Domain Summary

Cartographers, scouts, historians, and spies make their home deep within the Rocky Mountains. Eerie sounds echo through geometrically perfect snow around the Archive’s most well-known structures: the Orphanage, the Observatory, and the Library housing the Imperial Histories.

Dominant Races

Fae, Vampires, few Mages

Costuming and Archetypes

Survivalist Explorer, Eccentric Bookworm, Black Ops Soldier, Hardened Orphan

Politics & NPCs

The domain lord of the Archive holds the title of the Praenomen, the First Name. Currently, the Praenomen of Archive is Calamity the Winter’s Rose. Beneath the Praenomen, the Archive follows a basic feudal system, but is highly competitive. Any noble who proves themselves to be stronger or more skilled than another can advance in title. Such internal conflict is encouraged to eliminate weakness. Even killing another Archive noble is forgiven, so long as the proper oaths are sworn and the killer avoids offending more powerful nobles.

Any noble who hurts a child, is incapable of keeping a secret, or is even suspected of disloyalty, is re-trained, replaced, or simply vanishes. Skill, discretion, loyalty, and personal style are respected. The most skilled nobles are practically ghosts, letting glory hogs have the public spotlight while they operate in the shadows.

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Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 10 (Artificially raised)
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 10 (Artificially raised)
  • Dreaming - Mists 0 (Far Dreaming - Mists 5, Deep Dreaming - Mists 8) / Banality 5
  • High Umbra - Periphery 5 (Vulgate - Periphery 3, Spires - Periphery 4)

Historical Information

Exploring the Fallen World

After the Fall, the world was forever changed. It was in these disasters that Archive found its opportunity. Where much knowledge was lost with the destruction of cities, the Archive has sought to preserve as much knowledge as possible. Unlike the arcane collections of the Twin Cities, the Archive focused on academics: mathematics, sciences, engineering, medicine, literature, and history. Rather than risk such knowledge being lost, the citizens of the Archive spent the first decade after the fall traveling to ruins of other cities and returning with countless volumes, safeguarding them to prevent humanity from falling into an everlasting dark age.

Built in the mountains, in the ruins of a city once called Denver, the Archive dedicated itself to seeking and preserving knowledge and advances of the last age. Those who call the Archive their home have made it their duty to travel this new world, to map its geography and catalog and record the events of this new age. The most significant events since the discovery of fire are transpiring, and old atlases are useless with the changes to the landscape itself. New maps once again read ""Here be dragons,"" so the Archive explores this new world to discover what secrets it may hold.

This small domain of explorers and cartographers quickly established positive relations with many domains and insinuated itself into their affairs, providing a much-needed service following the decades-long upheaval that left the landscape forever changed. The nobles of this domain spent much of the Founder’s era exploring the wastelands and other domains of Dischordia, providing the maps that Dischordians would rely upon for centuries.

A Western Coalition

At the dawn of Dischordia, Empyrean Dysambigua's composite domains each existed independently. What would later become the Empyrean Dysambigua began as a joint effort of the New Faith, Vancouver, and Archive, to bring Pascal into Dischordia and form a strong alliance dominating the western half of Dischordia. Strengthening ties between the New Faith and the lords of Vancouver, it was not long before the two domains merged, with Bistri retaining the seat of Domain Lord, and the Empyrean Dysambigua was formed. As the Archive began to falter, Bistri saw another opportunity to expand his power and bring the Western Coalition to fruition. In the end, however, the enigmatic Praenomen chose to snub Bistri's offers and swear under the banner of Devil Anse Hatfield of Appalachia. This insult sparked a centuries-long feud between them and an animosity between Empyrean Dysambigua and the Appalachian Alliance that constantly teetered on the brink of war. Though the Valley of the King remained closely aligned with the new Empyrean Dysambigua, they did not yet join Dischordia, instead absorbing the Sept of the Black Sun and shielding it from aggressive Dischordian domains, for a time.

