War of Aether

The first Imperial Territory to fall accompanied the defeat of the Voice of Balor. The Voice returned from court to find his territory under siege. A fraction of his forces faced the much larger Aether army, as the Voice delayed the enemy. The bulk of his forces evacuated the other nobles and peasantry to ensure their survival.

Prince Synthas came to their aid and to deny Nul that which he came for... the rare knowledge and unique artifacts that the Academy had collected. Bolstered by acolytes of the Arcane Academy, Synthas teleported the Academy itself away. Its destination: his personal domain of Edmonton.

Outnumbered and his attentions divided, the Voice only delayed the inevitable. So, he faced Nul in single combat. The two dueled for a day and a night as the last of the Imperials evacuated. Synthas completed the ritual to preserve the Arcane Academy, and departed as well. His momentary relief at the safety of his people gave Nul a distraction to exploit, and his black blade cut deep. The Voice of Balor vanished to safety, but black veins spread from the grievous wound he had suffered.