Destroyed: Kingdom of Lost Angels

Domain Summary

This domain is destroyed and, therefore, not playable. This is included for historical reference.

Located on the west coast of Dischordia, this territory was originally a hodgepodge collection of independent baronies loosely tied together as a domain celebrating diversity, individuality, and the pursuit of dreams. After they were almost destroyed during the Founder’s Era, the remnants were claimed as the personal domain of the first Voice of Balor. But, after his death during the opening volleys of the War of Aether, all that remains now is shadow and dust.

Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 5 (Oblivion 3)
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 7
  • Dreaming - Mists 6 (Far Dreaming - Mists 8, Deep Dreaming - Mists 10) / Banality 4
  • High Umbra - Periphery 5 (Inventium - Periphery 3)

Historical Information

As the Shroud fell, the San Andreas fault violently reshaped the West Coast. Most of California was lost to flooding. The city of Los Angeles remained an island, but was forever changed by the devastating quake. The denizens of the city and surrounding Islands formed the Kingdom of Lost Angels. Mages and Vampires claimed most of the islands that were once California. Some Kuei-Jin carved out their own territories as well. Relations between these neighbors were tense and often violent.

Fall of the Angels

A slew of Rokea plagued the loose collection of baronies for months, until the individual domains finally fell. Dischordia soon learned that the Rokea were refugees from their home in Hawaii. Kuei-Jin vampires from the Jade Empire had driven them from their homes.

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Founding of the Arcane Academy

Several willworkers established a place dedicated to the study of magic and the pursuit of arcane knowledge. The Imperials saw the merit in such an institution. Prince Synthas Leanhaun, himself a student of the Arcane, sponsored this budding Academy. The Voice of Balor offered to house it in his personal domain, the former territory of the Lost Angels. Archmages of many different domains aided in building the Academy Chantry. Mages from all across the kingdom flocked to it to share their knowledge and to learn from one another. Transcending domains and factions, it would remain unhindered by politics. As part of Imperial lands, it would be open to any student who sought such knowledge.

War of Aether

The first Imperial Territory to fall accompanied the defeat of the Voice of Balor. The Voice returned from court to find his territory under siege. A fraction of his forces faced the much larger Aether army, as the Voice delayed the enemy. The bulk of his forces evacuated the other nobles and peasantry to ensure their survival.

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