Powers vs. Powers

Use this chart when determining the comparative power level of various supernatural powers. This chart is also to be used for what levels can countermagic or unweave other levels of the different supernatural powers.

Fae Vampires Shifters Mages Mummy Hedge Magic
N/A Disc Lv1 Rank 0 Sphere Lv1 N/A Path Lvl 1
Arts Lv1 Disc Lv2 Rank 1 Sphere Lv1 Hekau Lvl 1 Path Lvl 2
Arts Lv2 Disc Lv3 Rank 2 Sphere Lv2 Hekau Lvl 2 Path Lvl 3
Arts Lv3 Disc Lv4 Rank 3 Sphere Lv3 Hekau Lvl 3 Path Lvl 4
Arts Lv4 Disc Lv5 Rank 4 Sphere Lv4 Hekau Lvl 4 Path Lvl 5
Arts Lv5 Disc Lv6 Rank 5 Sphere Lv5 Hekau Lvl 5 Path Lvl 6
Arts Lv6 Disc Lv7 Rank 6 Sphere Lv6 Hekau Lvl 6 Path Lvl 7
Arts Lv7 Disc Lv8   Sphere Lv7 Hekau Lvl 7  
Arts Lv8 Dics Lv9   Sphere Lv8 Hekau Lvl 8  
Arts Lv9 Disc Lv10   Sphere Lv9