Domain Summary

Beginning as a domain of pirates and the seven seas centered around the Bermuda Triangle, the nobles of the Devil's Triangle have drawn others beneath their banner from an eclectic collection of other domains. The Bermuda Triangle is still a central focus of the domain, allowing nobles from this domain to travel across dimensions and through time itself. Since the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke, however, the portal has ceased to function.

Life in the Domain

Nobles and peasants alike, with few exceptions, spend significant time at sea. Bermudan nobility usually command many ships, with the peasantry acting as crew. Life at sea is hard, but can be quite rewarding. Piracy is common, attacking other trade vessels, or searching for lost treasure. Exploring is also a popular pastime. Through the Devil's Triangle and the Wheel of Ptah, they have easy access to realms that others do not... many of which have treasures waiting to be claimed. When not at sea, Bermudans find themselves at one of their many ports of call. Religion and superstition are commonplace. Shrines and churches to the God of the Sea, Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts, decorate every port.

Dominant Races

Shifters, Fae, Vampires, few Mages

Domain Advantages

Archive - Under the mantle explorers and historians, the Archive has developed one of the most elaborate and expansive information networks in Dischordia. Little transpires within Dischordia that the Archive does not observe, document, and file away. Nobles in their service gain the background Information Network x 5.

Casablanca - Control of the Devil’s Triangle has fallen under the seat of Casablanca and the Wheel of Ptah. This portal, combined with the Balorian Transit Authority, has made Casablanca a vital transportation hub, not only for Dischordia, but for visiting dignitaries to the Court of Empires. The Devil’s Triangle Navy still sails through dimensions in search of loot and booty. Nobles under the command of the Ruler of the Seven Seas, or in service to the BTA, gain the background Trods x 5, which may traverse even the spirit realms, themselves.

Middle Kingdom / New Atlantis - The Great Pyramids, wonders of the ancient world, still stand even after the Fall. Those responsible for these unsurpassed feats of engineering once again walk the sands of Egypt. Where the architects of the Pyramids represent the old, the engineers of New Atlantis represent the new. Building and maintaining a hypertech city is neither simple nor cheap. The sheer manpower required to construct such edifices is staggering, a testament to their industrial acumen. Any noble in service to the architects of the Middle Kingdom or the engineers of New Atlantis gain access to a workforce of slaves or clones in the form of Industry influence x 5.

Domain Disadvantage

Chimerical Magnet 5 point Flaw - Be they the strange mutated beasts of Aranta-Shadur, strange echoes of the Archived histories, or odd creatures bleeding through the interdimensional tears of the Devil’s Triangle, all nobles of the domain gain the 5 point Chimerical Magnet flaw.

Politics & NPCs

Nobles of this domain are still expected to obey the laws of is original lord, Bartholomew Roberts, and honor him as the rightful God of the Sea's Depths.

I. Every man has a vote in affairs of moment; has equal title to the fresh provisions, or strong liquors, at any time seized, and may use them at pleasure, unless a scarcity makes it necessary, for the good of all, to vote a retrenchment.
II. Every man to be called fairly in turn, by list, on board of prizes because, they were on these occasions allowed a shift of clothes: but if they defrauded the company to the value of a dollar in plate, jewels, or money, marooning was their punishment. If the robbery was only betwixt one another, they contented themselves with slitting the ears and nose of him that was guilty, and set him on shore, not in an uninhabited place, but somewhere, where he was sure to encounter hardships.
III. No person to game at cards or dice for money.
IV. The lights and candles to be put out at eight o'clock at night: if any of the crew, after that hour still remained inclined for drinking, they were to do it on the open deck.
V. To keep their piece, pistols, and cutlass clean and fit for service.
VI. If any man were to be found seducing any of the latter sex, and carried her to sea, disguised, he was to suffer death; (so that when any fell into their hands, as it chanced in the Onslow, they put a sentinel immediately over her to prevent ill consequences from so dangerous an instrument of division and quarrel; but then here lies the roguery; they contend who shall be sentinel, which happens generally to one of the greatest bullies, who, to secure the lady's virtue, will let none lie with her but himself.)
VII. To desert the ship or their quarters in battle, was punished with death or marooning.
VIII. No striking one another on board, but every man's quarrels to be ended on shore, at sword and pistol. (The quarter-master of the ship, when the parties will not come to any reconciliation, accompanies them on shore with what assistance he thinks proper, and turns the disputant back to back, at so many paces distance; at the word of command, they turn and fire immediately (or else the piece is knocked out of their hands). If both miss, they come to their cutlasses, and then he is declared the victor who draws the first blood.)
IX. No man to talk of breaking up their way of living, till each had shared one thousand pounds. If in order to this, any man should lose a limb, or become a cripple in their service, he was to have eight hundred dollars, out of the public stock, and for lesser hurts, proportionately.
X. The Captain and Quartermaster to receive two shares of a prize: the master, boatswain, and gunner, one share and a half, and other officers one and quarter.
XI. The musicians to have rest on the Sabbath Day, but the other six days and nights, none without special favour.

