Shifters are various types of were-creatures that exists in the world of 7th Age. Devout protectors of the earth and beings intimately tied to the spirit world, it is they whom have felt the largest impact of change after the Shroud fell and the world nearly ended. The Triat of primordial and powerful spirits has been weakened, but also has been put on track to become back in balance. The Wyrm, entropy incarnate, is free of the Weaver, order incarnate, but not fully recovered from the effects of its imprisonment. The Weaver’s madness has driven it to bring about an era redefinition for itself. The Wyld, chaotic creation incarnate, still exists in rare pockets creating all it can without losing purpose as it lost the most in the fall. Many Celestines (gods of the shifters) were destroyed at the end of the world and the Umbra, the land of the spirits was forever changed as if fully merged with the reality of earth. Now, the Near Umbra touches the Prime Material and has enveloped the world. This merging of worlds has lead to a change in many shifter roles, litanies, and practices. It is clear to them all that the War of Rage was lost mostly due to the hubris of the garou (werewolves). Now living in the relic of a world they once love and are responsible for its broken state, the shifters have been graciously invited to Unseelie Court by the Fae where many have made a strong name for themselves.

Laws of the Wild, Changing Breeds, Tribe and Breed books are used for Shifter mechanics.


Ananasi, Nagah, and Rokea are not playable.
Abominations and Hengeyokai will be heavily restricted, and playable ONLY with special permission from the storyteller.

Sun, Moon, and Earth

The spirits of the Sun and Moon are gone, shattered into thousands of pieces across the globe. Thusly, Moon Bridges, and any Gifts and Rites dealing with the Sun or Moon do not function the same. Now Anthelios rises during the day shining the black light of judgement and Lilith rises at night as the red moon of torment. This has changed many gifts and rite. Due to this change, mechanically, they work the same, except for any effect that causes damage to a vampire from sunlight. Instead of sunlight, it is a red flame that is produced. The damage is still aggravated, but it does not derive from Helios and does not invoke their curse. With the destruction of Luna her moon bridges connecting Caerns and used by many to quickly travel are gone. Lilith now controls the creation of those pathways and exacts a high price for doing so. It is rumored that Gaia may have suffered as well, or worse, perished. None know for certain as the world is still whole, but obviously dying. If there is a being that has taken Gaia’s mantle, few to none know of it yet.

Gold and Silver

Silver or Gold is the bane of shifters. All shifters susceptible to these metals suffer one health level of aggravated damage for every round they remain in contact with it. Likewise, any wound caused by silver weapons cause aggravated damage. When a shifter is faced with silver or gold weapons, the defending shifter may only claim half (½) of his normal number of traits in any category for ties rounding up. Note: this applies to the appropriate species, not globally for all shifter. Example: Garou (werewolves) would take aggravated damage from silver, and be subject to ½ traits using silver weapons, but gold weapons would not affect a garou at all. We use the rules for silver and gold found on page 207 of Laws of the Wyld West.

Trait Cap

Trait cap increases with your Rank. New characters cannot begin higher than Rank 5. Rage, Gnosis, and Willpower always cost 3 experience to purchase, either in character creation, or during gameplay.

Rank Traits Ability/Backgrounds Willpower / Rage / Gnosis
0 13  5 5
14  6
15  8
16  9
17 11
18 12
20  15

Gaining Rank

Renown gains for shifter lead to higher ranks. No longer must a shifter complete a trial for ranking. Once the shifter has attained the renown to rise in rank, the spirits confer the rank to them as the spirits are the keepers of those who follow their ways. When your character is created, your renown will be recorded by the Storyteller according to the rank you choose. Rank has now been changed to a shifter only background costing 1 xp per level purchased that can be taken at character creation only, to a maximum of 5 points. As you gain renown it will be tracked by the storytellers, per adherence to your Litany. 

Litanies of the 7th Age

The Litany represents the laws and traditions of the various Shifter races. These have been updated to reflect life post-apocalypse. The changes range from minor alterations to completely new sets of laws. It is important to review the Litanies of the 7th Age to ensure your character abides by the relevant laws.  


The following Fera have been updated to reflect the setting of the 7th Age. Each links to their own rules page.

  • Abominations - RESTRICTED - Playable with ST approval ONLY
  • Ajaba
  • Mokole
  • Omen - These Ravens follow the old ways of leading souls of the dead to the underworld