Playable Races


The stories of a shimmering world just beyond ours and ancient tales of faerie folk have been proven true. Fae are manifest in reality in the 7th Age, they are imagination made real. As walking legends of a bygone era returned, Banality has less of a grasp on reality and Fae are able to return to the mortal world, for now, the Unseelie Courts control it.

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Wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, and miracle workers, mages are the quintessential casters of the 7th Age. Mages are humans that have been awakened by a divine spark, otherworldly, or inner power. They can achieve heights most mortals only dream of. However powerful a mage is imagined to be, they are limited by paradigm, a set of beliefs and practices that their magic derives from. Things that challenge this paradigm are paradoxical to the mage and make it harder for them to cast their magics causing reality to backlash against their will. A mage’s avatar guides it to ascension and greater heights of power along their spiritual journey. Mage is a high concept creature type where your power is limited by your imagination and your abilities are generally not specifically defined.

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Mummies are the resurrected kings and rulers of the ancient world. Through the Ritual of Life, Mayan kings and Incan shaman return to the world of the living to see to the balance of the world around them. In Dischordia, the Amenti (Egyptian mummies) exist, but rarely in this kingdom. Here, the Capacocha see to their ancestors and protect the lands that the great tribes and civilizations once ruled over. Using their magics to create effigies, potions, and magical items, as well as manipulating the dead and spirits and divining the future, mummies are powerful and meaningful supernatural beings. In Dischordia they are rare, as many burial sites were destroyed as a result of the fall of man’s world, but they do exist, and where they exist proves to have a wise and powerful being protecting it.

Mummies will be heavily restricted and approved only on a case-by-case basis.

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Shifters are various types of were-creatures that exists in the world of 7th Age. Devout protectors of the earth and beings intimately tied to the spirit world, it is they whom have felt the largest impact of change after the Shroud fell and the world nearly ended. The Triat of primordial and powerful spirits has been weakened, but also has been put on track to become back in balance. The Wyrm, entropy incarnate, is free of the Weaver, order incarnate, but not fully recovered from the effects of its imprisonment. The Weaver’s madness has driven it to bring about an era redefinition for itself. The Wyld, chaotic creation incarnate, still exists in rare pockets creating all it can without losing purpose as it lost the most in the fall. Many Celestines (gods of the shifters) were destroyed at the end of the world and the Umbra, the land of the spirits was forever changed as if fully merged with the reality of earth. Now, the Near Umbra touches the Prime Material and has enveloped the world. This merging of worlds has lead to a change in many shifter roles, litanies, and practices. It is clear to them all that the War of Rage was lost mostly due to the hubris of the garou (werewolves). Now living in the relic of a world they once love and are responsible for its broken state, the shifters have been graciously invited to Unseelie Court by the Fae where many have made a strong name for themselves.

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Undead creatures of the night, cursed with an insatiable hunger. Vampires are one of the most populous supernatural creatures in the 7th Age. Known for their immortality and their endless machinations, they find themselves well suited to a life at Unseelie Court. With the powers granted to them by their bloodlines, they spend immortality in an eternal struggle for power.

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Other Races

Other races not listed here are not playable at this time. The exception to this are Hengeyokai and Kuei-Jin which will be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Demon characters are being allowed to specific players before being made available to the troupe at large. Hsien and Wraith are not currently playable genres, but may be reconsidered in the future.