Destroyed: Domain of the Dead

Domain Summary

This domain is destroyed and, therefore, not playable. This is included for historical reference.

The former stronghold of the Iron Legion was the first target destroyed during the War of Aether. The once lush and fertile farmland now stands as an empty ruin, wracked by obliviating shadows of its former self. 

Dominant Races

Formerly populated by Wraiths and Mages


Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 0 (Oblivion 1)
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 8
  • Dreaming - Mists 8 (Far Dreaming - Mists 9, Deep Dreaming - Mits 10) / Banality 9
  • High Umbra - Periphery 7

Historical Information

The Iron Legion's Betrayal

At the Ashen Lady's command, the Iron Legion were the first to fire the opening volley on humanity. The Iron Legion crippled the world’s economies as the Skeletal Legion turned to famine and pestilence to cripple the living.

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Fall and Rise of Samhain

Dystopian Joseph Mengsk declared war on the neighboring domain of Samhain. He did so without the approval, or military backing, of his superiors and lords. Mengsk felt he did not need it, believing he could conquer through intimidation alone. He threatened to destroy them if they did not surrender. The nobles of Samhain refused, calling his bluff, but Mengsk had not been bluffing. He pressed the button to launch a barrage of missiles.

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War It Is

Nobles of Dischordia sparked an international incident, offending the Kingdom of Aether. Their king, Nul, responded with a declaration of war.

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Domain of the Dead Joins Samhain

The Domain of the Dead was unable to survive on its own during 250-year Maelstroms. They had little recourse but to join the only ally they had left: Samhain. Some of their nobles disagreed with this decision. Those dissidents broke their Oaths and fled to join with the Society of Deus.

Aether Strikes

The Domain of the Dead remained a primary target for Nul and the Kingdom of Aether. Nul recalled the insult paid to him by their nobles. Nul’s first strike was to seek revenge upon the Ashen Lady and those who supported her. Darkness and silence consumed the Domain of the Dead and Samhain. The Beggar Lord of Samhain became lost in the labyrinth and, without his power, the domain of Samhain fell. Many brave souls fought against the darkness, but the curse of Samhain proved to be their undoing. Survivors fled as refugees to other kingdoms. Many followed Princess Maeve to the safety and security of her late husband's Imperial domain.

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