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Kingdom Summary

Humanity has a primordial fear of the darkness, and the seventh age is one of fears made manifest. The world is full of terror and suffering, but there is little that inspires more dread across the world than the Kingdom of Aether. Everyone, from the lowest peasant to the loftiest noble, harbors some nightmare in their heart that the abyssal lord Nul will turn his gaze upon them. The Aether is a kingdom of darkness and the essence of the Abyss and Oblivion made manifest on Earth. Populated by the fallen of every species, many believe the Kingdom of Aether seeks to destroy the universe and bring about everlasting darkness.

Dominant Races

Nephandi, Abyssal Demons, Fallen Vampires, Spectres, Corrupted Spiral Dancers - the fallen and corrupted of every species, who advance the cause of destruction and the final death spiral of the Earth.

Politics & NPCs

Little is known about the structure of power within the Kingdom of Aether, or if there even is a structure. Only a few individuals from that Kingdom have thus far been identified, offering only a faint glimpse of their politics.

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Umbral Realms

Low Umbra - Shroud 5 (Oblivion - Shroud 0)
Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 3 (Abyss - Gauntlet 0, Malfeas - Gauntlet 2, Atrocity Realm - Gauntlet 3)
Dreaming - Mists 10 / Banality 10
High Umbra - Periphery 8 (Afterworlds (Hell) - Periphery 6)

Kingdom Views

I am that which came before and shall follow after. I am your father and your destroyer, architect of your destiny. You have known me by many names, O my children, but you know not the slightest part of my power. Submit to me and know the bounty of my love. Defy me and suffer the agonies of my boundless wrath. I am come to tell you the secret of life, the secret of death. The secret of heaven and earth, I am god. I am nothing. I am life. I am the apotheosis of world creation, I am the aim of aims, the end of ends. The world came from Nothing and to Nothing it must return. That which is created must be destroyed. The cycle once broken has been restored. We are the necessary balance. We are inevitability. We will end all strife, all struggle, all suffering. All kingdoms unite in the end. We will ease Reality’s passing into the Void. All light fades, and Nothing lasts forever.

Historical Information

War It Is

During the court of Vancouver in the Founder's Era, an unexpected guest arrived. Nul, the King of Aether, came to the court of Dischordia, seeking the return of the items Vancouver had been taking from his domain for years, and to reclaim an item in the possession of Elaina Williams, an Oracle of the Iron Legion under the Ashen Lady of the Domain of the Dead. Throughout the night, Nul, Siegfried, and Prince Ailil discussed the topic. It became so heated that Nul threatened war should Dischordia not comply. With the last breath of court, the Domain of the Dead presented the item before Nul, only to take it away from him to slight the darkness. Prince Ailil laughed, but Siegfried knew better than to be amused by this trick. Elaina’s refusal to return the item, combined with her condescending lack of diplomacy, led to Nul's final words to the court, “War it is,” before he vanished in shadow. The court was silent, awaiting attack from the shadows, but that war did not come... yet.

After war was declared, more treachery reared its head. Beric, a Kiyasid from Vancouver, diablerized a vampire into whom the darkness of Lasombra had been locked away. Nul, in league with Beric and the Abyssal Nosferatu known as Nada, attacked the Domain of the Dead and destroyed the Ashen Lady. When confronted with his crimes by the Invictus Imperium of Vancouver, Beric surrendered and was locked away like his predecessor.

Aether Strikes

After 250 years of silence from the Kingdom of Aether, many in Dischordia forgot of the threat Nul levied that night so long ago. Then, in the span of a single night following the conclusion of the Surveyor’s Court, Nul struck at every Domain Lord, inflicting crippling wounds against many of them, and few escaped unscathed. Among all the empires of the world, none can claim to have defeated Nul’s armies, merely ... survived. Legions of spectres, nephandi, fallen vampires, and creatures of darkness that defy description swarmed from bloody tears in reality itself. They swarmed with one mind, devouring or corrupting everything. At their head, always, is Nul’s general. A vaguely-humanoid creature of absolute darkness and skin through which starlight can be seen. The dark armies move at his unspoken commands. It has no name that any can recall, though some have come to calling it ‘Void’.

The night sky blackened completely. No stars could be seen. The temperature dropped across the land, and snow began to fall. Most of the major maelstroms vanished, and only small ones remained. Close to the land there was very little wind, and an oddly pure snow blanketed the ground. However, among the clouds, the wind raged. Over the next few day the temperature plummeted to -40 degrees. The Kingdom of Aether not only forever scarred the world, but echoes could be felt in all the realms that crashed there. Twenty years passed as the War of Aether raged in darkness. In the end, the kingdom still stands, but has been scarred by Aether’s onslaughts.

The Domain of the Dead, which would become a part of Samhain, remained a primary target for Nul and the Kingdom of Aether. Nul remembered the insult of the Domain of the Dead, and made them his first target shortly following the Surveyor Era. Nul’s first strike was to seek revenge upon the Ashen Lady and those who supported her, and the Domain of the Dead along with Samhain were consumed by darkness and silence. The Beggar Lord of Samhain became lost in the labyrinth and, without his power, the domain of Samhain fell. Many brave souls fought against the darkness there, but the Curse of Samhain was truly their undoing. Those who survived fled and became refugees in other kingdoms, many following Princess Maeve to the safety and security of her late husband's Imperial domain.

Maeve, Widow of Prince Ailil, gained considerable political clout following her domain’s destruction. Many refugees flocked to her banner following the destruction of her former domain. Through her mischievous guidance and charisma she became the governor of this territory using her former husband’s name to her credit. During the war, Maeve aided in building the culture of the Court of Empires and sent delegates from Dischordia to the other kingdoms of the world to bring ambassadors to witness the splendor of Dischordia. Her skill at etiquette secured even the most wary or adversarial dignitaries to attend court. With the aid of her informants, and Marco’s army, she protected the area from Samhain’s fate.

Aether Withdraws

The tide of darkness rose suddenly and, after twenty years, they receded just as fast. The world has been forever scarred by the darkness, with cities in every kingdom blackened by the touch of the Abyss. None really know why the War of Aether ended. Some say that it didn’t. Some believe the Kingdom of Aether has merely allowed the world to believe it defeated, to lull it into a false security as it did for 250 years. Some believe that it has become more subtle in it's machinations, but still moves it's pawns in preparation for its endgame.

Court of Empires Convenes

High King Balor and Dischordia weathered the War of Aether better than most. They opened diplomatic relations, via the Court of Empires, in the hopes of uniting and defeating the Aether once and for all. Throughout the first year of these diplomatic efforts, the Aether remained ominously silent, until they made their first overt move: seizing the islands of New Zealand and Papua New Guinea from Jukurrpa. With the assistance of Dischordia and the Jade Empire, Jukurrpa freed the islands from the Aether's control, but it's inevitable corruptive touch remained. Many wonder why the Aether has suddenly made such a move, wondering if it foretold a resurgence of open warfare, or if it was merely misdirection for a greater play.