A Clashing of Domains

When nobles of the Devil’s Triangle learned that one of Archive’s nobles, Lulu Cooper, wished to leave the domain, several of them met with the Archive’s Domain Lord, the Praenomen, in an attempt to negotiate her release. This parlay became a catastrophic failure when one, Wiley Harris, drew his guns. The Praenomen banished the Bermudan nobles, exterminated all the spirits from the Archive to prevent them from leaking domain secrets, and cursed Lulu to find no solace in Bermuda. The ensuing animosity between the Praenomen and Doc would last for centuries.

Archive Joins Appalachia

Despite their many allies, the harsh and forbidding nature of life in the mountains attracted few nobles to the Archive, and the domain could not sustain on its own. Both Appalachia and the New Faith approached their allies with invitations to merge. The Praenomen, Domain Lord of Archive, opened negotiations with Radu Bistri of the New Faith. After weeks of negotiation and deliberation, the Archive agreed to join under the New Faith's banner. When it came time to sign the agreement, however, the enigmatic Praenomen, snubbed Bistri and joined instead under Devil Anse Hatfield of Appalachia at the last minute. This single act sparked an animosity between Bistri and the Hatfields that would last for centuries, constantly teetering on the brink of war.

Archive's Coup

Growing unrest among the Archive’s nobles culmniated in a coup. Towards the end of the Surveyor’s court, Calamity, Duchess of Archive and Doc, Prince of Casablanca, ambushed and killed the Praenomen, destroying the mask that held his power and his soul. Calamity then gifted the shattered mask to Radu Bistri to end the hostility between Empyrean Dysambigua and Appalachia. However, the death of the Praenomen severed the Archive’s oaths to Devil Anse Hatfield of Appalachia, inflicting a significant loss of title upon him. Learning that their allies in Aranta-Shadur had aided in Archive’s rebellion proved to be the breaking point of an alliance that had been strained throughout Surveyor’s court. Rather than re-swear oaths to Appalachia, Calamity, the new Praenomen of Archive, chose instead to join Aranta-Shadur. This further strained the centuries-old alliance to the point of breaking. The hostilities between Appalachia and Empyrean Dysambigua persisted, as Appalachia considered them directly responsible for Calamity’s betrayal.

An Alliance is Formed

Towards the end of the Surveyor's Court, Aranta almost took the Unification Proclamation, but Empyrean Dysambigua walked away with the prize. When the Praenomen, Lord of Archive, was assassinated during a coup, Archive's ties to Appalachia fell with him. Emboldened by his newfound title of High King, and fueled by the insult paid to him by the Archive centuries earlier, Bistri saw another opportunity to claim the Archive. Aranta-Shadur, having only recently lost the negotiations for Unification, sought to prevent Empyrean Dysambigua from absorbing yet another domain. The Aranta-Shadur council voted to go to war and laid siege to the nearest Empyrean domain: the former Unification Proclamation. Hal Morgan, Demon of War, Warlord of Aranta-Shadur, and former Domain Lord of the Unification Proclamation, launched a campaign against his former domain. Prince Mercer of Unification was able to persuate the Aranta council to negotiate. Following tense negotiations between the council and representatives of Empyrean Dysambigua, Bistri withdrew any claim to Archive and Calamity, the new Praenomen of Archive, took a seat on the Aranta council. This, and Calamity’s Oath of Friendship with Bistri, cemented an alliance between the two domains, but angered Aranta’s long-time allies in Appalachia.

War of Aether

Archive fought Nul along with the rest of Dischordia on many fronts. Calamity, the Master of Ravaging oversaw great projects to move, create, and destroy Freeholds, Nodes, and Caerns throughout the war to make certain they remained either in Dischordia's hands, and out of Nul's. Archive’s expertise in secret operations allowed for their agents to save or destroy these places many times over before Nul and his forces arrived to take control or destroy them himself.

