Learning Times

You can use experience to purchase Attributes, Abilities, and Powers at the pace dictated by learning times. Mentor (considered to have Instruction at their Mentor level), Research, and Library cut down on learning times. You can only use each once in a month to reduce specific learning times.


1 week/new trait; a maximum of 4-5 traits (depending on the month) each month.


1 week per level of Ability you are learning. Ex.: If you have Stealth 2 and wish to increase it to Stealth 3, it will take 3 weeks to do so. Mentor, Library, and Research (as well as other backgrounds such as Allies that can give you abilities to use during DTs) reduce this time by 1 week per dot used to a minimum of 1 week. You cannot learn more than 4-5 weeks worth of abilities in one month (depending upon how many weeks are in the month). Some abilities, such as Lores, will require an influence action to locate a suitable teacher or learning resource.

Ability Specializations

Ability Specializations take a month to learn, which cannot be reduced by any means. You may still learn other Abilities during this time, but only one specialization may be learned per month. The Abilities list provides some examples of Specializations for many of the abilities.


2 weeks per level of supernatural power you are learning. Ex. If you want to learn Potence 2 and you have Potence 1 it will take you 4 weeks. Shifters are the only exception. Basic Gifts take 2 weeks. Intermediate Gifts take 6 weeks. Advanced Gifts take 10 weeks. All other powers stage in time (2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, etc. for beyond advanced power).

Reducing learning times

Mentor, Library, and Research can be used to reduce these learning times by 1 week/level used (Ex. If the above vampire learning Potence 2 has a Mentor x3 it can use all 3 Mentor points to reduce the learning time of Potence 2 by 3 weeks and said vampire will learn the power in one week instead of 4). You cannot reduce the time to learn a power below 1 week and only have 4-5 weeks in a month to learn powers.

In some cases, such as rare, well-guarded, or high-level powers and abilities, learning time reductions are not automatic but at the discretion of the storytellers. Your Mentor may not have the power you are requesting to learn, and your Library may not contain the desired information. In cases of custom powers, you may be unable to reduce your learning times at all, as no resources exist to study a power which does not yet exist.