haven. Each new area that is uncovered appears to come from an entirely different corner of the world. As a result, Haven has become populated by an eclectic gathering of refugees from kingdoms around the world, each establishing new lives for themselves and their followers.

Life in the Kingdom

Life in the Haven is whatever the individual nobles make of it. Each individual noble, and their followers, have found themselves saved from certain death by the barrier of Haven, but unable to leave lest they face certain destruction by the storm. Left with no knowledge of the source of their salvation, nor any sign of when the storms might recede, the refugees saw no alternative but begin rebuilding their lives. Most individual domains were isolated, leaving each to rebuild their own lives, and construct communities according to their own plans.

Even as the communities have grown enough to encounter one another, none are certain of who is responsible for the sanctity of Haven. The only clue any have to the source of the barrier is a pillar, called the Spire, extending from the center of Haven, past the clouds of the Maelstroms. The Spire's appearance shifts and changes from time to time, with no easily discernible pattern. Around the top, where the Spire meets the barrier, circle a shard of Helios and one of Luna, along with two other shards not easily recognized by most - a white crystalline shard, and a shard of black obsidian.

Dominant Races

Haven seems to be a collection of individuals from around the world and, thus, is remarkably diverse.

Paradigm: Any Paradigm functions within Haven. However, the localized reality varies from individual domain to individual domain, such that in any given area of Haven the results might be unpredictable.

Politics & NPCs

  • The Autarchitect - Rumored builder of Haven. None have ever seen this individual.

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Historical Information 

Maelstrom's Rebuke

Roughly a year after Dischordia's unthinkable attack, dropping entire realms on Europe, the full repercussions became apparent. Soothsayers and prophets around the world felt the stirring of the spirit realms months in advance. Warnings began circulating that another Great Maelstrom was brewing, and threatened to be greater than any previously witnessed. Every spirit realm, including the Dreaming, was in turmoil following Dischordia's attack. Every kingdom recalled the devastation of the last Great Maelstrom, which raged across the world for two and a half centuries, and each steeled itself against the encroaching devastation.

Founding of Haven

As the Maelstroms struck each kingdom, many nobles fled with their people in search of protection from the storms. As the storms closed around them, many found themselves suddenly safe, in a place of unnatural calm that seemed untouched by the storms. The Maelstroms hit an invisible barrier... and flowed around it. They waited, hoping the storms would recede enough for them to find their ways home, but they did not. It was not long before the refugees found that they needed to settle this new land. Those who encountered their neighbors found that they came from entirely different kingdoms, and none with any idea of where they currently were. 

Roughly a year passed, though signs of the black sun and red moon are scarce - appearing only rarely when the storm clouds allow. Only the shards orbiting the central pillar grant any measurable passage of time. The inhabitants of Haven have had to adapt to their situation, staking their claims to sections of the domain, building shelter for their people, finding ways to feed them, and so on. The titles they held in their kingdoms were basically irrelevant, though some still clung to them.