Domain Summary

Based out of the flooded city of New York, the Imperial Families serve greater Dischordia, working to guarantee a strong and functioning Kingdom. The Imperials consider themselves the elite nobles of Dischordia, above the nobles of other Domains and their petty squabbles. The truth, however, is that many find themselves embroiled in the same petty competition as Domain nobles.

Dominant Races


Domain Advantages

Imperial Courtier - Members from this Domain or those in direct service to the King add their personal rank in Title into all challenges. i.e. An Imperial Baron would add +3 to all challenges. This advantage may be bestowed to another acting in your stead at the cost of you losing it, temporarily.

Imperial Sanctum - As the Imperial Magistrates, they may rely on the support of other Sanctum Magistrates and utilize Magistrates x 5 influence in any domain once per month.

The Nameless Order of Silence - This mysterious organization possesses an unparalleled spy network. Once per month, an agent can access Spies x 5 influence in any domain once per month

Domain Disadvantage

Obligation 5 point flaw - All Imperials of Balor's Domain also suffer from a 5 point Obligation. You are sworn to protect the citizens of Discordia from outside threats with action. You must hear the claims of any with Title in your lands and find resolution to their problems when dealing outside invaders or threats. Of course, they can war among each other until their heart’s content, but no matter how much in disfavor one is, if the Giovanni or some force of Astral Realm invaders starts harassing their domain, the Imperials must hear them, and work with them to find a resolution as long as they have Title and Lands within their kingdom.

Politics & NPCs

The Imperial families consist of the Noble Sidhe Houses and their direct vassals. Though each of the Houses serve the High King, competition and backstabbing is common... and expected.

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Kingdom Views


Appalachian Alliance - The home of the Imperial Treasury and the first of Balor’s followers... unfortunately, it is also the home of upstart commoners most likely to rebel against the rightful Sidhe rule.

Empyrean Dysambigua - They have insinuated themselves into nearly every domain, and control much of the political future of Dischordia. High Pontiff Bistri professes loyalty, but he is a follower of power and will not hesitate to unseat Balor if the opportunity presents itself. Watch them closely. 

Imperial Bermuda - Home to the Voice of Balor and a commoner High Queen of House Balor... Their loyalty has been proven time and again, but their capacity for betrayal has been proven as well.

Nightmare Lands - Though they were once enemies of our Kingdom, they were quick to join us. Rumors persist that the Shadow Court within Dischordia was behind the spread of the plague... What could they be plotting this time?

Ordo Trismegistus - Only the Worthy Shall Inherit. Few took these words to heart as deeply as the nobles of Ordo. They reveled in their strength and pushed their boundaries, as true Dischordians, but their unchecked aggression led to their enemies uniting against them.

Sultanate of Glass - Once our closest allies, brought into the fold through bonds of marriage. They are a curious mixture of nightmarish djinn and the stifling, banal magic that keeps the djinn subdued. Legends say the Djinn Emperor Kayeel is destined to emerge... I, for one, cannot wait to see the festivities of his return.

Wolves of the North - Odin’s warriors are second to none in Dischordia, and they have proven loyal... or at least pliable... to the wishes of our kingdom. They are eager for battle and readily take up the front lines... who are we to discourage cannon fodder?

Other Kingdoms

Aether - Some among the old Shadow Court only wished to return the world to balance, restoring the cyclic rule of the Seelie and Unseelie. Others, however, seek to bring about the end of the story. The Aether, the antithesis of dreams, shares their goal.

Aztlan - Our neighbors to the south have been a constant irritation. Too weak to present a true challenge, and too strong to eradicate completely. They will kneel, eventually... and by force, if necessary. 

Diamond Congo - Their warlike mentality and 'strongest survive' philosophy would fit so well with the "Worthy Shall Inherit" espoused by Dischordia, and they certainly follow the precepts of "Change is Good,"  seeing how they can’t seem to keep a leader long enough to make anything of themselves.

Jade Empire - Once our strongest enemies, they became our strongest allies. We will enjoy their friendship as long as it lasts, but our kingdoms are too different. The peace between us will not survive to the end of the age. When it shatters, along with the Sun they cling to, we will need to be prepared.

