Way of Water

Largely practiced by koldun with havens near large water sources such as the Black Sea or Plain Lakes, this way can raise watery spirit slaves and dash a ship to splinters. More subtly, the vampire may lurk in the depths or conjure illusions to confound and bedazzle his foes. (Player’s Guide to High Clans, pg. 187)

Pool of Lies 
System: This power requires a Mental Challenge against its target, retested with Koldunic Sorcery, and 1 Blood Trait. The Koldun may spend two temporary Mental Traits per additional scene they wish for the illusion to last. It cannot leave the borders of the body of water and dissipates into mist once the duration is concluded. It must be recast after that to recapitulate the illusion.

•• Watery Haven 
System: It costs a Blood Trait and two temporary Mental Traits for the Koldun to inter itself in the water like Protean: Earth Meld. While in the water it is protected from the ravages of the day. The water must be at least 2 feet deep and sized the dimensions of the Koldun’s body. In addition, a target looking for a submerged Koldun may make a Mental Challenge versus the caster, retested with Koldunic Sorcery to see him in the body of water.

••• Fog over Sea 
System: The Koldun spends a Blood Trait in addition to one temporary Mental Trait per hour or scene they wish to walk on the surface of the water. The Koldun can drop the effect at anytime to submerge or swim. It must spend a Mental Trait to resume the power again.

•••• Minions of the Deep
System: The caster performs a static Mental Challenge, difficulty of 9, retested with Koldunic Sorcery. The Koldun then spends a variable number of Blood Points and temporary Mental Traits. Each blood trait spent summons one Minion of the Deep, up to a max of the number of temporary Mental Traits spent. If the minion leaves the body of water it is created in, it takes one level of aggravated damage per hour until it is destroyed or returns to that body of water. The water elementals only last until the next dawn.

A Minion of the Deep has the following stats:

Physical: Equal to the Koldun’s permanent Mental Traits
Mental: Equal to the Koldun’s permanent Mental Traits only in passive or defensive situations
Social: Equal to the Koldun’s permanent Mental Traits only in passive or defensive situations
Abilities: Stealth equal to the permanent level possessed by the Koldun
Special: Fire Damage only inflicts Bashing Damage to them, regenerate one level of damage each round if they are by or in a large body of water.
Health Levels: Equal to the Koldun’s permanent Willpower rating.
Damage: Minions of the Deep inflict one level of Lethal Damage per hit.

••••• Doom Tides
System: The Koldun performs a Static Mental Challenge, retested with Koldunic Sorcery at a difficulty of 11 and spends a temporary Willpower Trait and a Blood Trait. Should he succeed, he may spend a variable number of temporary Mental Traits. Each Trait increases the size by 10 feet and adds 5 Physical Traits to the Doom Tide. The Doom Tide has a base Physical Trait score of 15 (+5 for every Mental Trait spent). Victims wishing to break free must defeat this difficulty to do so. Living beings drown normally. Vampires are simply trapped within for the duration of the scene.