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Appalachian AllianceEmpyrean Dysambigua


Ordo TrismegistusSultanate of Glass

Costuming and Archetypes

Time Pirate, Futuristic Pilot, West African Trader

Kingdom Views

We're pretty great. Our strength is built upon the intertwining friendships and oaths of our Council, and the diversity of the domains that it represents. Vampire bent on change and creation, time pirates, spies, technophiles, shifters, fae, mages, demons, and a smattering of almost every other kind of creature, Aranta is rich in both culture and species. They have a might that is political, military, mercantile, industrial, magical, and bound in friendships, alliances, family, and/or love. Truly, we are a strong and inspiring people.


Appalachian Alliance - The relationship between Aranta and Appalachia is complicated. They are currently enemies, over Appalachia's loss and Aranta's gain of the Archive, though there remains deep ties between the two major family's, the Hatfields and the Winters-Roses. Where once stood an unshakable Alliance, is now uneasy animosity, held at bay by mutual hostages, once exchanged as symbols of the alliance. Despite the current political climate, there is still mutual respect between the two, even if either refuse to publicly acknowledge it.

Empyrean Dysambigua - The New Faith, under the wise & clever guidance of Calamity's personal and dearest friend,  Radu Bistri has always been the most loyal ally of the Archive, even when their respective Lords were enemies. ED itself is a diverse, political powerhouse, whose loyalty to their king and allies is unquestionable and whose wrath towards treachery and breaches in etiquette is unforgiving without true repentance. Aranta and ED as a whole have found themselves as thick as thieves, with both political and personal loyalties running deep, at every turn, they have one another backs.

Imperials - Aranta remains loyal, as always, to the Imperials, despite a turbulent...relationship between the leadership of the domain, and Maeve and her vassals. 

Nightmare Lands - New to Dischordia, the Nightmares have found a kindred spirit in Aranta, also a land of monsters and nightmarish creations. Though both children of House Balor, Calamity and the Nightmare Kingdom remain...competitive, sometimes bordering on antagonistic towards one another, as until recently the wounds of the Crimson Weaver War remained fresh. Their kinship, in both House and nature slowly draw them closer to one another, though both remain wary, but eager to learn about the other.

Ordo Trismegistus - There is no domain that Aranta, or it's sub-domains within holds greater animosity for than the Ordo. Stemming from their, now dead, Prince De'Angelo's antagonism of members of each individual domain under the Aranta banner and the nearly disastrous attempt at forcefully forging a Fera Nation under the thumb of the werewolves, a bonding hatred was born. Truly, in the eyes of many Arantans, their great library is the only thing of worth and note in the Ordo.

Sultanate of Glass - They share a mutual disdain for the Ordo, as well as several deep interpersonal relationships born between various nobles. Calamity's eldest daughter has deep ties to the Glass, having served as an ambassador, her husband a long time personal friend to the Djinn, and Calamity herself was the catalyst to Maeve's marriage to Fidil. The strength of the Glass has been an undeniable asset to Dischord.

Wolves of the North - Where once there was bitterness and animosity between Archive and the Wolves, the mutual hatred the Wolves hold for the Ordo has built a sturdy alliance. Truly, the efforts of Floki to build something lasting with his political allies have born long lasting fruits. Though standing between their two allies, Wolves and ED, who are enemies to one another, can be tricky, both have avoided abusing their friendship to lash out at their rival. Aranta has tread that line carefully, treasuring both alliances with deliberate and measured actions.

Other Kingdoms

Aether - The darkness wages its unceasing war upon creation, life, and all reality. Their envy and madness drive them to lash out at all that is, for if they cannot be a part of reality, they shall destroy, much like a tantruming child. The nameless, the nothing, and the lost refuse to see their pathway to inclusion, instead, like the emo brats they are, rain darkness and destruction, under the guise of a cycle they insist they both serve, but are not a part of. They played grasshopper far too long, while the rest of reality played and, now they seek to take that which is not theirs during the coming winter.

Aztlan - Their blindness to Lazarus' intentions makes them weak, endangering not just themselves and their allies in Uhku, but also the whole hemisphere. They bow to the manipulations of the Undead King and hold Dischordia liable for their own weakness and inability retain the loyalties of their own nobles. They frequently antagonize Dischordia, and allow themselves to serve as stock to Europe. Such weakness cannot be abided.

