Undead creatures of the night, cursed with an insatiable hunger. Vampires are one of the most populous supernatural creatures in the 7th Age. Known for their immortality and their endless machinations, they find themselves well suited to a life at Unseelie Court. With the powers granted to them by their bloodlines, they spend immortality in an eternal struggle for power.


Vampires no longer take damage from sunlight. The Black Sun, does not harm vampires in any fashion. Vampires still do need to rest roughly 8 hours/day, but do not have the hinderance of daylight under the Black Sun as they once did. Vampires still need to consume blood to survive. The blood of humans work best, but the blood of other supernaturals can suffice them, so long as the side effects are survived. There is no more Masquerade. Humans now know that monsters rule the world. As such Humanity is no longer a viable path for Vampires as humans have been proven weak and no better than cattle in the 7th Age. Every vampire must choose a path of enlightenment other than Humanity at character creation.

Trait Caps

The Generation chart follows new trait caps below. Vampires begin at 12th Generation, and cannot reduce it below 6th Generation. Willpower purchases are always 3xp, whether it is from character creation or through gameplay.

Generation Traits Ability/Backgrounds Willpower
(Start / Max)
(Pool / per turn)
13 13 5 2 / 6 10/1
12 13 5 2 / 8 11/1
11 13 5 4 / 8 12/1
10 13 5 4 / 10 13/1
9 13 5 6 / 10 14/2
8 14 5 6 / 12 15/3
7 16 6 7 / 14 20/5
6 18 7 8 / 16 25/6
5 20 8 9 / 18 30/8
4 or Path Enlightened 25 9 10 / 20 50/10

Path Ratings

In Faith & Fire, Path Rating is on a 5-point scale. We use the tabletop 10-point scale for Paths. As a result, your starting Path Rating is determined by adding (as opposed to averaging) your Conscience/Conviction and Self-Control/Instinct Traits.


Blood Magic

Vampires receive a free ritual equal to the level of Blood Magic path they learn each time they purchase a Blood Magic path level.

  • Koldunic Sorcery - All paths are out of clan costs
  • Rune Magic - First path is in clan cost, the rest are out of clan costs
  • Setite Sorcery - First path is in clan cost, the rest are out of clan costs
  • Thaumaturgy - First path is in clan cost, the rest are out of clan costs
  • Assamite Sorcery - First path is in clan cost, the rest are out of clan costs
  • Wanga - First path is in clan cost, the rest are out of clan costs
  • Necromancy - First path is in clan cost, the rest are out of clan costs
  • Mortis - First path is in clan cost, the rest are out of clan costs
  • Dark Thaumaturgy - First path is at standard in-clan cost, but must still have a teacher. Any further paths are at out of clan costs.


Fae within a mile of any use of Chimerstry can sense it. They must engage in a Kenning challenge (Mental) vs. the Chimerstry user. a tie allows the Fae to know the general vicinity in which Chimerstry was used. Winning the challenge allows the Fae to pinpoint where it was used, who used it, and the ability to interact with the Chimera and effect it, if they are present for it, or have line of effect to it. A Fae can then spend a Glamour and win in a Mental Challenge against the controller of the Chimerstry to take control of it.

Permanence: Permanence is intended to function ONLY for Ignis Fatuus and Fata Morgana, not for higher levels of Chimerstry. This is the case for the tabletop books (Vampire the Masquerade (Revised), p. 154; V20, p. 145), but was omitted from the LARP books. We are treating this as an oversight and Permanence will function only for illusions created with the first two Basic levels of Chimerstry.


Is needed in order to soak aggravated damage.  You cannot be “Tough” enough to take aggravated damage in a defensive challenge if you do not have Fortitude.


Functions like a path of magic, namely Abyss Mysticism. One may have the option to learn Abyssal Rituals if they have the appropriate levels in Obtenebration.

Arms of the Abyss: One may not have more Arms of the Abyss at any time than points they have remaining in the Occult Ability. We use Obtenebration out of "Faith and Fire."


Extra actions fall in line with Celerity actions. The expenditure to get extra actions with this discipline is the same as per the rules outlined in the MET books, except there is no chance of failure or taking damage from activating it, it simply works by spending the appropriate amount of Stamina related traits to activate. The actions happen in the same sequence as Celerity now. Extra actions resolve at the end of the round. Using other Disciplines in Temporis causes 1 level of lethal damage per action (this includes Fortitude and Potence). One may not possess levels in both Celerity and Temporis.

Combo Disciplines

Always ask a storyteller first. You must have a story reason to look for them and enough Lore to know of them, and must find out about them through research or potent blood. See a Storyteller to determine if a combination discipline is available to you through a Mentor or to decipher what steps you must take to gain access to one. This document contains several published Combo Disciplines which the Storytellers will use as reference.

Changes and Clarifications to Clans

Kiasyd - Disciplines are now Mytherceria, Necromancy, and Obtenebration. Dominate is no longer "in clan"

Salubri - Warrior (Auspex, Fortitude, Valeran) and Healer (Auspex, Fortitude, Obeah)

Tzimisce - (Animalism, Auspex, Vicissitude, and Koldunic Sorcery) There is no Old or New clan anymore and Koldunic Sorcery is accessible by any Tzimisce at out of clan costs.

Most of the clans are available. However, certain clans are no longer playable in the 7th Age due to story that has occurred. Here is the list of restricted clans which may only be played with storyteller approval

  • Baali - ST Approval Only
  • Malkavian - ST Approval Only
  • Cappadocian - Non-Dischordian
  • Harbinger of Skulls - Non-Dischordian
  • Lamia - Non-Dischordian
  • Nagarajah - Non-Dischordian
  • * Antitribu - No Longer Exist
  • Blood Brothers - No Longer Exist
  • Caitiff, Panders, and Thin Bloods - No Longer Exist
  • Children of Osiris - No Longer Exist
  • Samedi - No Longer Exist