Kingdom Summary

After the fall of the shroud and the death of dreams, Balor and his host rode forth from the Dreaming, returning dreams to the world and turning the tide of the War of the Dead. Uniting the few surviving domains beneath his banner, Balor and his vassals forged the Unseelie Fae Kingdom of Dischordia upon the ruins of North America.

Dominant Races

Fae, Vampires, Mages, Shifters, few Mummies


Jade Empire, Jukurrpa


Aztlan, Lazarus’ Empire, Kingdom of the Iron Lotus, Ukhu Amarumaya

Historical Information

Year 1

12/21/2012 - Shroud Fall - Wonder enters the world as we humans realize we are not the only inhabitants of this plane. The War of the Dead began with an invasion... worldwide. The world saw endless calamity. Human population took a nose dive as our shadowed masters stepped into the light of the Black Sun. Supernaturals were out in the open fighting things you couldn't possibly imagine. From that day forward the sun rose black. Vegetation died, unless there was some being there to watch over it. In many ways some of the Vampires, Werewolves, and other denizens protected us from utter annihilation. Humans were too weak to stop any of it. Our eyes had been closed for a long time. Governments turned in on each other. Everything collapsed.

Year 2

I don’t... I can’t say what happened.. it’s too... please ask another question

Year 3

Dreams disappeared. No one has new ideas. Innovation is gone. Many humans took their own lives only to wind up back here and dead. Stagnation ruled the world.

Year 4 to 6

War, devastation, havok. The continents changed. Storms, floods and earthquakes altered the world we lived in. It was not safe to travel outside of your protectors home. Atlanta disappeared during this time. I had a cousin there. They all just vanished. Its a ghost town now. There is rumor they called upon aid from somewhere else... a different reality... and it answered their call. I hope they are safe wherever they are.

Year 7

Dreams returned and with it... hosts. House Balor rode to the cause of defending what was left of this world. We owe what pathetic lives we have to them and those who rode with them. But the devastation from the raging war was great. Many who were not prepared before the fall began to rebuild during this time.

Years 8 to 9

The War of the Dead still raged. But the fire on both sides were dwindling. Many cities had fallen or were swept away by the apocalypse. Others stood as beacons of comfort, safety, or slavery. Any of it was better than being dead. We realized the world was a nightmare ruled by creatures far beyond our meager capabilities. Our new Masters rebuilt and redoubled in the wreckage. House Balor helped turn the tide of war by taking Oaths from the Lords of the remaining Kingdoms. The last bastion aided was a jewel known as the Society of Deus. They held back the onslaught to the last days of the war.

Year 10 (Approximately 2022... we think)

The War of the Dead ended. King Balor called his debts due and created the Kingdom of Dischordia upon the wreckage of North America. The alliances forged throughout the cities and smaller kingdoms under his banner come together for the first time.

Shards of the Gods

In the first year of Balor's court, nobles of Dischordia discovered remnants of the shattered celestines of Luna and Helios. Helios shards of gold and sunlight, and Luna shards of silver and the moon became highly sought. Dischordian nobles learned there were many of these shards scattered across the globe. After experimenting with the shards revealed that combining them only made each shard more powerful, it was immediately decreed to never allow the Shards of Helios to come together. Doing so would risk a premature end to the Thousand Years of Darkness, and would be considered high treason, punishable by death. To this end, it was decreed that any who found these shards would be required to report their claim to the Voice of Balor.

Plague of Nightmares

During the first year of Balor's Court, Dischordia caught a glimpse of the chthonic, primordial horror of the Nightmare Lands. Aitu, the Crimson Weaver, spread a plague of nightmares throughout Dischordia, infecting gentry and nobles alike. As the plague progressed, the infected turned into tentacled horrors and raced towards the waters of the icy north. Spreading originally from the Wolves of the North, many blamed Solomon Greyheart of House Scathach for sending couriers infected with the plague to the other domains, though some believe the responsibility lay with Floki of House Aesin. It threatened to devastate the populations of Dischordia, until the New Faith, whose priests had been placed into many domains in Dischordia and were keenly aware of the spreading nightmares, came to court prepared with a solution: the hope that faith provides. The ritual the New Faith devised, combined with a tangible symbol of hope in the form of Appalachian gems, proved to be a panacea against the fear spread by the Nightmare Plague. The two domains formed a partnership to craft dreamcatchers designed to protect Dischordia from the nightmares which spread the plague. Though they prevented Dischordia from being overrun by horrors from the darkest dreams, the dreamcatchers were little better than bandaids empowered by raw belief in their effectiveness. With the plague under control, Dischordia mounted a full-scale war against the Crimson Weaver's stronghold in Greenland to destroy Aitu and his generals. Though victorious in that war, the nightmares were never truly defeated. In a world that inspires such terror, ruled by monsters and death, the Nightmare Lands proved far more resilient.