Diamond Congo - Their philosophy of might makes right would have fit well in Dischordia, but their impatience has made them traitors to not only us, but their own people.

Jade Empire - The most loyal and enigmatic allies of Dischordia, none can compare to friendship these two Nations have forged. The Jade exemplify the meaning of honor, in stark contrast to Dischordia, and though vastly different, they find a unique compatibility that has built an unshakable union. In centuries neither has failed to support the other, even when differing opinions arose. They have great mutual respect and fascination for one another. They are the epitome of what traditions should mean in the world, bolstering their survival and accepting the changes the world has wrought, all the while using their histories to guide their future, not burden it.

Jukurrpa - Though a new Alliance, this wild nation has found kinship in Dischordia's chaotic nature. Even though the friendship is new, both have eagerly aided the other, intrigued by their new allies strengths.

Kingdom of the Iron Lotus - Enemy to our allies and allies to our enemy, the Lotus sadly met all expectations. Though their vampires, the Ravnos, have a touch of stolen fae magics in their blood, they are as banal and predictable as one expects from ancients who hold fast to tradition, rather than survival. They masquerade as beings of chaos, but the false facade lost its luster in Dischordia.

Lazarus' Empire - Banal and undead bores, with all the predictability one expects of nations built on relentless tradition, held in a stasis like existence by their unchanging vampiric rulers. They constantly underestimate their enemies and overestimate themselves, refusing to understand that their stagnation draws the darkness ever closer.

Ukhu Amarumaya - Though relations with them are tense, between a wayward and now dead former noble, and Aztlan between them, there is hope that something functional can be forged with them. They are not wrong about what Dischordia is, they merely have not seen the true strength in their purpose. Uhku could be a great ally and solidify the hemisphere against Lazarus' eventual invasion, but Aztlan's ties to the Undead King give both great pause.

Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 7
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 4
  • Dreaming - Mists 4 (Far Dreaming - Mists 5, Deep Dreaming Misst 6) / Banality 4
  • High Umbra - Periphery 5

Historical Information

The Fall of the Shroud brought governments to their knees, and ended the rule of law. In short order, there was no one to police those who heard the call of the seas. Many fled to the sanctity of Poseidon, who offered a dangerous but fair life in his embrace. This gave rise to piracy like no other, with Bermuda as its source and Bartholomew Roberts at the center of it. The key to the Bermuda Triangle in his hands, his pirates sailed into the infamous gateway to the unknown. They explored every new horizon and sought every hidden treasure.

Founder's Era

The bilge rats of Bermuda devoted themselves to exploring various realms and times. Over time, the Society of Deus became interested in their affairs, and in their portal. Gabriel De'Angelo arranged invitations to their courts. His lack of tact and diplomacy sparked considerable animosity between the two domains. Many in the Devil's Triangle worked to purge Deus' influence from their domain. Among them, Iseabail Callaghan, a Bermudan Bastet, changed her name and fled to the Society of Deus. When she broke her Oaths to Black Bart, Bermuda lacked representation at court. Her departure forced the Devil’s Triangle to join with another domain. They chose to merge their powerful navy with Aranta-Shadur's airforce. Aranta clung to their leadership council, refusing to take a knee to a domain lord. They reached a compromise: Black Bart would assume the role of Warlord, and answer to the will of the Council.

A Clashing of Domains

Nobles of the Devil’s Triangle learned that one of Archive’s nobles, Lulu Cooper, wished to leave the domain. Several of them met with the Archive’s Domain Lord, the Praenomen, in an attempt to negotiate her release. This parlay became a catastrophic failure when one, Wiley Harris, drew his guns on the domain lord. The Praenomen banished the Bermudan nobles for this insult. This did not end the matter, only exacerbated it.

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The War of Nightmares

Four Dischordian armies, each led by one of Balor's lords, marched against the Nightmare Lands of Greenland. They were met on the field of battle by Aitu, the Crimson Weaver, and his own cadre of generals.

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The Fall of Black Bart and the Rise of Hal Morgan

The Unification struggled to represent itself well at court, and began to falter. Its lord, Hal Morgan, drew attention of assassins and infiltrators seeking to usurp his failing domain. With the capture of Black Bart during the War of Nightmares, he saw an opportunity to evade his enemies.

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Surveyor's Era

Aranta proved to be a polarizing domain, attracting allies and embittering enemies. The Nuwisha Bahari, and his lord Khaalid, strengthened their ties with the Jade Empire. Meanwhile, Bermuda instigated further conflict with their enemies in the Ordo Trismegistus.

