1. Combat the Corruptor Wyrm wherever it dwells and wherever it breeds
  2. Respect the territory of another
  3. Accept an honorable surrender
  4. Submission to those of higher station
  5. Respect to those beneath you
  6. Do not suffer thy people to tend to thy sickness
  7. The first share of the kill for the greatest in station
  8. The leader may be challenged at anytime
  9. Take no action that causes a caern to be violated by the Corruptor Wyrm


  1. Let Fools die a Fool’s Death
  2. Teach those who need teaching a proper lesson
  3. Always prank the Wicked
  4. Think then act


  1. Cherish the cubs
  2. Protect the land
  3. Heal the sick
  4. Nurture the needy
  5. Teach the supplicant
  6. Breed wisely
  7. Cleanse the corrupter tainted
  8. Guard the secrets
  9. Rights of the elder
  10. Remember your history
  11. Punish the guilty
  12. Avenge wrongful slaying


  1. There are no secrets
  2. Share what you know
  3. Teach them what they’ll learn
  4. Protect the eggs
  5. Remember why you are here
  6. Bear witness
  7. The truth matters
  8. Everything’s part of the Cycle
  9. Pay homage to Raven
  10. Fly
  11. Laugh


  1. There are no secrets
  2. Take it to the grave
  3. Teach them what they’ll learn
  4. Protect the eggs
  5. Remember the dead
  6. Bear witness
  7. Truth in death
  8. Everything is part of the cycle
  9. Don’t play favorites
  10. Fly
  11. Cry


  1. Care for yourself
  2. Care for your kin and kind
  3. Care for your den
  4. Keep your silence


  1. The Warrior’s Creed - Ferocity
    • I will fight with the strength of many.
    • I will survive and bring prosperity.
    • I will devour my enemies and leave only dust.
  2. The Prayer of Fidelity - Obligation
    • I will observe the Spoken Laws.
    • I will protect the family.
    • I will remember the ancient ways and honor my makers.
  3. The Cunning Chant - Cunning
    • I will help my enemies destroy themselves.
    • I will learn the ancient spells.
    • I will see through the mirror and know my spirit-sisters.


  1. Cull the fallen
  2. Let no shade accuse you
  3. Guard the wallow
  4. Test the Clutch
  5. Remember


  1. Creed of Obligation
    • Build, steal, and suborn to strengthen my breeding grounds
    • Nurture instruct, and aid the young
    • Trust kin before outsiders
    • Pay injustice in kind
  2. Creed of Infamy
    • Defend our breeding grounds against all theft
    • Seek revenge upon any who prey upon our kind
    • Shred the tentacles of the wyrm if it constricts us
    • Sever the Weaver’s web where it calcifies chaos
  3. Creed of Cunning
    • Survive so I may breed
    • Respect strength, exploit weakness
    • Grow strong through conflict
    • Learn from the mysteries of the spirit world
    • Revel in the visions spirits grant me


  1. Survive - We survive, no matter what else happens.
  2. Hunt - Whatever else we are, we are first and foremost hunters and predators.
  3. Spawn - At least once in our lifetimes, Rokea must breed.
  4. Swim - Unless we know what’s going on by seeing it with our own eyes or smelling it with our snouts, we can’t protect ourselves from it.