Destroyed: New Constantinople (Saint Louis)

Kingdom Summary

A city, built upon the ruins of St. Louis, mixed ancient Roman and Middle Eastern styles. Populated by refugees of the Domain of the Dead, Constantinople, and various nomadic ruffians who held the city before it was claimed, the city had a reputation for being tough and no-nonsense. The main form of entertainment here was competing in a Roman-style coliseum which dominates the center of the city. The lord of the city, and eventually the city itself, fell during the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.

Dominant Races

Vampires, very few Mages

Costuming Archetypes

Roman Gladiator, Modern Middle Eastern Nobility, Professional Hitman, Wasteland Biker

Politics & NPCs

The domain's lord, a Methuselah by the name of Adam of Rome, was killed during the War of Maelstrom's rebuke, during Ordo's assault on the Tremere city of Vienna. With his death, the city was inadequately defended when the forces of Aether rose up against it. While the city itself has fallen to darkness, many refugees from this city fled to the Society of Deus and the Second City.

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Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 4 (Oblivion 2)
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 6 (Abyss 2)
  • Dreaming - Mists 0 (Far Dreaming 4, Deep Dreaming 7) / Banality 6
  • High Umbra - Periphery 5

Historical Information

Djinn Rebellion

While other kingdoms fought a War of the Dead, the Middle East faced a very different sort of battle. With the fall of the shroud, the fabled City of Brass, long thought lost in the depths of the spirit realms, crashed back to the physical world over what had been Istanbul. With it came the Djinn, rebelling against a millennium of control at the hands of the Solomonic Code. The battle tilted decidedly in the Djinn's favor, until the emergence of new allies: the Ahl-i-Batin. Though few in number, they returned with a champion: Sultan Suleiman the Wise. The legendary creator of the Solomonic Code stood alongside the Taftani and the Ahl-i-Batin to restore order to their home, and establish a new Sultanate. Magic of both sides scarred the landscape. It is unclear if it was the fire of the djinn, the magic of the willworkers, or the paradox which followed, but the desert was scorched and the sand melted into smooth glass. In the final battle in Constantinople, Sultan Suleiman bound the Djinn Emperor Kayeel into a gem for seven hundred and seventy seven years.

Constantinople Joins Dischordia

Tensions remained high between Lazarus and Dischordia throughout the Foundation Era. When Constantinople found itself threatened by Lazarus, Al-Ashrad sent a representative, C.J., to seek aid from Dischordia, and the Society of Deus in particular. Dischordia sent one noble from each domain to negotiate with Lazarean diplomats. Lazarus agreed to relinquish his claim on Constantinople; in exchange, Dischordia pledged non-interference in Lazarus’ dealings with Xibalba. The tense peace continued, and Constantinople joined under Deus’ banner, claiming St Louis as its North American stronghold. The close ties between their two Domain Lords, Al-Ashrad of Constantinople and Damien Vryce of the Society of Deus, led to the two joining together. While Dischordia gained new territory, Lazarus forged an alliance with Xibalba.

Constantinople claimed the city of St Louis after CJ, an Assamite of ill repute from Constantinople, along with Sylar Veselov of Appalachia and Doc of Devil’s Triangle went there to close a gate opened through the arch that was pouring out bygones and chimerical monsters that the denizens of the ruined St. Louis were cutting their teeth on. Constantinople kept the city as those found there swore under CJ, Sylar kept the gate, the St. Louis Arch, to watch over the trods connected to it, and Doc kept the malfunctioning device that held the gate open permanently.

Morningkill's Treason

Though the Ordo had many triumphs in this era, their representatives continued their aggressive stance towards the other domains which emboldened enemies and alienated allies. Foremost among those was the domain of Aranta-Shadur, with whom they shared a bitter rivalry.

Much of the animosity towards the Ordo was due to the actions of Jonathan Morningkill of the Society of Deus, and the pack of shifters who followed him, who sought to create a new Fera Nation through threats and intimidation. In pursuit of this, Morningkill swore an Oath to put the Shards of Helios back together and return the sun to the sky. Aidan Shadowclaw, a Bastet of Constantinople in service to CJ and part of Morningkill’s pack, was one of the most aggressive recruiters for the new Fera Nation and, though he was not directly implicated in the treasonous oaths, his lack of diplomatic subtlety was partly responsible for many of the enemies the Ordo made during this era which ultimately led to their downfall. This treason was brought to light by nobles of Aranta-Shadur, followed shortly by an attempt on Morningkill's life, which sent him into hiding. Great scrutiny was placed upon Deus to root out all traitors there, including Duke DeAngelo.

War of Aether

Nightfall in the Society of Deus was accompanied by a full assault by abyssal creatures as a scar was cut between worlds. Some of the mightiest heroes in Deus fell that night, and even the Amo A Deus armies and the many methuselahs were unprepared to face such a surprise assault. Finally, the Lich King, Damien Vryce, showed his face and made his way to the upper city to take on Nul personally. As Vryce unleashed all his cunning and might on Nul, his body mended itself, reforming in a different shadow each time. With a small grin, Nul ripped Vryce's shadow from him and, with it, his Avatar, before vanishing into the shadows once again.

After his defeat at Nul's hands, Damien Vryce returned to seclusion beneath the Society of Deus to plot his return to power and discover a way to recover his avatar a second time. None in the domain knew exactly what had transpired, but it became apparent that Vryce had lost much of what had made him powerful. The defeats Ordo suffered began mounting. Odin's return, followed by the Wolves' defection from Ordo Trismegistus was the first. Many of the northern territories broke away with the Wolves. When the Aether struck at Constantinople, Al-Ashrad called upon the Ordo for aid. Gabriel De'Angelo and his allies fought their way to the portals, in an effort to aid Constantinople against the darkness, only to discover the portals had been severed. None know for certain what happened in the chaos of battle, only that De'Angelo and those who accompanied him were never heard from again. The final straw was the society's army, the Amo A Deus, leaving their service and vanishing into the night for unknown destinations. This left Deus highly vulnerable and it was up to the Gargoyles lead by Onyx to defend the territory. Though Deus survived the war, the gargoyles did not.

