Domain Summary

The Empyrean Unification is comprised of individual city-states scattered along the East Coast. Though often at odds with Dischordia’s chaotic tendencies, due to its somewhat oppressive focus on structure and order, they protect the last bastion of pure humanity on the continent. Contrary to their rigid facade, however, those of the Unification are dedicated to developing a unified magical theory transcending the divisions of paradigm, as well as species.

Life in the Domain

Life varies drastically from one Unification city to the next. Each individual territory has complete autonomy to live as they see fit. Most, though, strive towards some variation on a Utopian vision. Jacksonville is a city of uniformity and communal living. Roswell looks to the stars to encourage wonder among its citizens. Neuropolis runs like clockwork, with every citizen fulfilling a vital place and purpose. Many outside the domain chafe at the rigid order, but those within take comfort in it.

Dominant Races

Mages and Vampires, some Wraiths

Paradigm: The domain is one of order and science, but there is a strong emphasis on studying all Paradigms to formulate a Unified Magical Theory. As a result, all paradigms are equally valid here, and Orphans are great in number due to the fluidity of Paradigm. The structure and order of the domain encourages Technocratic conventions and the technomantic Traditions (Virtual Adepts and Etherites), as well as Akashics, Celestial Chorus, Euthanatos, and Hermetics. 

Costuming Archetypes

Academic, Business Cultist, Man In Black, Judge Dredd, SpecOps Soldier, Utopian Scientist

Politics & NPCs

The feudal oaths of the Unification are largely a formality, as the domain operates primarily on the basis of a meritocracy: Those who demonstrate an ability to lead are given great leeway and autonomy in running their personal domains however they see fit. Despite this individual freedom, the domain is heavily organized and bureaucratic, with hierarchical oversight within the capital of Neuropolis.

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Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 6 (In Philadelphia - Shroud 3, In Neuropolis - Shroud 8)
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 8 (CyberRealm - Gauntlet 3, Pattern Web - Gauntlet 1, Digital Web - Gauntlet 2)
  • Dreaming - Mists 2 (Far Dreaming - Mists 6, Deep Dreaming - Mists 9) / Banality 8 (Neuropolis - Banality 6)
  • High Umbra - Periphery 4

Historical Information

Contract of Unification

With the outbreak of the Third World War, the lords knew that mankind teetered on the brink of extinction. They felt that mankind's own volatile nature could no longer be risked. During the war of the dead, Children of Lilith met in a secret conclave, in a place kept well-hidden for centuries. Each Clan sent ambassadors to create a new government. They intended to turn the tide in the growing global chaos, and combat the armies from the East. Upon the end of the summit, the delegates signed the Treaty of Unification.

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The Unification Reputation

The Unification Proclamation had the dubious distinction of being one of the most reviled domains in Dischordia. Those of other domains had many reasons to distrust this domain and its loyalties.

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Dischordia's First War

Nobles of the Society of Deus and Unification Proclamation were frequent courtly adversaries. Aiden Shaw, a Sage of Deus, and Nada, an Abyssal vampire of Unification often opposed one another. Their personal hatred dragged their two domains into a war.

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The Fall of Black Bart and the Rise of Hal Morgan

The Unification struggled to represent itself well at court, and began to falter. Its lord, Hal Morgan, drew attention of assassins and infiltrators seeking to usurp his failing domain. With the capture of Black Bart during the War of Nightmares, he saw an opportunity to evade his enemies.

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A New Unification, A New Sanctum

Hal Morgan's departure left Unification's seat of power vacant for centuries. As the Surveyor's Court convened, so too did the struggle for control over the domain. While other domains sized up the domain for conquest, it faced its own internal struggles. Unification was rife with infighting, backstabbing, and spies from Lazarus’ Empire. Various factions within the domain struggled for control.

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War of Aether

After the departure of Hal Morgan, Miami was no longer a Unification city. Still, its loss during the early days of the War of Aether would come to haunt them. The Abyssal portal of Miami poured forth untold darkness. The Aether soon spread to Orlando and much of the Unification territory in Florida. Without Hal Morgan to hold the spiral, darkness swallowed the lower peninsula.

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A Contract Broken

With the destruction of the Contract of Unification, Lazarus’ Kingdom fell into a period of chaos. Nul capitalized on this opportunity, striking against Europe as he had against Dischordia. Recognizing their common enemy, nobles of Unification negotiated an alliance of necessity. 

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A Shattered Peace

Dischordia, in attempting to thwart a threat to the world, inadvertently broke the delicate truce. Lazarus, Balor's long-time enemy and the ruler of Europe, declared war upon Dischordia in retaliation. This war, which would rage for a year, would come to be known as the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke. 

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War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

One of Lazarus' first targets was the Empyrean Unification capitol city of Neuropolis. It had once been bound to Lazarus' Kingdom by the Treaty of Unification. It was home to Dorian Osbourne, Dischordia's ambassador to Europe. Prince Dietrich Mercer of Unification was one of Empyrean's foremost espionage directors. Neuropolis housed considerable valuable intelligence against Lazarus and his kingdom.

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The Sublime Cataclysm

The tides of the war began to turn to their enemy’s favor. The Dischordian lords of prepared a spectacular attack to bring a swift end to the conflict. Sultan Suleiman, a master of spirit magic, led the largest ritual the kingdom had ever seen. New Faith ritualists, students of the Arcane Academy, and a million occultists gathered from all domains aided him. The sky itself bled with the power they summoned. Chunks torn from the spirit realms themselves bombarded Lazarus’ Empire. As each realm struck, it laid waste to thousands of miles of Lazarus' territory. Millions perished in an instant, as the realms destroyed immense swaths of land.

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Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke

The war ended one year, to the day, after the events which marked its beginning. Delegates from Dischordia and Lazarus met to solidify a treaty and bring the war to a close. Every kingdom sent diplomats to witness the signing, but each had ulterior motives. Each hoped to see their kingdom's goals reflected in the final document. The Treaty detailed terms of ceasefire, such as returning prisoners and withdrawing troops. Yet it also contained several initiatives which advanced specific agendas.