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Arantan Dystopia

Dystopia struggled to find suitable nobles to represent their interests at court. Instead, Imperial Prince Lothar Merovingian brokered an agreement with Aranta-Shadur. Dystopian nobles would attend the Surveyor's Court under Aranta's banner. Yet this proved to be another ploy by Dystopia to usurp control of another domain. Through contracts and hollow promises, Dystopia sought to conquer Aranta from within.

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An Alliance is Formed

Aranta-Shadur and Empyrean Dysambigua competed to win the Imperials' surveyor challenge. Each conquered significant territory, and there was no clear winner between the two. The opportunity to tip the balance in their favor came as other domains faltered. Whoever swayed these struggling domains to their banner would be the victor.

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Arantan Unrest

The Devil's Triangle rose to great prominence in the domain, in part due to Urchin's role as Lord of Aranta. But, near the end of the Surveyor's Era, Urchin discovered a nefarious coup plot by the Arantan Council. They had put plans in place to kill Urchin should he attempt to overrule the Council's will. Doc and Calamity were the only council members with no part in the traitorous plot.

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New Voices Are Heard

Following the death of the Voice of Balor, Balor needed to choose a new Voice. At the start of the Court of Empires, the Imperials chose Doc of Casablanca to serve in this capacity. He continued in this role until his marriage to Calamity the following year. As he left, he passed the reins of court to the Shadowlord twins, Selene and Ravi. Some expressed displeasure at this development. The twins endured constant accusations surrounding treason and genocide committed by their ancestors. A year later, he revealed this to be an elaborate prank, on both them and the courts of Dischordia. As he reclaimed his title, the twins were relieved of their position in every sense of the word.

The Real McCoy

Persistent disagreements between nobles aggravated tensions between Appalachia and Bermuda. The final straw took place when Conchobhra Mac Carthaigh summoned help from beyond. He struck a deal with Nul which would have threatened Bermudan territory. In response to this, Bermuda declared war on Appalachia. Within minutes, Doc had slain their domain lord, Syler Veselov, and declared the war concluded. In the aftermath, Devil Anse Hatfield reclaimed the Domain Lord's seat of Appalachia. Each side considered the other's debts repaid.

A Bargain with Ptah

During their first visit to the Court of Empires, the Middle Kingdom received a surprise. Among the nobles of Dischordia, they recognized a follower of Ptah, a God of their Pantheon. Set sought to make a deal to return their people to the Umbral realm they considered home. Doc agreed to aid them, in exchange for the fealty of those who remained. But before Doc could fulfill his part of the bargain, war came to the shores of the Middle Kingdom. 

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War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

During the Court of Empires, diplomatic relations between Dischordia and Lazarus' Kingdom failed. Dischordian nobles learned of a dark ritual planned by the Prince Alyosha Buljiev. In response, Dischordia launched a coordinated attack on Buljiev's domain of Carpathia. Their attack, seen by Lazarus' Empire as unprovoked, precipitated the conflict. The hostility between the two kingdoms erupted into the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.

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Siege of the Seven Seas

The Devil's Triangle's Armada was powerful, but the loss of their central port on Bermuda was a great blow. Attempts to rebuild the island faced great difficulties. Radioactive fallout and maelstroms followed the bomb's detonation, rendering the island inhospitable. The nobles discovered that the explosion and storms had inflicted greater damage. To their dismay, the Devil's Triangle itself, the time portal, no longer functioned. The Time pirates found themselves locked into a single time stream.

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The Sublime Cataclysm

The tides of the war began to turn to their enemy’s favor. The Dischordian lords of prepared a spectacular attack to bring a swift end to the conflict. Sultan Suleiman, a master of spirit magic, led the largest ritual the kingdom had ever seen. New Faith ritualists, students of the Arcane Academy, and a million occultists gathered from all domains aided him. The sky itself bled with the power they summoned. Chunks torn from the spirit realms themselves bombarded Lazarus’ Empire. As each realm struck, it laid waste to thousands of miles of Lazarus' territory. Millions perished in an instant, as the realms destroyed immense swaths of land.

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Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke

The war ended one year, to the day, after the events which marked its beginning. Delegates from Dischordia and Lazarus met to solidify a treaty and bring the war to a close. Every kingdom sent diplomats to witness the signing, but each had ulterior motives. Each hoped to see their kingdom's goals reflected in the final document. The Treaty detailed terms of ceasefire, such as returning prisoners and withdrawing troops. Yet it also contained several initiatives which advanced specific agendas.

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