The methuselahs of Deus grew restless, believing Vryce was no longer fit to lead. Deus nearly entered civil war as the power that had founded it was slowly unravelling. Due to his seclusion the various factions maneuvered against each other as much as they maneuvered against Aether. The council met as well as the Sages of Deus and, Vryce placed Menelaus in the position of Domain Lord to allow him to focus on regaining what he lost. All oaths to Vryce were released, and the Domain swore to Menelaus. Few are convinced, however, that the Primus of the Society of Deus would give up his power so easily, and many suspect that Vryce still pulls the strings behind the scenes.

When the Aether struck at Constantinople, Al-Ashrad called upon the Oaths of the Ordo Trismegistus for aid. In their attack, however, Aether had severed the portal connecting Constantinople to St Louis, cutting off reinforcements. As Gabriel De'Angelo and the armies of Ordo arrived at the gateway, it was already been occupied by Aether's forces. None know for certain what happened in the chaos of battle, only that De'Angelo and those who accompanied him were never heard from again. Survivors of the conflict swear they saw De'Angelo and his crew walking through the portal just before it was destroyed. Serabella and Adam of Rome fought valiantly, saving St. Louis from total destruction at Aether's hands.

Declaring the arch too dangerous, Sylar Veselov, the Ravager of Roads, severed the trods connected to the arch, closing it permanently. Without the portal, reinforcements could not be sent to Constantinople's aid. Refugees from Constantinople still remained within St. Louis, fearing the fate of their former home.

War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

During the Court of Empires, diplomatic relations between Dischordia and Lazarus' Kingdom failed, and the longstanding hostility between those two kingdoms erupted into war. A coordinated attack by Dischordian nobles on the European domain of Carpathia and its lord, Alyosha Buljiev, precipitated the conflict, which would come to be called the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.

Over the course of the war, officers on battlefields across Europe reported witnessing magical duels. In each case, an unknown man appeared and challenged a Lazarean Tremere officer to a Certamen duel and defeating them before vanishing once again. Before long, the man was identified as the infamous Primus of the Society of Deus, Damien Vryce, long-absent since the opening volleys of the War of Aether two decades earlier. The nobles of Ordo revealed nothing of their founder's plans or the reason for his re-emergence. Yet, month after month, Vryce continued his campaign of Certamen, and it soon became clear that each challenge was more powerful than the last.

Vryce's plan came to fruition in the final months of the war. On a contentious battlefield in the city of Kiev, Vryce appeared to challenge Grimgroth for his control of the Ceoris council. The circle was drawn and the two set upon one another in a flurry of magic and blades. In the end, Vryce emerged wounded, but victorious. Vryce retrieved a talisman from Grimgroth's ashes before vanishing once again.

Even as Vryce dueled Grimgroth, the armies of Ordo laid siege to the Tremere city of Vienna. Hundreds of magi chipped away at the Tremere's wards, as the methuselahs of Deus hammered relentlessly at the physical structures with unmatched force. Once the wards had fallen, the outer walls offered little resistance. When Vryce re-appeared, brandishing the talisman of the fallen Grimgroth, the Tremere of Vienna surrendered, and he claimed the now-vacant seat on the Ceoris council.

The Sublime Cataclysm

With the tides of the war turning quickly to their enemy’s favor, the Dischordian domain lords prepared a spectacular attack certain to bring a swift end to the conflict. Sultan Suleiman, unsurpassed master of spirit magic, led the largest ritual Dischordia had ever seen. Aided by New Faith ritualists, the Arcane Academy, and a million occultists assembled from every domain, the sky itself bled with the power they summoned. Chunks torn from the spirit realms themselves bombarded Lazarus’ Empire. As each realm impacted, it laid waste to thousands of miles of Lazarus' territory, destroying immense swaths of land and destroying millions.

As Europe reeled from Dischordia's devastating attack, armies of Aether seized their chance to attack both of its weakened enemies. Territories which had fallen to darkness during the War of Aether now bled shadows like an open wound. Swarming forth from these tears in reality, the shrouded armies of Aether laid waste to surrounding areas. Shadow-eaten vampires, spectres, and darker things spead their chill touch, overrunning nearby cities and domains.

One such attack consumed the city of New Constantinople, as the Saint Louis Arch portal unleashed an army of demons and djinn. Citizens fled, only to find the city surrounded by spectres of the Domain of the Dead. The nobles fought a desperate battle, but without the leadership of their lord, they suffered devastating losses. Those who survived carved an opening through the Abyssal armies, affording survivors the means to escape. The column of refugees fled New Constantinople for the Society of Deus and the Second City without rest, the specters thinning their numbers with each mile. Only a fraction of the refugees survived to reach the safety of the other cities, and all knew that Nothing remained in the city of New Constantinople.

Refugees, pursued from New Constantinople by a Spectral army, arrived at the walls of the Society of Deus only to find it, too, under siege. Many of the outlying cities were lost quickly to the endless waves of abyssal enemies. Among those cities, Nul’s forces appeared to take great delight in slaughtering every living being in Saint Cloud, the settlement of refugees from the former Domain of the Dead. Some of the outer cities were saved, however, by a great shadow dragon which appeared and aided in halting the Aether's advance.