Diamond Congo

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Kingdom Summary

A wild and untamed kingdom of survival of the fittest in the thickest jungles of the African Congo basin, where struggles for dominance are commonplace. Once a kingdom of bloodthirsty warlords competing for favor of the God of the Hunt, and the powerful Blood Diamonds, it was briefly ruled by an ancient ancestor spirit of the bakongo people who withdrew from the political arena. A recent coup by the God of Iron, Ogun, has returned the seed of violent conflict to the kingdom. Only time will tell if Ogun’s reign will last.

Dominant Races

Shifters and Mages, some Fae

Politics & NPCs

Prior to their war with the Middle Kingdom, the internal politics of the Kingdom of Diamond were chaotic. Inhabitants of the domain remained in a state of constant, bloody competition with one another for power and supremacy. Due to the reclusive nature of the inhabitants, little is known of the politics following the upheaval. It is not certain if this practice continues, or how the new lord of the kingdom has shaped it. The former king Tore has been deposed, and the ancient tribal ancestor spirit, Nzambi a Mpungu, overthrown. Last heard, the God of Iron, Ogun, rules the Diamond Congo, with all others serving him. Their society is heavily built around the veneration of ancestor and nature spirits, and Shaman regularly perform rites to honor such spirits.

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Dischordia, German Free States, Iron Lotus


AztlanJukurrpaUkhu AmarumayaVechnyy Uzhas

Umbral Realms

Low Umbra - Shroud 5 (Bush of Ghosts - Shroud 1)
Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 0 (Pangaea - Gauntlet 2, Atrocity Realm - Gauntlet 5)
Dreaming - Mists 6
High Umbra - Periphery 8 (Afterworlds - Periphery 5)

Kingdom Views

Death is not the end of life, but a transition from one form of existence to another. The ignorant fear death because it marks the end of an existence that is known and the beginning of one that is unknown. The strong prey on the weak, that is the way of the forest. It is necessary. Like my ancestors before me, I embrace this - I will be strong. I have become an aged tree; I will no longer die; I have become two hundred hills rolled into one; I am immovable.

Aether: Only the ignorant fear death, but only the ignorant do not fear oblivion. It is not the transition of death, but the absence of life for all time. Only the light of life and the strength of iron can keep the darkness at bay. 

Avalon: Our opinion of them is neither high nor low. 

Aztlan: A ruler should take up arms to guard his people, not slaughter them. This is what Tore never understood and it was his downfall. May they change their ways or meet a similar fate.

Dischordia: They value the strength of iron, and of those who can claim and hold power.

German Free States: They have proven themselves industrious, and they have the will to stand on their own.

Jade Empire: They must impose order on their people to maintain balance, ignoring the balance which exists naturally. Even the beasts of their courts are forced to follow their rigidly defined culture. For a kingdom which claims enlightenment, they have much to learn.

Jukurrpa: The people of Uluru understand that the chaos of creation and destruction go hand-in-hand. The weak predator does not eat, and the strong prey does not get eaten, thus both benefit and both remain strong. 

Kingdom of the Iron Lotus: Only time will tell if our two gods of iron can coexist, or if one must prove themselves the stronger.

Lazarus’ Empire: They hide from their nature within their cities and their courts, and rejecting the beast within them. They think this makes them civilized and superior, but they are hollow mockeries of life. None fear death so much as the dead.

Ukhu Amarumaya: The people of the Amazon are kindred spirits who know the laws of the forests like no other kingdom we have encountered, and the people of the mountains know that the blood of the weak must be shed to keep the nation strong. Those who would be sacrificed for the greater good consider it an honor. 

Historical Information

The Kingdom of Diamond occupies the Congo basin in central Africa. Under Tore, God of the Forest, the Congo jungle adapted to thrive under the black sun and overran the entire region, growing thicker and more lush than ever. Also the God of the Hunt and Death, Tore decreed the only law in the Kingdom of Diamond to be survival of the fittest. His tribal warlord followers struggled for supremacy to earn his blessing.

War of Aether

When Nul struck the world, the Abyss devoured the coasts of Africa. It blackened the trees at the edge of the jungle, but could not reach deep into the living, thriving Kingdom of Diamond. The wild and untamed growth of the region quickly replaced anything Aether’s minions could destroy. The blackened touch of the Abyss could not remain for long.

