Court of Empires

Domain Summary

The Court of Empires is a center of hospitality and diplomacy within Dischordia. The sprawling territory is occupied by a series of Embassies; one for each Kingdom and Dischordian domain. Each Embassy is built to the specifications of the kingdom or domain to whom it belongs, and to the exacting standards of Imperial craftsmen.

Dominant Races


Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 8
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 5
  • Dreaming - Mists 0 (Far Dreaming - 2, Deep Dreaming 6) / Banality 3
  • High Umbra - Periphery 5 (Court of Muses - Periphery 3)

Historical Information

A New Voice is Heard

Following the death of the Voice of Balor, a new Voice needed to be chosen. During the first meeting of the Court of Empires, Doc was selected to serve in this capacity. He continued in this role until his marriage to Calamity the following year, when he passed the reins of court to the Shadowlord twins, Selene and Ravi. A year later, he would reveal this to be an elaborate prank, on both them and the courts of Dischordia, and reclaim his title.

Court of Empires Convenes

High King Balor and Dischordia weathered the War of Aether better than most. They opened diplomatic relations, via the Court of Empires, in the hopes of uniting and defeating the Aether once and for all. Throughout the first year of these diplomatic efforts, the Aether remained ominously silent, until they made their first overt move: seizing the islands of New Zealand and Papua New Guinea from Jukurrpa. With the assistance of Dischordia and the Jade Empire, Jukurrpa freed the islands from the Aether's control, but it's inevitable corruptive touch remained. Many wonder why the Aether has suddenly made such a move, wondering if it foretold a resurgence of open warfare, or if it was merely misdirection for a greater play.

The Domain of the Dead, which would become a part of Samhain, remained a primary target for Nul and the Kingdom of Aether. Nul did not forget the insult paid to him by the Domain of the Dead, and they became first target shortly following the Surveyor Era. Nul’s first strike was to seek revenge upon the Ashen Lady and those who supported her. The Domain of the Dead and Samhain were consumed by darkness and silence. The Beggar Lord of Samhain became lost in the labyrinth and, without his power, the domain of Samhain fell. Many brave souls fought against the darkness there, but the curse of Samhain proved to be their undoing. Those who survived fled and became refugees in other kingdoms, many following Princess Maeve to the safety and security of her late husband's Imperial domain.

Court of Nightmares

Shokar, the Immolator of Pompeii, remained bound and imprisoned for centuries after he was captured during the War of Nightmares, until the War of Aether. The Aether's attacks over two decades of war weakened the wards which held him prisoner, until they finally failed as the war came to an end. No longer magically bound, he escaped his prison and made his way home, leaving a trail of fire and destruction in his wake. His return marked a resurgence of the Nightmare Plague but, to the chagrin of those who remembered the first outbreak, the dreamcatchers failed to contain it. Many domains resorted to purging the infected, but a few held hope that a new cure could be found.

Appalachia tried an unorthodox gambit, when they invited the Nightmare Lands to send an ambassador to one of their courts. Many of the other domains questioned the wisdom of inviting one of their greatest enemies to court, and their fears were validated when the Nightmare ambassador claimed thousands more would be infected with the nightmare plague and be lost. However, very soon after that threat was made, Nightmare Lands became a domain of Dischordia. On the highest Unseelie holiday of Samhain, Aitu, lord of the Nightmare Lands, swore fealty to High King Balor.

War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

During the Court of Empires, diplomatic relations between Dischordia and Lazarus' Kingdom failed, and the longstanding hostility between those two kingdoms erupted into war. A coordinated attack by Dischordian nobles on the European domain of Carpathia and its lord, Alyosha Buljiev, precipitated the conflict, which would come to be called the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.

The Sublime Cataclysm

With the tides of the war turning quickly to their enemy’s favor, the Dischordian domain lords prepared a spectacular attack certain to bring a swift end to the conflict. Sultan Suleiman, unsurpassed master of spirit magic, led the largest ritual Dischordia had ever seen. Aided by New Faith ritualists, the Arcane Academy, and a million occultists assembled from every domain, the sky itself bled with the power they summoned. Chunks torn from the spirit realms themselves bombarded Lazarus’ Empire. As each realm impacted, it laid waste to thousands of miles of Lazarus' territory, destroying immense swaths of land and destroying millions.

As Europe reeled from Dischordia's devastating attack, armies of Aether seized their chance to attack both of its weakened enemies. Territories which had fallen to darkness during the War of Aether now bled shadows like an open wound. Swarming forth from these tears in reality, the shrouded armies of Aether laid waste to surrounding areas. Shadow-eaten vampires, spectres, and darker things spead their chill touch, overrunning nearby cities and domains.

Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke

In the aftermath of the cataclysm which ended the war, exactly one year after the events which marked its beginning, representatives from Dischordia and Lazarus met in Vancouver to solidify a treaty to bring an end to the hostilities and negotiate terms for a lasting peace. Diplomats from every kingdom were sent to witness the treaty, but each hoped to see their own agenda reflected in the final document. The Treaty detailed the terms of the ceasefire, returning of prisoners of war and withdrawal of troops from occupied territories, but also contained several initiatives designed to further specific agenda.

Unexpectedly, even the Kingdom of Aether sent representatives, who offered Reality a chance at peace in their own conflict, in exchange for certain concessions. They demanded that the Court of Empires, which had been formed with the intent of combatting the Aether, be disbanded from its current mission. They further demanded that all kingdoms, including the Kingdom of Aether, be welcome at all future gatherings of kingdoms. Though manny were hesitant about such an obvious political ploy, the Aether's representatives were quite persuasive. The delegates were convinced to support their agenda, though most agreed out of a desire to keep their enemies close.

The Aether's offer of peace required a difficult choice: accept the darkness as part of reality, and restore balance to the cycle of creation and destruction, or deny them and accept reality's ultimate end. Acceptance would require the sacrifice of a child, in order to house the darkness of Arhiman who, without a vessel to bind it, would consume the world.

Two children had been abducted from their parents for this purpose: one the Last Son of Gwydion, the son of Imperial Queen Maeve, and the other the Last Daughter of Eve, daughter of Hierophant Zachariah Baldric of Empyrean Dysambigua. As the night progressed, the guests pieced together the mystery, until ultimately it was Queen Calamity of Archive who offered up the Last Daughter of Eve to be sacrificed to name and bind the darkness, save the light, and end the darkness’ war on reality. Through this sacrifice, a path was chosen, and the next age was steered towards an age of enlightenment for mankind, an Age of Ascension and one in which the souls of all mankind would be safe from Oblivion.