An Arcane Renaissance

Once relocated to Edmonton, attendance of the Arcane Academy declined. Many instructors had fallen in the war, while others were busy fighting. Even those who could attend did not. Synthas' fearsome reputation and the foreboding atmosphere of his domain discouraged attendance. Still, the Academy proved to be a potent stronghold for Synthas and his arcane pursuits. Yet, at the dawning of the Court of Empires, the Arcane Academy experienced a resurgence.

Synthas reopened the Academy, inviting those who remained to return. He welcomed new students as well. No longer only the sponsor of the Academy, Synthas took a more direct role as Headmaster. Many Archmages hesitantly returned to their roles as the Academy’s professors. Some of the changes that Synthas had made to the curriculum shocked them. The Academy’s arcane studies expanded into topics unexplored under the previous headmasters. They delved into matters many of them considered too dark to pursue.

The Imperials formed the position of Hierophant, charged with investigating forbidden magics. Synthas directed the resources of the Arcane Academy to aid the Hierophant in his duties. Some continued to suspect his motives, but his gesture reassured others. The attendance of the Academy grew, bolstered by the Hierophant's reassuring presence.