In the 7th Age, only certain Mokole still exist. This details what Mokole you can choose to play.

Breed (Gnosis)

Homid (any Varna) - 2 Gnosis
Suchid (Halpatee and Unktehi Varna only) - 4 Gnosis

Varna (Rage)

Halpatee (Aligator, Mokole M'bembe) - 4 Rage
The American alligator (Halpatee) and the American crocodile (Piasa) share much in common, having scutes for protection and excellent swimming speed. Both move at their normal speed while swimming, but their running speed is halved while on land. They receive three extra Traits in biting attacks.

Unktehi (Gila Monster) - 5 Rage
The Gila monsters of the American Southwest cannot swim in this form and move at only half speed on land. The Unktehi gain the Archid Trait: Poison Sacs, and their bite is both painful and poisonous. Human-sized creatures bitten by Unktehi may attempt to resist the venom with appropriate supernatural powers (or two Simple Tests); failure means the victim drops to Wounded and remains there until the poison runs its course or the victim is healed. At Storyteller discretion, smaller creatures could be killed by the venom, while larger creatures might take less damage or be unaffected.

Champsa (Nile Crocodile) - 2 Rage
The Champsa (Nile crocodile) share basic characteristics. Like the Piasa, they can move at normal speed when swimming, but their running speed is halved, and they cannot run for more than five consecutive turns. These varna are the largest of the Mokole, occasionally reaching lengths of 20 feet or more. They receive three extra Traits for biting attacks.


Due to regional and kingdom divides, only the Gendasi (North America) or Entoban (Africa) breeds of the Mokole-mbembe Stream of Earth are playable in Dischordia. This limitation may change through play as borders shift.

Auspice (Willpower)

Unlike the Garou whose auspices are determined by the moon, Mokole auspices are determined by the sun. However, due to cosmological changes, Anthelios now determines a Mokole's auspice. As a result, certain Auspices are no longer available.

Playable Auspices

  • (Shining) Midnight Sun:
    • Night Suns - Regain full Rage and 1 Gnosis from Moon and Stars
    • No Suns – Regain full Rage and 1 Gnosis from an Empty Sky – works at night, most likely to fall to Wyrm
    • Many Suns – Regain full Rage and 1 Gnosis from the Stars only – works at night
  • (Gathering) Decorated Sun – Regain full Rage and 1 Gnosis from a Pulsing Sun – works daily under Anthelios
  • (Crowning) Solar Eclipse – Regain full Rage and 1 Gnosis from a Solar Eclipse – works when Lilith eclipses Anthelios

Unplayable Auspices

  • (Striking) Rising Sun
  • (Unshading) Noon Day Sun
  • (Warding) Setting Sun
  • (Concealing) Shrouded Sun

Choosing Archid Traits

Beginning Gnosis Based

Equal to Gnosis at Character Creation (before the extra 200xp is spent) as determined by Breed and base character freebie point spends. Minimum 2, maximum 4, more cannot be purchased after creation.


  • Regeneration like Garou
  • The Umbra is closed to them naturally (except through Mnesis) and they cannot step sideways
  • Dragon’s Tongue functions normally


The demise of Helios has not changed the Mokole's vulnerability to Gold

Regaining Rage

Regained by the rise of Anthelios, not the Moon. Only 1 Rage may be regained per week, due to the effects of the black sun. Eclipsed Sun and Midnight Sun function normally with the rising or setting of Anthelios.

Regaining Gnosis

Mokole do not regain Gnosis when cut off from the Sun, except during the Sleep of the Dragon. The less they see the Sun the more they must meditate in its light – the problem is, the sun is no longer Helios/Olodumare. Night Auspices and Eclipsed Auspices (Shining, Gathering, and Crowning) have awakened under the black sun. They function normally and are at a greater benefit.