The Archive was at the head of the game of cat and mouse. Though not on the front lines, they were always in the most dangerous places and the most volatile of situations, always dire, always down to the wire, always when Dischordia needed them the most. Had Archive failed but once, Dischordia would have lost much of its splendor. Nul knew this, as did Balor and his Lords.

Archive, with the aid of Syler from Appalachia, the Ravager of Roads, was the unspoken hero of Dischordia. Though the tension between Archive, Aranta, and Appalachia was high, saving the powerful sites and pathways of Dischordia was more important than their petty squabbles. On those days, they all belonged to Balor, and that was all that mattered. They knew that when, and if, the war subsided, there would be time for such personal vendettas.

Court of Empires

During the early months of the Court of Empires, Calamity proved instrumental in the Sultanate of Glass joining Dischordia. A few whispered words into the ear of Princess Maeve and Ambassador Fadil of the Sultanate sowed the seeds of a political marriage between the two of them, bringing the two allied kingdoms closer and, ultimately, succeeded in merging them. With her own marriage, to the Voice Jacob “Doc” Winters elevated Calamity to the first Commoner Queen. Shortly thereafter, Calamity withdrew from most courtly matters to manage her domain, though the lord of the Archive’s information network certainly remained well-informed of events that transpired.

War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

During the Court of Empires, diplomatic relations between Dischordia and Lazarus' Kingdom failed, and the longstanding hostility between those two kingdoms erupted into war. A coordinated attack by Dischordian nobles on the European domain of Carpathia and its lord, Alyosha Buljiev, precipitated the conflict, which would come to be called the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.

The Sublime Cataclysm

With the tides of the war turning quickly to their enemy’s favor, the Dischordian domain lords prepared a spectacular attack certain to bring a swift end to the conflict. Sultan Suleiman, unsurpassed master of spirit magic, led the largest ritual Dischordia had ever seen. Aided by New Faith ritualists, the Arcane Academy, and a million occultists assembled from every domain, the sky itself bled with the power they summoned. Chunks torn from the spirit realms themselves bombarded Lazarus’ Empire. As each realm impacted, it laid waste to thousands of miles of Lazarus' territory, destroying immense swaths of land and destroying millions.

As Europe reeled from Dischordia's devastating attack, armies of Aether seized their chance to attack both of its weakened enemies. Territories which had fallen to darkness during the War of Aether now bled shadows like an open wound. Swarming forth from these tears in reality, the shrouded armies of Aether laid waste to surrounding areas. Shadow-eaten vampires, spectres, and darker things spead their chill touch, overrunning nearby cities and domains.

Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke

In the aftermath of the cataclysm which ended the war, exactly one year after the events which marked its beginning, representatives from Dischordia and Lazarus met in Vancouver to solidify a treaty to bring an end to the hostilities and negotiate terms for a lasting peace. Diplomats from every kingdom were sent to witness the treaty, but each hoped to see their own agenda reflected in the final document. The Treaty detailed the terms of the ceasefire, returning of prisoners of war and withdrawal of troops from occupied territories, but also contained several initiatives designed to further specific agenda.

The Aether's offer of peace required a difficult choice: accept the darkness as part of reality, and restore balance to the cycle of creation and destruction, or deny them and accept reality's ultimate end. Acceptance would require the sacrifice of a child, in order to house the darkness of Arhiman who, without a vessel to bind it, would consume the world.

Two children had been abducted from their parents for this purpose: one the Last Son of Gwydion, the son of Imperial Queen Maeve, and the other the Last Daughter of Eve, daughter of Hierophant Zachariah Baldric of Empyrean Dysambigua. As the night progressed, the guests pieced together the mystery, until ultimately it was Queen Calamity of Archive who offered up the Last Daughter of Eve to be sacrificed to name and bind the darkness, save the light, and end the darkness’ war on reality. Through this sacrifice, a path was chosen, and the next age was steered towards an age of enlightenment for mankind, an Age of Ascension and one in which the souls of all mankind would be safe from Oblivion.