Africa Fractured, Africa United

The Kingdom of Diamond and the Middle Kingdom were among the first guests of the Court of Empires. The most powerful of the Diamond's warlords, King Tore, sought to expand his kingdom, and his sight fell upon his closest neighbors: the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. In exchange for Dischordia supplying weapons and beasts to amplify their strength against their enemies, their ambassador promised hordes of magical gems, diamonds the color of blood. It was later learned that the Blood Diamonds held spirits of tribal ancestors, trapped in an endless nightmare of blood and death. Drawing magical energy from the gems destroyed the spirits within, offering power at a terrible price.

The Middle Kingdom of Egypt was enraged that Dischordia had armed it's enemies. To sooth the diplomatic incident, Dischordia offered to aid the Middle Kingdom as well. Tzeentch, the first Praetor, promised land and population to others in his domain if they assisted in the Middle Kingdom’s war efforts. However, he had made no such arrangements with the Middle Kingdom. During the conflict, the Middle Kingdom put the volunteered troops on the front line, while Set and his followers enacted a great ritual. At the conclusion of the ritual, many of the Blood Diamonds shattered, releasing the angry spirits bound within. In that instant, the spirits turned upon their captors, and the Kingdom of Diamond was thrown into upheaval. When the dust settled, the grateful spirits of the Diamond had joined with the Middle Kingdom, uniting Africa under Pharaoh Set, for a time.

A Bargain with Ptah

During their first visit to the Court of Empires, the Middle Kingdom identified a follower of Ptah, a member of their Pantheon, among the nobles of Bermuda, and sought to make a deal with him to return their people to the Umbral realm from which many of their number originated. Doc agreed to aid them, in exchange for their fealty. Before his half of the agreement could be fulfilled, however, the war against Lazarus embroiled them in the conflict. Doc was able to send many of them home, though many chose to remain. During this time of transition, however, the Kindgom of Diamond broke away once again, regaining its independence under a new King, Ogun, God of Iron.

War of Maelstrom's Rebuke

During the Court of Empires, diplomatic relations between Dischordia and Lazarus' Kingdom failed, and the longstanding hostility between those two kingdoms erupted into war. A coordinated attack by Dischordian nobles on the European domain of Carpathia and its lord, Alyosha Buljiev, precipitated the conflict, which would come to be called the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke.

The first sign of the Cataclysm was the haze on the horizon, blood-red and fire-orange, visible even in kingdoms across oceans and hemispheres. Storms of fire raged across the European continent. Those outside the destroyed cities saw clouds of dust and fire, and felt the ground shake violently from the impact. The reverberation of the catastrophy was felt all around the world. Tsunamis, floods, and hail storms devastated the Jade and Iron Lotus. Earthquakes rumbled and volcanoes erupted in Ukhu Amarumaya and Aztlan. Sinkholes opened in Jukurrpa swallowing stretches of land. Heat waves ravaged the Diamond Congo, withering the jungles and summoning great sandstorms across the African deserts. The Antarctic Aether grew even colder as it’s blizzards raged. Across the globe, maelstroms tore their way through the kingdoms of the world.

Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke

In the aftermath of the cataclysm which ended the war, exactly one year after the events which marked its beginning, representatives from Dischordia and Lazarus met in Vancouver to solidify a treaty to bring an end to the hostilities and negotiate terms for a lasting peace. Diplomats from every kingdom were sent to witness the treaty, but each hoped to see their own agenda reflected in the final document. The Treaty detailed the terms of the ceasefire, returning of prisoners of war and withdrawal of troops from occupied territories, but also contained several initiatives designed to further specific agenda.

The Sublime Cataclysm

As two of the most powerful kingdoms in the world waged their war, the other kingdoms watched and waited to see who would emerge victorious, and how their victory would alter the political landscape. Few could have suspected the true cost of the end of the war, or the impact it would have on their own kingdoms. In the final months of the war, as Lazarus' Grim Legion marched on Dischordian soil and laid waste to their domains, the Dischordian lords enacted a plan of unsuprassed devastation. Though none outside of Dischordia witnessed the ritual, its impact was felt the world over.