Domain Summary

Overrun by wild and mutated creatures, bygone chimera, and mad science run amok. Much of the land is uninhabitable, driving most of the populace to the treetops and airships to live. Aranta has become the de-facto airforce and postal service for Dischordia, with outposts outside every major domain.

Dominant Races

Vampires, Fae, a few Shifters and Mages

Costuming Archetypes

Mutated Fireman, Big Game Hunter, Dirty Businessman, Frontier Fur Trader

Politics & NPCs

Since the upheaval following the death of the previous Domain Lord, Urchin, the former Aranta-Shadur Council has been dissolved. Barron, one of the last surviving members of the original Nosferatu Brood who founded Aranta-Shadur, has inherited the seat of his domain under Calamity of Archive. The A.S.F.D. is the law of the land. They bring the helping hand the people need once in awhile and stop the evils of the world from harming the citizens of Aranta-Shadur. The Order of Absimiliard keeps the wild things at bay. Keeping the Law. Fighting back the wild. Patrolling and protecting the skies as the Dischordian Air Force. Aranta trading outposts are scattered around Dischordia, present in or near every domain, and shipments and deliveries are constant and reliable, escorted by beasts of all size and manner, from condors to wyvern. 

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Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 7
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 5 (Pangaea - Gauntlet 2)
  • Dreaming - Mists 0 (Far Dreaming - Mists 2, Deep Dreaming - Mists 5) / Banality 3
  • High Umbra - Periphery 7

Historical Information

When the Shroud fell and supernaturals no longer saw any need to hide, a Nosferatu Brood emerged from the sewers and brought their spawning pools and genetic experimentation to the surface. It did not take long for the vitae-fed flora and fauna to grow wildly out of control and dominate the land, and force the inhabitants to relocate into the treetops.

Founder's Era

Founded on the precepts of democracy, and originally ruled by a council of 12, Aranta Shadur has always been something of a republic. While the domain engages in feudalism internally, the former Voice of Balor allowed the Council to rule Aranta in lieu of a single powerful Domain Lord. This lasted for some time, but was repeatedly tested by various domain lords across Dischordia who believed they were weak without one of them to lead and protect them. However, the council achieved their goals without such a leader. They leveraged the debts Samhain owed them ten fold, they gained the territory of Devil’s Triangle and “Black” bart as their Warlord, conquered rogue Rokea that had been terrorizing Dischordian shores after being displaced from their ancestral Hawaiian Islands, and struck a deal to bring Dystopia under the Aranta banner. Merging with the Devil's Triangle added a Navy, and Dystopia added an army and powerfully advanced technology.

Fall of Black Bart

During the Nightmare War, near the end of the Founder’s Era, “Black” Bart was captured by the Crimson Weaver's general, Mangora the Drowned Mage of Mu. Archive and Unification joined Aranta in an effort to rescue him, but to no avail. Hal Morgan, the demon Domain Lord of Unification offered to free Bart from his prison if they accept him as their warlord instead. Aranta chose to accept Hal Morgan’s deal, who freed Bart from his captivity... by killing him. After Bart was no more, Hal Morgan fled Unification and assumed his role as Warlord of Aranta-Shadur, putting the Demon of War in charge of the unofficial airforce and navy of Dischordia. The former nobles of the Devil's Triangle began to revere Bart as the God of the Sea, constructing churches along the coast in every domain they could reach.

Surveyor's Era

Through the Nuwisha Bahari, and his lord Khaalid, the Jade Empire strengthened their ties with Dischordia. It became known that the Sun and Moon still survived in East, and their supernaturals were blended with their society instead of fully ruling it. It seemed as though the spirit realms colliding with the Tellurian did little harm there. Bermuda discovered the traitorous actions of Jonathan Morningkill of Ordo Trismegistus. Through a whisper into the proper Imperial ears, they knew his death would be coming and retribution to other traitors among Ordo would follow.

Arantan Dystopia

Dystopia, struggling to find suitable nobles among their number to represent their interests at court, signed an agreement with Aranta-Shadur to send Dystopian nobles to court under their banner. This proved to be a ruse, however, as Dystopia sought to usurp control of Aranta from within, through contracts and hollow promises. This ultimately failed as the republic discovered their plot and turned it against them. When this was brought to light towards the end of the Surveyor's Court, Dystopia's two princes, Kiro Yamakaz and Bryant Vandergrift, were executed by the Imperials. In the end it was Dystopia that fell under the weight of their own hubris and what remained joined with Aranta-Shadur. As the domain underwent reorganization to integrate Dystopia into the fold, the Imperials demanded that Aranta abandon their council leadership in favor of a single domain lord. During the Oath restructuring which followed, Hal Morgan, the Warlord of Aranta-Shadur, was no longer tied to the domain. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Synthas used Hal’s True Name pressure him into his service, and leaving Aranta without a single leader. Urchin, Black Bart’s former first mate, was chosen as the new Domain Lord of Aranta-Shadur, but as a figurehead who still answered to the will of the Council.