Jukurrpa - The tribes embrace the Dreaming - though they insist that their “Dreamtime” is distinct. They are not one of the major powers. Only the worthy shall inherit... and those that do not have the will or drive to make themselves strong will be consumed by those who do. Jukurrpa will be consumed, the only questions are who will consume them, and when.

Kingdom of the Iron Lotus - Their passion has a purpose, but their zealotry for it is problematic. Their allies are our enemies, and their enemies our allies. We seem destined to be at odds.

Lazarus' Empire - Lazarus is the antithesis of everything we hold dear. His is a stifling religious order that seeks to stamp out magic and wonder in the world, to make it a safe, padded, hermetically sealed cell for the fragile-headed human children to play in without danger, and without growth. 

Ukhu Amarumaya - It's hard to believe that a culture built on the back of human sacrifice could be so boring and so... banal. As far as we can tell, they’re just a cut-rate Aztlan...

Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 5
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 5
  • Dreaming - Mists 0 (Far Dreaming - Mists 1, Deep Dreaming - Mists 4) / Banality 1
  • High Umbra - Periphery 5

Historical Information

Year 7

Dreams returned and with it... hosts. House Balor rode to the cause of defending what was left of this world. We owe what pathetic lives we have to them and those who rode with them. But the devastation from the raging war was great. Many who were not prepared before the fall began to rebuild during this time.

Years 8 to 9

The War of the Dead still raged. But the fire on both sides were dwindling. Many cities had fallen or were swept away by the apocalypse. Others stood as beacons of comfort, safety, or slavery. Any of it was better than being dead. We realized the world was a nightmare ruled by creatures far beyond our meager capabilities. Our new Masters rebuilt and redoubled in the wreckage. House Balor helped turn the tide of war by taking Oaths from the Lords of the remaining Kingdoms. The last bastion aided was a jewel known as the Society of Deus. They held back the onslaught to the last days of the war.

Year 10 (Approximately 2022... we think)

The War of the Dead ended. King Balor called his debts due and created the Kingdom of Dischordia upon the wreckage of North America. The alliances forged throughout the cities and smaller kingdoms under his banner come together for the first time.

King Balor's domain and personal armies captured and took over most of Montana. King Balor himself took over House Balor upon his return without contest, exiling [CENSORED]. The legends of Balor are, of course, all true: a half-born Sidhe, half-born Fomorian hero in the wars against the Fomorian Courts. He can indeed command all creatures of the dreaming, and he did personally track down High King David to end him for his crimes against the world. Sure he's got a flair for the glowing green, and his domain doesn't sustain nor support actual life. That's what everyone else is for. He's just the weapon, the hero, the Champion.

The War of the Dead was catastrophic for many, the Giovanni and Cappadocian Necromancers unleashed a fury that has been building for a thousand years. It was good enough to crush and bring Europe to heel, but greed was their downfall. Spread thin enough over all continents, King Balor's armies were able to lead the Kingdom of Dischordia to victory upon their return. As the war waged, Balor's armies grew more powerful with each banner behind them. Near the final battle outside of the Society of Deus, legend says, that Balor only needed to blink and an army disappeared.

War of Aether

Balor ruled Dischordia from Montana for centuries. In the earliest days of the war, Nul attacked and destroyed the Imperial City, attempting to snuff out the High King’s life and the heart of Dischordia. Through the sacrifice of the Voice and the warnings of his Imperial Oracle and his many soothsayers, Balor knew the threat that approached. Nul found the Imperial City evacuated of all nobility, and he razed the the city and very ground it stood upon. The entire territory disappeared into nothingness. The High King had already begun the creation of his next city in seclusion, and Nul did not know where to look for it. Though he succeeded in leveling the old Imperial City, the lives lost were but a token defensive force and his true target eluded him.

Prior to the destruction of Montana, King Balor had the foresight to begin construction of a new Imperial City. The Imperials had reclaimed the former city of New York with its towers jutting out from the waters below. Built in secret over the span of a century, aided by loyal vassals of Appalachia and the Eastern States of Empyrean Dysambigua, as well as the Master of Ravaging in Archive, the new Imperial City was completed just in time for the Imperials to relocate prior to the Kingdom of Aether's final assault in the war. His new city is well-defended by Appalachian mountains to the west and the Unified Eastern States of the Empyrean Dysambigua to the east.

