For a complete list of available influences and actions, see the Influence Charts.

Influence Caps - Influences are not subject to the standard Trait Cap or Background Cap, but follow their own unique rules. Level 10 is the maximum anyone can have in a particular influence. Once a person in a Domain or Kingdom has 10 in an Influence, no one else can have that Influence at 10 in that domain or kingdom. Then it proceeds as follows: 2 characters can have a given influence at 9, 3 characters at level 8, 4 characters at level 7, 5 characters at level 6. Any number of characters can have Influences of 5 and lower. 

The maximum number of Influences a single character can have is equal to the sum of all 3 trait categories, Seneschal ability, and Retainers (Physical + Mental + Social + Seneschal Ability + Retainers = Influence Cap Total).

International Influence Caps - Influences in non-Dischordian kingdoms cap at 7 no matter what, and most will be full at that level. One person can have a given influence in a given Kingdom at 7, two can have that influence at 6, three can have it at 5, four people can have level 4, five people can have level 3. Any number of people can have an influence at level 1 or 2. International influences follow the rules below regarding Combining Influences. International influences do not add to your Dischordian title, and are tracked separately for purposes of determining Influence Cap.

Combining Influences - Combining influences from a secondary source - such as Allies or someone loaning influences to you - will be halved. For instance, if you have Health x 3 and you use Allies x 2 to increase it, your Allies is halved and your Health raises to 4. The only exception to this is Imperial influences, which add at 1-to-1 with other influences in Dischordian domains.

Temporary Gains - Some influence actions can provide you with temporary backgrounds, such as Allies, Contacts, Information Network, Resources, Hoard, or Mentor. All temporary gains MUST be used in the month in which they are gained, or they will be lost. 

Misc. Clarifications

  • We do not use Dark Epics. As such, there is no Attack, Watch, Stealth, Growth, Block Manuevers. These actions do not exist, except at specific Influence levels - see the Influence Charts.
  • Unless the influence action specifies otherwise, Influence only affects your domain, not other peoples'. The occult world in the Unification Proclamation is not the same as the Occult world in Vancouver. 
  • You can use your influence in another domain through use of the Political Connections background. However, it still originates from your domain, and some people might not appreciate you meddling in their affairs. 
  • Others may discover what you are doing with your Influences by finding out through their Contacts background. 
  • When sending in downtime actions relating to influence. Please consult the Influence Charts.
  • The actions listed on those charts are guidelines. While we will accept actions within a similar scope and power level, we will not guarantee that actions which deviate from the action tables will work as you intended.