New Atlantis

Domain Summary

The Umbral CyberRealm collided with south Texas, becoming the Domain of Dystopia. Dystopia was a dark, polluted, cyberpunk domain of technology run amok. When it vanished during the War of Aether, only a single floating island, New Atlantis, survived. This last remnant of the once powerful megacity relocated to the Great Lakes, where it resides alongside Aranta-Shadur

Dominant Races

Mages, Shifters

Costuming and Archetypes

Cyberpunk Scientist, Ruthless Entrepreneur, High-tech Cyborg, Awakened Construct

Politics & NPCs

The political structure of New Atlantis maintains a familiar corporate structure. The Domain Lord would be the CEO, while the other lords of the Domain are viewed as a Board of Directors. Vassal nobles would be managers, and their population would be employees. Currently, the infamous Joseph Mengsk maintains control over the remnants of Dystopia, in service to his lord. Though slightly more egalitarian than Dystopia was, the politics of New Atlantis are still fairly ruthless and competitive. Those who are unable to prove their worth are largely ignored and relegated to the sewers of the Undercity, along with rejected experiments and chemical and toxic runoff. Those able to reside at street-level have to survive the constant turf wars of individual gangs. Skyscrapers towering above the streets, connected by sywalks and balconies, make up Downtown and Uptown, where a majority of the nobility’s citizens reside. All manner of technological  conveniences are available to those with New Atlantean identification cards. These cards serve as cash, identification, and keys, and allowed citizens to access the numerous public computer terminals. HIT Marks and other more experimental androids, police Downtown.

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Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 7
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 8 (CyberRealm - Gauntlet 1, Pattern Web - Gauntlet 2, Digital Web - Gauntlet 3)
  • Dreaming - Mists 3 (Far Dreaming - Mists 6, Deep Dreaming - Mists 9) / Banality 9
  • High Umbra - Periphery 5 (Inventium - Periphery 3, Fortress of Government - Periphery 4)

Historical Information

Crash of the CyberRealm

Along with the fall of the shroud separating worlds, many unforeseen - and sometimes catastrophic - events took place, which altered the landscape of the world. Some were relatively benign, such as the Dreaming becoming more pronounced within Balor's Kingdom. Others, however, were violent upheavals which resulted in untold devastation. One such instance was the birth of Dystopia. With the thinning of the barrier separating the spirit world from the physical, the Umbral CyberRealm fell through, crashing to Earth in the area that was once Texas. The former structures, now mere ruins, were driven deep underground, and the megacity domain of Dystopia rose from the rubble.

Dystopia's Floating Island

Early in court, Dystopian representatives revealed the presence of a floating island entering their airspace. This unusual occurrence attracted the attention of many who sought to claim such a wonder, but Dystopia made its intentions clear to destroy or conquer it. It was later discovered that the island, called the Grave of Voormas by its inhabitants, were former Twin Cities mages who fled after the fall. Joseph Mengsk conquered the floating island which would later become his means of escape from the realm.

Fall and Rise of Samhain

During the first Court of the New Faith, Joseph Mengsk of Dystopia, without the consent of his superiors, declared war on Samhain the domain believing he could conquer it alone. He threatened to destroy them if they did not surrender immediately. Samhain refused, calling his bluff, but Mengsk pressed the button and missiles were launched. The Nuwisha from Bermuda, Doc, attempted to stop the onslaught of missiles that barraged the landscape of Samhain, but there were too many. Mengsk had been planning this for months. With the domain destroyed, the present nobles of Samhain, Sesamothe, Lumivodoma, and Maeve, were no longer nobles and escorted out of the court. The other nobles turned on Mengsk. Immediately Jack II, a fellow Dystopian, challenged Mengsk to a duel to the death. Mengsk accepted and was defeated. Unknown to most, however, Mengsk had prepared for this inevitability and had a copy of himself ready to reboot upon his death. However, the Dystopian lords interfered, locking him in stasis. He was not seen again for more than two hundred years. Despite this apparent loss, Lumivadoma Hev'Aber foresaw this disaster and had prepared contingencies against it. Lumi and Maeve enlisted aid from Donovan Raid, of the Society of Deus, and clandestinely smuggled population and fetters out of Samhain to their allies in Appalachia and the Domain of the Dead. Though Samhain was destroyed, through the trials of its nobles it was reborn again at the celebration of the Samhain holiday hosted by the Domain of the Dead.

Arantan Dystopia

Dystopia, struggling to find suitable nobles among their number to represent their interests at court, signed an agreement with Aranta-Shadur to send Dystopian nobles to court under their banner. This proved to be a ruse, however, as Dystopia sought to usurp control of Aranta from within, through contracts and hollow promises. This ultimately failed as the republic discovered their plot and turned it against them. When this was brought to light towards the end of the Surveyor's Court, Dystopia's two princes, Kiro Yamakaz and Bryant Vandergrift, were executed by the Imperials. In the end it was Dystopia that fell under the weight of their own hubris and what remained joined with Aranta-Shadur. As the domain underwent reorganization to integrate Dystopia into the fold, the Imperials demanded that Aranta abandon their council leadership in favor of a single domain lord. During the Oath restructuring which followed, Hal Morgan, the Warlord of Aranta-Shadur, was no longer tied to the domain. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Synthas used Hal’s True Name pressure him into his service, and leaving Aranta without a single leader. Urchin, Black Bart’s former first mate, was chosen as the new Domain Lord of Aranta-Shadur, but as a figurehead who still answered to the will of the Council.

War of Aether

The rebellion that led to the collapse of Dystopia had been instigated by Null. Lothar Merovingian, the Imperial Sidhe who initially brokered the Dystopian Contract with Aranta, survived the destruction of Dystopia and fled to the new Imperial City. The only remaining Dystopian refugees who survived, fled to New Atlantis, the domain of the infamous Joseph Mengsk, which joined Aranta-Shadur fully. Thomas Vallery, Mengsk’s new lord, has been tasked with ensuring there are no more plots to bomb people into Oblivion, like Mengsk’s ill-fated attack on Samhain in the Foundation Era. On the contrary, Mengsk proved his worth by developing technology that could repel the Abyssal forces in the war. Though some ground and people were lost in the war, the losses were negligible compared to those of Samhain, Dystopia, or Ordo. Aranta only lost all contact with their European territories as they were destroyed by Nul.