War It Is

During the court of Vancouver in the Founder's Era, an unexpected guest arrived. Nul, the King of Aether, came to the court of Dischordia, seeking the return of the items Vancouver had been taking from his domain for years, and to reclaim an item in the possession of Elaina Williams, an Oracle of the Iron Legion under the Ashen Lady of the Domain of the Dead. Throughout the night, Nul, Siegfried, and Prince Ailil discussed the topic. It became so heated that Nul threatened war should Dischordia not comply. With the last breath of court, the Domain of the Dead presented the item before Nul, only to take it away from him to slight the darkness. Prince Ailil laughed, but Siegfried knew better than to be amused by this trick. Elaina’s refusal to return the item, combined with her condescending lack of diplomacy, led to Nul's final words to the court, “War it is,” before he vanished in shadow. The court was silent, awaiting attack from the shadows, but that war did not come... yet.

After war was declared, more treachery reared its head. Beric, a Kiyasid from Vancouver, diablerized a vampire into whom the darkness of Lasombra had been locked away. Nul, in league with Beric and the Abyssal Nosferatu known as Nada, attacked the Domain of the Dead and destroyed the Ashen Lady. When confronted with his crimes by the Invictus Imperium of Vancouver, Beric surrendered and was locked away like his predecessor.

Shortly after Vancouver Court, Alice MacGregor had a prophetic vision that nightmares from the north would ravage the lands of Dischordia. The Crimson Weaver and his nightmares would storm the lands, and turn the world to ruin. Dischordia shifted their attention from preparing for war with the darkness. However, it was also known that Xibalba would soon be attacking the New Faith. Many Dischordians questioned if their enemies were in league, and if the Kingdom could survive a war on two, or possibly three, fronts. As the day approached various nobles were given assignment which were not to be read until the moments before the battle. Dischordians scrambled to achieve their goals to reach victory in Greenland, while the armies of Xibalba lingered on the border of New Faith. Dischordia battled both wars defiantly. The New Faith held back their attackers, but James Einsbrook fell in the battle, and was decorated as a hero for his sacrifice. The Nightmare War was was won, but at the cost of countless lives and the capture of Black Bart. The Crimson Weaver was not defeated completely, but his plot was foiled and he was forced to return to the Nightmares Lands of the deep Dreaming.

250 Year Maelstroms

Soon after the wars ended, Maelstroms and Avatar Storms sweep across the lands raining down ash, acid rain, and spiritual energies that ripped souls asunder. The storms littered the wastelands and made travel between the domains nigh impossible. The Maelstroms were found to have a wild magic effect causing even the most powerful of casters trouble in safely routing to avoiding them. Over the oceans, the storms grew to impossible sizes, and Bermuda, Casablanca, and Constantinople were entirely cut off from Dischordia. Many of the weak settlements and listless wanderers populating the wastelands of Dischordia were destroyed by the storms, which raged for centuries. There was a brief lull 200 years into the roil, but it reemerged with a vengeance forcing all domains to close their borders. After another 50 years had passed, and the storms finally receded, High King Balor called for the Court of Surveyors to gather.

The Surveyors Court Convenes

The maelstroms receded, once again allowing travel, and court reconvened for the first time in centuries. Each domain sent their knights and squires to this court, charged with seeking out any surviving settlements in the wastelands, and claiming them for the glory of their kingdom. Even though the storms had diminished, they remained one of many dangers faced by the surveyors of each domain. As Dischordia expanded through the efforts of these Surveyors, its Barons and Dukes watched to see what alliances would unfold. Not only had the Maelstroms changed the landscape, it had also changed the way Dischordians interacted as the domains grew and competed to claim what little survived. Shards of Luna and Helios are found littered across the lands, some even in possession of former comrades, now rogues. In the discovery of the Shards and their capabilities High King Balor outlawed the Shards of Helios being assembled as treason punishable by death. The events of this court left none unscathed, but the prize for the domain which claimed the most territory in the name of Dischordia would be rewarded with an Imperial territory.

Aether Strikes

After 250 years of silence from the Kingdom of Aether, many in Dischordia forgot of the threat Nul levied that night so long ago. Then, in the span of a single night following the conclusion of the Surveyor’s Court, Nul struck at every Domain Lord, inflicting crippling wounds against many of them, and few escaped unscathed. Among all the empires of the world, none can claim to have defeated Nul’s armies, merely ... survived. Legions of spectres, nephandi, fallen vampires, and creatures of darkness that defy description swarmed from bloody tears in reality itself. They swarmed with one mind, devouring or corrupting everything. At their head, always, is Nul’s general. A vaguely-humanoid creature of absolute darkness and skin through which starlight can be seen. The dark armies move at his unspoken commands. It has no name that any can recall, though some have come to calling it ‘Void’.

