Hekau Paths vs. Sphere Magic

Mummies have a one trait bonus in direct Hekau vs. Sphere Magic/Hedge Magic/Blood Magic challenges against Mages and Sorcerers.


Wisdom of Isis (Intermediate Celestine Path)
Type: Spell
Difficulty: Opposing magic
Sekhem: 2

This potent spell lets the mummy appeal to the goddess of wisdom to cancel another’s spell. The difficulty for this challenge is the difficulty of the targeted spell. Success cancels out the basic results of the spell; each additional Mental Trait spent lets the celestine negate the effects of additional Traits spent, if relevant. It works against other Hekau and all other forms, such as sorcery, Thaumaturgy in its many forms, and Sphere magic. Once all the target spell’s successes are negated, the celestine may spend an additional Mental Trait to change the spell’s target. It continues to operate as before, but against someone else - possibly the caster or an ally. Many mummies like to delay this spell with Hanging the Stars, so as to have it ready for unexpected encounters with hostile magic.