As Nul struck at Montana to destroy the king, Balor laughed as the flooded city breathed in new life. The skyscrapers jutting from the flooded city lit up as beacons of hope. Through a mixture of Empyrean, Dystopian, Arantan, Appalachian, and Archive resources, New York City was ready to be claimed. The cold metal lagoon was flooded with Imperials from across Dischordia, many which had resided in other domains before converging here to unite Dischordia like never before. The Freehold built for House Balor by the Master of Ravaging, Princess Calamity of Archive, was unlike any other, almost nightmarish in its splendor. All knew who’s house this was and all praised the king for his insight and glory that day as the new Imperial City became connected to all domains like blood and energy all in one.

The central feature of the New Imperial City is the awesome and monstrous freehold. It was forged by the Master of Ravaging, Calamity Bambi Rose, from a node of great power seized from the King's enemies in the former Aztlan city of Juarez. Each domain was required to send forth their best materials to construct the freehold. Appalachian gems, Cold Iron from Aranta, wood from the forests of the Wolves of the North, and so on. The primary construction material is cold iron, giving the tower a foreboding black facade matched only by the discomfort of any fae not of House Balor. Forged by one the most skilled craftsman in the world, the freehold is an awe-inspiring sight. The tower has a very jagged, asymmetrical design. It feels dark and looming inside, as if walking through nightmare itself. The heart of the forge, the balefire itself is held in a brazer forged to be a smaller version of the Balor tower, serpent wrapping around it and all. The walls and floors are all dark materials with splashes of color in the trim, floor patterns, artwork on the walls. Portraits of every public member of House Balor are painted and hung in the halls. In the highest most jagged spire of the freehold is a bedroom fit for a King, it overlooks, from his vantage, both the dreaming and 'real' side. This room along with the Balefire itself, are the most fortified portions of the freehold.


A New Voice is Heard

Following the death of the Voice of Balor, a new Voice needed to be chosen. During the first meeting of the Court of Empires, Doc was selected to serve in this capacity. He continued in this role until his marriage to Calamity the following year, when he passed the reins of court to the Shadowlord twins, Selene and Ravi. A year later, he would reveal this to be an elaborate prank, on both them and the courts of Dischordia, and reclaim his title.

Victories and Setbacks

Like the kingdom they represent, the Imperials experienced both victories and setbacks in the first year of the Court of Empires. Princess Maeve was wed to Ambassador Fadil of the Sultanate of Glass, cementing the alliance between the two kingdoms with marriage. With Fadil’s promotion to Vizier of Wind, the couple was elevated to King and Queen. Shortly after this, her vassals, Selene and Ravi, were appointed Voices of Balor by the previous Voice, King Doc of Aranta-Shadur. Not all were pleased with this development, however, and they were forced to weather several accusations surrounding their lineage, treason, and genocide committed by Shadow Lords. 

Near the end of the year, Faydra of House Eiluned, the only representative of the Sanctum in court, was elevated to the position of Praetor. While it pleased the Sanctum to have one of their own fill the position, others who had vied for it were less enthusiastic about the Voices selecting her for the role.

Great Grand Craftsman Julius Artok III, esquire, Herald to King Balor challenged the Imperial Smith Valravn, to a duel for the title. He claimed to have developed a technique to forge the souls of an enemy into an item, offering Dischordia a means to finally put an end to enemies that could not be permanently defeated. By the end of the duel, he had proven this ability by forging an abyssal spirit, and claimed the title of Imperial Smith. The Hierophant, Baldric, concerned that such a technique may present unforeseen dangers, placed a restriction upon the Imperial Smith teaching the technique to others.

After a year as the dual-voices, Doc revealed the appointment had been an elaborate prank and reclaimed the title which he had never officially relinquished. Relieved of their position, in every possible sense, Selene and Ravi retired from the courts to guard Maeve and her new child. However, near the culmination of the war against Lazarus, an agent of Baba Yaga was successful in abducting the child and escaping with it.