The night sky blackened completely. No stars could be seen. The temperature dropped across the land, and snow began to fall. Most of the major maelstroms vanished, and only small ones remained. Close to the land there was very little wind, and an oddly pure snow blanketed the ground. However, among the clouds, the wind raged. Over the next few day the temperature plummeted to -40 degrees. The Kingdom of Aether not only forever scarred the world, but echoes could be felt in all the realms that crashed there. Twenty years passed as the War of Aether raged in darkness. In the end, the kingdom still stands, but has been scarred by Aether’s onslaughts.

Aether Withdraws

The tide of darkness rose suddenly and, after twenty years, they receded just as fast. The world has been forever scarred by the darkness, with cities in every kingdom blackened by the touch of the Abyss. None really know why the War of Aether ended. Some say that it didn’t. Some believe the Kingdom of Aether has merely allowed the world to believe it defeated, to lull it into a false security as it did for 250 years. Some believe that it has become more subtle in it's machinations, but still moves it's pawns in preparation for its endgame.

Court of Empires Convenes

High King Balor and Dischordia weathered the War of Aether better than most. They opened diplomatic relations, via the Court of Empires, in the hopes of uniting and defeating the Aether once and for all. Throughout the first year of these diplomatic efforts, the Aether remained ominously silent, until they made their first overt move: seizing the islands of New Zealand and Papua New Guinea from Jukurrpa. With the assistance of Dischordia and the Jade Empire, Jukurrpa freed the islands from the Aether's control, but it's inevitable corruptive touch remained. Many wonder why the Aether has suddenly made such a move, wondering if it foretold a resurgence of open warfare, or if it was merely misdirection for a greater play.

Court of Nightmares

Shokar, the Immolator of Pompeii, remained bound and imprisoned for centuries after he was captured during the War of Nightmares, until the War of Aether. The Aether's attacks over two decades of war weakened the wards which held him prisoner, until they finally failed as the war came to an end. No longer magically bound, he escaped his prison and made his way home, leaving a trail of fire and destruction in his wake. His return marked a resurgence of the Nightmare Plague but, to the chagrin of those who remembered the first outbreak, the dreamcatchers failed to contain it. Many domains resorted to purging the infected, but a few held hope that a new cure could be found.

Appalachia tried an unorthodox gambit, when they invited the Nightmare Lands to send an ambassador to one of their courts. Many of the other domains questioned the wisdom of inviting one of their greatest enemies to court, and their fears were validated when the Nightmare ambassador claimed thousands more would be infected with the nightmare plague and be lost. However, very soon after that threat was made, Nightmare Lands became a domain of Dischordia. On the highest Unseelie holiday of Samhain, Aitu, lord of the Nightmare Lands, swore fealty to High King Balor.

A Shattered Peace

During the course of his duties as Ambassador to Lazarus' Kingdom, Dorian Osbourne of the Unification uncovered information that the Prince of Carpathia, Alyosha Buljiev, was plotting a dark ritual which, according to legend, would bring about the end of the world. He brought his concerns of this magical threat to the attention of the Hierophant, Zachariah Baldric, and his Domain Lord, High Pontiff Radu Bistri. Bistri saw an opportunity to not only prevent the ritual, but also retake his homeland and dispose of a rival. He cordinated several domains in a three-pronged attack to accomplish his goals. Bistri invaded Odessa, ostensibly to draw Buljiev's army away from the site of the ritual, though he also hoped to claim a foothold into Carpathia. While this attack was happening, a small covert team infiltrated Buljiev's castle to assassinate him and disrupt the ritual. Simultaneously, the Hierophant organized an arcane counterspell to prevent the ritual from taking effect. Bistri and Baldric were successful, respectively seizing Odessa and countering the ritual, but the covert team was unable to complete their mission. His ritual in tatters, Buljiev escaped the attempt on his life as his would-be assassins were delayed, and nearly killed, by a formidable abomination known as Gangir. In retaliation for their aggression, Lazarus declared war on Dischordia.

War of Maelstrom’s Rebuke

Having discovered that Alyosha Buljiev, the Tzimisce Prince of Carpathia, planned a dark ritual which threatened to end the world, Dischordia launched a three-pronged attack to thwart him on the eve of the first Samhain of the Court of Empires. Radu Bistri, seeing an opportunity to reclaim his homeland, led an army to take Odessa, while the Hierophant led a team of Occultists to counter the ritual, and a covert group attempted to assassinate Buljiev. Though the ritual was prevented, and Odessa taken, Buljiev escaped the attempt on his life. Lazarus swiftly declared war in response to this unprovoked attack, and launched a devastating nuclear strike against several Dischordian domains; Bermuda, the Sultanate, and Empyrean. The conflict raged over the next year, with each side capturing both territory and notable prisoners. Many domains fought on the front lines in Carpathia, while the Wolves of the North focused their attacks in the scattered territories of Germany.