An Alliance is Formed

Towards the end of the Surveyor's Court, Aranta almost took the Unification Proclamation, but Empyrean Dysambigua walked away with the prize. When the Praenomen, Lord of Archive, was assassinated during a coup, Archive's ties to Appalachia fell with him. Emboldened by his newfound title of High King, and fueled by the insult paid to him by the Archive centuries earlier, Bistri saw another opportunity to claim the Archive. Aranta-Shadur, having only recently lost the negotiations for Unification, sought to prevent Empyrean Dysambigua from absorbing yet another domain. The Aranta-Shadur council voted to go to war and laid siege to the nearest Empyrean domain: the former Unification Proclamation. Hal Morgan, Demon of War, Warlord of Aranta-Shadur, and former Domain Lord of the Unification Proclamation, launched a campaign against his former domain. Prince Mercer of Unification was able to persuate the Aranta council to negotiate. Following tense negotiations between the council and representatives of Empyrean Dysambigua, Bistri withdrew any claim to Archive and Calamity, the new Praenomen of Archive, took a seat on the Aranta council. This, and Calamity’s Oath of Friendship with Bistri, cemented an alliance between the two domains, but angered Aranta’s long-time allies in Appalachia.

War of Aether

After centuries of strained relations, Appalachia officially became enemies with Aranta over the break of Archive. Conversely, Empyrean’s gesture of goodwill towards Archive and Aranta, combined with their now-common enemy of Appalachia, led Aranta and Empyrean into a strong alliance. When Wolves of the North broke from Ordo, Aranta-Shadur supported them in every way they could, while Empyrean supported Ordo. This added fuel to centuries of animosity between Aranta and Ordo, who remained enemies.

With the ascension of Urchin to domain Lord of Aranta-Shadur, loyally backed by Doc and Casablanca, the domain of the Devil’s Triangle rose to great prominence in the domain. Near the end of the Surveyor’s Court, however, Urchin discovered a nefarious coup plot by the Aranta Council to kill him should he overrule the Council’s will. Urchin called them on a breach of their Oaths of the Long Road should they enact it. Once The Voice died at the start of the War of Aether and Aranta-Shadur lost their Imperial support as a Council-led Domain, Urchin officially became the Domain Lord... yet nothing changed. He didn't seize power. He was simply the one recognized by the Imperials as oathbound, and so he became the Domain Lord. Any who would defy Imperial will in challenging his position would have their lands and titles, as well as their heads, taken from them. At that time the War of Aether was at its apex, and Urchin knew Balor would handle treason harshly. Urchin remained loyal in his Oath of the Long Road to the Aranta Council.

The only council member that didn’t have a part in the traitorous plot was Doc. To the Council Members that planned the coup, Urchin issued this warning, "Do you want to remain Dischordian? Aid us in the fight against the nothing that destroys all, or die at either our hands as a traitor or the tentacles of Oblivion. At least by our hands, you will be remembered… if we do not introduce you to Oblivion first." All of them agreed to fight alongside him. The council became split with their own duties, and Urchin ruled from afar, only appearing when needed or called upon. The Nosferatu Brood receded into their own projects and ancient vampire grudges; mostly pointing their efforts at Ordo and finding some guy named O'Neil in Appalachia. Khaalid was appointed the ambassador to the Jade Kingdoms, and the Council voted to grant his Council seat to Calamity. The council became as it should have been: a group of nobles, meeting occasionally to report to their lord on the larger domain and the changing political climate in the outside world, busy with their own endeavors, and taking care of their personal domains. Urchin allowed the council to discuss, then followed the decision that the majority of the council supported, or that made the most sense if the council was blatantly foolish.

The war effort was everyone's main focus, but they were not without their losses. Their European territories were lost during the war, and Dystopia vanished almost overnight. The last refugees from that advanced domain are part of New Atlantis and now fully part of Aranta.

Bermuda is Dead, Long Live Bermuda

Aranta achieved many gains, and a few significant setbacks during the Court of Empires. Doc’s elevation to the Voice of Balor was celebrated by Aranta, but even that paled in comparison to the epic conclusion to the centuries-long love story between Doc and Calamity.

However, tragedy struck at the end of the year. Shortly following Lazarus’ declaration of war upon Dischordia, Bermuda and Casablanca were both struck with relic nuclear warheads. Casablanca survived unscathed, thanks to a spirit shield which had been constructed during the 250 year maelstroms. Bermuda and Urchin, however, were not so fortunate. In the chaos which ensued from the domain lord’s death, several nobles tried to take the domain for their own. In the end, though, Doc seized control of the Domain Lord's seat, dissolving the Aranta-Shadur council, and killing any dissenters. Barron swore under Calamity of Archive after Crutch was unceremoniously executed.

War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

During the Court of Empires, diplomatic relations between Dischordia and Lazarus' Kingdom failed, and the longstanding hostility between those two kingdoms erupted into war. A coordinated attack by Dischordian nobles on the European domain of Carpathia and its lord, Alyosha Buljiev, precipitated the conflict, which would come to be called the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.