Court of Empires Convenes

High King Balor and Dischordia weathered the War of Aether better than most. They opened diplomatic relations, via the Court of Empires, in the hopes of uniting and defeating the Aether once and for all. Throughout the first year of these diplomatic efforts, the Aether remained ominously silent, until they made their first overt move: seizing the islands of New Zealand and Papua New Guinea from Jukurrpa. With the assistance of Dischordia and the Jade Empire, Jukurrpa freed the islands from the Aether's control, but it's inevitable corruptive touch remained. Many wonder why the Aether has suddenly made such a move, wondering if it foretold a resurgence of open warfare, or if it was merely misdirection for a greater play.

Court of Nightmares

Shokar, the Immolator of Pompeii, remained bound and imprisoned for centuries after he was captured during the War of Nightmares, until the War of Aether. The Aether's attacks over two decades of war weakened the wards which held him prisoner, until they finally failed as the war came to an end. No longer magically bound, he escaped his prison and made his way home, leaving a trail of fire and destruction in his wake. His return marked a resurgence of the Nightmare Plague but, to the chagrin of those who remembered the first outbreak, the dreamcatchers failed to contain it. Many domains resorted to purging the infected, but a few held hope that a new cure could be found.

Appalachia tried an unorthodox gambit, when they invited the Nightmare Lands to send an ambassador to one of their courts. Many of the other domains questioned the wisdom of inviting one of their greatest enemies to court, and their fears were validated when the Nightmare ambassador claimed thousands more would be infected with the nightmare plague and be lost. However, very soon after that threat was made, Nightmare Lands became a domain of Dischordia. On the highest Unseelie holiday of Samhain, Aitu, lord of the Nightmare Lands, swore fealty to High King Balor.

Meanwhile, Lazarus’ Empire launched numerous coordinated strikes against Dischordian domains. The Grim Legion’s ghost fleet assaulted the Imperial City of Dischordia and conquered many Empyrean cities along the east coast as well as a few islands of Imperial Bermuda. Russia was able to bring the Nightmare Lands to its knees, and Rasputin slew the Crimson Weaver, Aitu, in personal combat. As the Legion marched on Dischordia with impunity, no domain could muster a strong defense to turn aside their assaults. The chances of Lazarus’ victory grew.

War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

During the Court of Empires, diplomatic relations between Dischordia and Lazarus' Kingdom failed, and the longstanding hostility between those two kingdoms erupted into war. A coordinated attack by Dischordian nobles on the European domain of Carpathia and its lord, Alyosha Buljiev, precipitated the conflict, which would come to be called the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.

The Sublime Cataclysm

With the tides of the war turning quickly to their enemy’s favor, the Dischordian domain lords prepared a spectacular attack certain to bring a swift end to the conflict. Sultan Suleiman, unsurpassed master of spirit magic, led the largest ritual Dischordia had ever seen. Aided by New Faith ritualists, the Arcane Academy, and a million occultists assembled from every domain, the sky itself bled with the power they summoned. Chunks torn from the spirit realms themselves bombarded Lazarus’ Empire. As each realm impacted, it laid waste to thousands of miles of Lazarus' territory, destroying immense swaths of land and destroying millions.

Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke

In the aftermath of the cataclysm which ended the war, exactly one year after the events which marked its beginning, representatives from Dischordia and Lazarus met in Vancouver to solidify a treaty to bring an end to the hostilities and negotiate terms for a lasting peace. Diplomats from every kingdom were sent to witness the treaty, but each hoped to see their own agenda reflected in the final document. The Treaty detailed the terms of the ceasefire, returning of prisoners of war and withdrawal of troops from occupied territories, but also contained several initiatives designed to further specific agenda.

Unexpectedly, even the Kingdom of Aether sent representatives, who offered Reality a chance at peace in their own conflict, in exchange for certain concessions. They demanded that the Court of Empires, which had been formed with the intent of combatting the Aether, be disbanded from its current mission. They further demanded that all kingdoms, including the Kingdom of Aether, be welcome at all future gatherings of kingdoms. Though manny were hesitant about such an obvious political ploy, the Aether's representatives were quite persuasive. The delegates were convinced to support their agenda, though most agreed out of a desire to keep their enemies close.