Nameless Order of Silence

Any character from any domain may choose to be in service to the Silence as an infiltrator within their chosen domain, forgoing their Domain's Advantage and Disadvantage for those of the Silence.

Faction Summary

Few people know anything about The Order, and those few do not speak of it. Espionage and sabotage are common in Dischordia. Every domain has enemies, and every domain has a spymaster willing to ply his trade against them. The Nameless Order of Silence has successfully operated behind this smokescreen for some time, striking at every domain. Domain lords, spymasters, and conspiracy nuts have only recently begun piecing together apocryphal accounts of the Order’s existence, but have faced endless frustration at the lack of solid leads. Agents they capture rarely know much, and often die or vanish before questioning, leaving them with more questions than answers. What they have pieced together is that the group has been referred to as “The Nameless Order,” or “The Silence”. It is an organized and highly secretive conspiracy led by an entity known only as “The Director,” though details of this creature are a total mystery. Some suspect that it is tied to the Shadow Court, though there is no evidence to support or refute that claim. Still others have speculated that Prince Ailil created the organization to undermine Balor, and even a few who believe King Balor himself is the Director... though none of them have been able to find even the slimmest measure of evidence to support their wild theories. Some have even begun to suspect that Silence are faceless agents for Nul and the Kingdom of Aether, though proof of this is equally lacking.

(There is a good chance your character has never had a reason to even hear of this organization.)

Dominant Races

The Order recruits from any and all races, though cunning and subtlety are valued

Costuming and Archetypes

Imperial Courtier, Covert Assassin, Domain Infiltrator

Politics & NPCs

The exact structure and chain of oaths within the Order are highly concealed, even from agents of the Order, itself. The Order operates as individual cells, and agents have minimal contact with one another or the Order as a whole, reporting instead to a handler (who may or may not be their Lord). Only The Director knows for certain the number & identity of his agents. 

The Order values loyalty above all else, and betrayal is punished harshly. Of course, Domain Lords are also likely to punish traitors when they are discovered. Order operatives are forced to walk a very tenuous line between sworn loyalty to the Order, and apparent loyalty to their domain. If an agent’s cover is compromised, they are likely to suffer at the hands of their domain, the Order, or both. A betrayed domain lord will likely seek to discover the agent’s true loyalties, while the Order will act with finality to ensure its continued secrecy... This does, however, come with a measure of freedom from the usual restrictions of fealty. The Nameless Order of Silence is beholden to no Domain and no domain lord. The result is an intricate spy network of operatives embedded throughout Dischordia and, some believe, the world.

Silence operatives all have a 5-point Obligation which takes the form of Oaths of Loyalty, Secrecy and Duty that are sworn by every initiate into the Order. Anyone who betrays the Order’s tenets will find themselves as targets of the Order, who will stop at nothing to ensure the disloyalty is punished and the offender is silenced. Those who break any of the oaths earn Enemies x 5, but they could be anyone...

Historical Information



War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

During the Court of Empires, diplomatic relations between Dischordia and Lazarus' Kingdom failed, and the longstanding hostility between those two kingdoms erupted into war. A coordinated attack by Dischordian nobles on the European domain of Carpathia and its lord, Alyosha Buljiev, precipitated the conflict, which would come to be called the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.

The Sublime Cataclysm

With the tides of the war turning quickly to their enemy’s favor, the Dischordian domain lords prepared a spectacular attack certain to bring a swift end to the conflict. Sultan Suleiman, unsurpassed master of spirit magic, led the largest ritual Dischordia had ever seen. Aided by New Faith ritualists, the Arcane Academy, and a million occultists assembled from every domain, the sky itself bled with the power they summoned. Chunks torn from the spirit realms themselves bombarded Lazarus’ Empire. As each realm impacted, it laid waste to thousands of miles of Lazarus' territory, destroying immense swaths of land and destroying millions.