War of Aether

When the Aether struck at Constantinople, Al-Ashrad called upon the Ordo for aid. Gabriel De'Angelo and his allies responded, fighting to reclaim the portals to Contantinople... only to discover that Nul had severed them. None know for certain what transpired, but De'Angelo and his officers vanished in the chaos of the battle which followed. De'Angelo and those who accompanied him were never heard from again. Survivors swear they saw De'Angelo's army enter the portal moments before its destruction. Serabella and Adam of Rome fought to save St. Louis from total destruction at Aether's hands.

Sylar Veselov, the Ravager of Roads, declared the arch too dangerous. He severed the Trods connected to the arch, closing the portal for good. Without the portal, Deus could not send reinforcements to Constantinople's aid. Refugees from Constantinople still remained trapped in St. Louis. Each feared the fate of their home.

Expecting no reinforcements, the armies of Constantinople fought a desperate battle. Yet, before Nul's forces could overtake them, the desert glass focused a pure white light. It dispelled many of the Aether's shadowy forces in an instant, and drove the rest into a retreat. An army appeared on the horizon, led by Sultan Suleiman and his viziers.

The Vizier of Law led a charge of soldiers armed with blades of clear crystal. The Vizier of Truth and his followers fought the Aether with alchemist's fire. The Vizier of Mercy led medics to aid the survivors. When the din of battle had quieted, the Vizier of Fate demanded that Al-Ashrad forsake his oaths and kneel to his savior, the Sultan. Al-Ashrad complied without hesitation.