War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

During the Court of Empires, diplomatic relations between Dischordia and Lazarus' Kingdom failed. Dischordian nobles learned of a dark ritual planned by the Prince Alyosha Buljiev. In response, Dischordia launched a coordinated attack on Buljiev's domain of Carpathia. Their attack, seen by Lazarus' Empire as unprovoked, precipitated the conflict. The hostility between the two kingdoms erupted into the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.

The declaration of war put the Sultanate of Glass in a precarious position. Their proximity to Lazarus' Kingdom made them an inviting target to enemy attacks. At the same time, it made them indispensable to the Dischordian war effort.

The Sultan called upon each of his Viziers to aid in the war effort. The Keepers of Law protected their own domain from the constant threat of attack. The Riders of the Wind ensured Dischordia's armies reached their destinations well-supplied. The Hands of Mercy remained behind the front lines to tend to the wounded. The Seekers of Truth devised new military strategies to aid in winning the war. Finally, the Observers of Fate did what they could to turn fortune to their advantage.

Though they survived the war, the constant threat from the enemy took its toll. Many cities fell and thousands perished to the endless armies of the Grim Legion. The nobles who defended these cities were either captured as prisoners or war, or killed.

Even Al-Ashrad himself became a prisoner. He joined the armies of Empyrean Dysambigua in a campaign in Bucharest. Their goal was to destroy the Abomination, Gangir the Green Dragon, but he proved more powerful than they had anticipated.