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Kingdom Summary

Banners of House Danaan, the black dragon head on a red field, fly over the Kingdom of Avalon, ruled over by the legendary King Arthur Pendragon from the Court of Camelot at Tintagel. Here, the Pendragon preserves the legacy of the Tuatha de Danann, holding at bay the end of dreams in an uneasy truce with the Oblivion which rules over the Emerald Isles.

Dominant Races

Fae, Mages, Shifters of the Highland Sept, some Vampires in London

Politics & NPCs

King Arthur Pendragon, the last known King of House Danaan, oversees the British Isles with his Queen, Gwenhwyfar, at his side. He is advised by the legendary wizard, Merlin, and served by his Knights of the Round Table from his court at Camelot. Among his subjects is the Highland Sept of Scotland, Prince Mithras of London, and his half-sister (and persistent antagonist) Morgan le Fay.

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Umbral Realms

Low Umbra - Shroud 7 (Shroud 3 on the Isle of Man)
Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 5 (Gauntlet 4 in the Highlands Sept, Legendary Realm - Gauntlet 3)
Dreaming - Mists 3 / Banality 3
High Umbra - Periphery 6 (Periphery 5 in London)

Kingdom Views

For every star in the sky, there is a path to be walked. For every dream in the night, there is a journey awaiting. I swear by the stars above and the dreams within to serve House Danaan, to guard the ways of the Dreaming and blaze new trails where none exist. I will guard the travelers, guide the Dreamers, and go on until there are no paths left to follow. This I swear, and may the dragon devour me in my dreams if I fail to keep my pledge.
The Fomorians have awoken. Arcadia has fallen. The world is plunged into a nightmare from which it may never awaken. For the promise of spring to bloom once again, the dreaming must be guarded, now more than ever, lest the darkness claim the dreamers in their sleep.

Historical Information