The Last Child of Gwydion

Nearly a year after their marriage, Maeve and Fadil were expecting their first child. Despite their best efforts to keep this secret, word spread of the heir of House Gwydion. With it, so too did rumors of the groups who sought to obtain the child for their own nefarious ends. Occultists whispered of the arcane power the child's blood would hold.

The Shadow Court desired the child to complete the ritual of Endless Winter. The Russian witch, Baba Yaga, sought the child for some nightmarish purpose. Some claimed the Silence too had an interest, but their motives remained mysterious. Maeve and Fadil refused to risk the safety of their child. They responded to these alarming rumors with increased security. Yet their precautions proved insufficient. An unknown agent abducted the child from its nursery during the final months of the war.