With the weakening of the Weaver and the freeing of the Wyrm, the Triat has begun to return to balance. Thought he Wyrm is far from restored to its former self, some Wyrm followers have begun to appear that do not bear the trademark corruption that they did before the Fall. The Omen are the first such breed to appear. Omen are Corax who have embraced the legends of Corvids as birds of death and serve the Wyrm as agents of balance and destruction. Tied more closely to the lands and spirits of the dead than their Gaian counterparts, the Omen see it as their duty to guide the souls of the dead back into the cycle which has too long been prevented by the Wyrm’s imprisonment.

Buzzards vs. Omens

Pre-fall, Buzzards were created by insane Black Spiral Dancer thieves who steal a Corax egg, perform a corrupting Rite to hatch it and force the first change. The sudden trauma makes Buzzards permanently insane. Black Spiral Dancers raise the Buzzard with the intent of complete corruption. To differentiate them from Buzzards, those Corax who willingly walk the Spiral and choose to enter the service of the Destroyer Wyrm are called Omens or by the derogatory nickname Death Crows.

Unlike Buzzards, Omens aren't the corrupted result of the Rite of the Broken Wing. They were born as Corax and willingly chose to serve the Destroyer Wyrm as agents of balance in death. As a result, they aren't twisted by the trauma of a forced change, or a corrupting upbringing in Malfeas. They don’t have the same deformities (which are the result of the Corruptor Wyrm and/or Helios’ disfavor). They DO tend to appear more gaunt and skeletal and act more somber, as a reflection of their role with the dead, but are otherwise indistinguishable from Corax.

They do not lose their access to Corax gifts, but their ties to the Wyrm grant them the ability to learn the gifts of Buzzards and the Tribal Gifts of the Black Spiral Dancers (these corrupted gifts can still be learned, but draw their power from the corrupted wyrm. Gifts from any other source, provided they fit thematically, will be considered on a case-by-case basis for inclusion as uncorrupted Gifts from the Destroyer Wyrm).

Omen Litany

There is no published Litany for Buzzards, but W20 Book of the Wyrm says they have Renown just like Corax. So, my thought is that the Omen Litany and duties would be nearly identical to that of the Gaian Corax, but a darker reflection of it with a greater focus on death. As spies, they look for weakness in their targets and opportunities for assassination. As messengers, they are responsible for delivering messages from beyond death (i.e. from Wraiths in the Shadowlands).

  • There Are No Secrets: The pursuit of secrets is still central to the spiritual purpose of Omens, but they tend to focus on dark secrets & others’ weaknesses more than other Corax do.
  • Take it to the Grave: Corax have a reputation for revealing secrets a little too freely, some of which are things better left unknown. Omens, on the other hand, recognize the importance of keeping dangerous secrets to themselves.
  • Teach Them What They'll Learn: Like their Corax cousins, Omens are tricksters. However, lessons from those serving the Destroyer Wyrm are sometimes more dangerous and potentially lethal.
  • Protect the Eggs: Omens understand death better, even, than Corax. They see how important the need to continue the cycle of life, so the need to protect the eggs is all the more urgent for them.
  • Remember The Dead: While Corax remember themselves first, Omens remember those who have departed. It is their duty to aid the restless dead in moving on, delivering messages from the afterlife and recalling their stories once they are no longer trapped by unfinished business.
  • Bear Witness: They take the eating of eyes FAR more seriously than Gaian Corax. It’s a sacred duty to Gaian Corax, but to the Wyrm Corax it is even moreso.
  • Truth in Death: While Corax try to resist their reputation as tricksters by speaking the truth, Omens feel no stigma in lying or manipulating others to action when the need arises. As a result, however, the truth takes on a special meaning to them, and Omens speak the truths they know of the departed to anyone who shows an interest.
  • Everything is Part of the Cycle: This takes on a particular emphasis for the Wyrm corax who see keeping it moving along as part of their duty.
  • Don't Play Favorites: Corax now only honor Crow, Omens must balance their respect between Raven and the Wyrm in equal balance. The Wyrm still struggles to shake off the madness of the past age, an Omen must aid it in the pursuit of balance.
  • Fly!: Corax love their wings, and Omens are no different. But rather than simply appreciating their wings for their own benefit, they use them to aid the dead. Carrying the messages from the dead, or the souls of the dead themselves, an Omen’s wings are still central to their purpose.
  • Cry: Corax pride themselves on their ability to laugh in the face of death, ignoring the somber reality that death is necessary to keep the wheel turning. Omens don’t (necessarily) revel in aiding others in their passing, but recognize that some amount of mourning is appropriate for the departed.