Meanwhile, Lazarus’ Empire launched numerous coordinated strikes against Dischordian domains. The Grim Legion’s ghost fleet assaulted the Imperial City of Dischordia and conquered many Empyrean cities along the east coast as well as a few islands of Imperial Bermuda. Russia was able to bring the Nightmare Lands to its knees, and Rasputin slew the Crimson Weaver, Aitu, in personal combat. As the Legion marched on Dischordia with impunity, no domain could muster a strong defense to turn aside their assaults. The chances of Lazarus’ victory grew.

The Sublime Cataclysm

With the tides of the war turning quickly to their enemy’s favor, the Dischordian domain lords prepared a spectacular attack certain to bring a swift end to the conflict. Sultan Suleiman, unsurpassed master of spirit magic, led the largest ritual Dischordia had ever seen. Aided by New Faith ritualists, the Arcane Academy, and a million occultists assembled from every domain, the sky itself bled with the power they summoned. Chunks torn from the spirit realms themselves bombarded Lazarus’ Empire. As each realm impacted, it laid waste to thousands of miles of Lazarus' territory, destroying immense swaths of land and destroying millions.

The first sign of the Cataclysm was the haze on the horizon, blood-red and fire-orange, visible even in kingdoms across oceans and hemispheres. Storms of fire raged across the European continent. Those outside the destroyed cities saw clouds of dust and fire, and felt the ground shake violently from the impact. The reverberation of the catastrophy was felt all around the world. Tsunamis, floods, and hail storms devastated the Jade and Iron Lotus. Earthquakes rumbled and volcanoes erupted in Ukhu Amarumaya and Aztlan. Sinkholes opened in Jukurrpa swallowing stretches of land. Heat waves ravaged the Diamond Congo, withering the jungles and summoning great sandstorms across the African deserts. The Antarctic Aether grew even colder as it’s blizzards raged. Across the globe, maelstroms tore their way through the kingdoms of the world.

As Europe reeled from Dischordia's devastating attack, armies of Aether seized their chance to attack both of its weakened enemies. Territories which had fallen to darkness during the War of Aether now bled shadows like an open wound. Swarming forth from these tears in reality, the shrouded armies of Aether laid waste to surrounding areas. Shadow-eaten vampires, spectres, and darker things spead their chill touch, overrunning nearby cities and domains.

In several of the battles, however, both the Dischordian forces and the Stygian Grim Legion turned from their fight with one another to face their common enemy. The Aether vanished quickly back into the darkness, but they had succeeded in inflicting considerable damage on each side. Both kingdoms in the war had been reminded of the greater threat, and agreed that peace would be necessary to avoid total annihilation at the Aether’s hands.

Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke

In the aftermath of the cataclysm which ended the war, exactly one year after the events which marked its beginning, representatives from Dischordia and Lazarus met in Vancouver to solidify a treaty to bring an end to the hostilities and negotiate terms for a lasting peace. Diplomats from every kingdom were sent to witness the treaty, but each hoped to see their own agenda reflected in the final document. The Treaty detailed the terms of the ceasefire, returning of prisoners of war and withdrawal of troops from occupied territories, but also contained several initiatives designed to further specific agenda.

Unexpectedly, even the Kingdom of Aether sent representatives, who offered Reality a chance at peace in their own conflict, in exchange for certain concessions. They demanded that the Court of Empires, which had been formed with the intent of combatting the Aether, be disbanded from its current mission. They further demanded that all kingdoms, including the Kingdom of Aether, be welcome at all future gatherings of kingdoms. Though manny were hesitant about such an obvious political ploy, the Aether's representatives were quite persuasive. The delegates were convinced to support their agenda, though most agreed out of a desire to keep their enemies close.

The Aether's offer of peace required a difficult choice: accept the darkness as part of reality, and restore balance to the cycle of creation and destruction, or deny them and accept reality's ultimate end. Acceptance would require the sacrifice of a child, in order to house the darkness of Arhiman who, without a vessel to bind it, would consume the world.

Two children had been abducted from their parents for this purpose: one the Last Son of Gwydion, the son of Imperial Queen Maeve, and the other the Last Daughter of Eve, daughter of Hierophant Zachariah Baldric of Empyrean Dysambigua. As the night progressed, the guests pieced together the mystery, until ultimately it was Queen Calamity of Archive who offered up the Last Daughter of Eve to be sacrificed to name and bind the darkness, save the light, and end the darkness’ war on reality. Through this sacrifice, a path was chosen, and the next age was steered towards an age of enlightenment for mankind, an Age of Ascension and one in which the souls of all mankind would be safe from Oblivion.