Calling Upon Banality

Cantrips are powerful in the world of the 7th Age. But, like before the fall, all beings can call upon their Banality to counter a Fae’s cantrip. This manifests as a Banality Retest in Cantrips that affect the character calling on their Banality. Each character has a number of Banality that can be used to do so in one evening. However, should a character use this method often, he runs the risk of becoming too Banal and either risks death from the Fae he offends, or worse, risks no longer being affected by the Dreaming altogether. Before the fall, there was little repercussion to being too banal to interact with the fae. However, in the 7th Age, to place oneself outside of Glamour is to place oneself outside of Dischordia (effectively making you an NPC) and unable to interact with the enchanted world… Which in this setting leaves you open to ravages of things from the other realms of the Umbra, such as the Abyss, with no one in Dischordia to be able to come to your aid. Should a character wish to call upon their Banality to retest a Cantrip challenge against them, they immediately gain two temporary Banality traits. Once 10 temporary Banality is gained, the character’s permanent Banality increases by one. Once a character has 10 permanent Banality, it is no longer a playable character in Dischordia.