Djinn Rebellion

While other kingdoms fought a War of the Dead, the Middle East faced a very different sort of battle. As the Shroud fell, the fabled City of Brass, long lost in the depths of the spirit realms, crashed back to the physical world over what had been Istanbul.

With it came the Djinn, rebelling against a millennium of control at the hands of the Solomonic Code. The battle one-sided, in the Djinn's favor, until the emergence of new allies: the Ahl-i-Batin. Though few in number, they returned with a champion: Sultan Suleiman the Wise. The legendary creator of the Solomonic Code stood alongside the Taftani and the Ahl-i-Batin to restore order to their home.

Magic of both sides scarred the landscape, and melted the desert sands into smooth glass. It is unclear if the cause was the fire of the djinn, the magic of the willworkers, or the paradox which followed. In the final battle, Sultan Suleiman bound the Djinn Emperor Kayeel into a gem. His imprisonment would last for seven hundred and seventy seven years.