Way of Spirit

The element of Spirit binds and transcends the four elements of the material world. Spirit is life in all its purest and most debased forms. It flows sluggishly in the blood of vampires and dances in the currents of wind and water. It burns in every flame and shakes the foundations of the earth. Ancient koldun learned to extend the spirit of their blood into the world around them, joining and dominating the ambient living essence for a brief time. Unto itself, the Way of Spirit grants preternatural awareness over a wide area. The true power of the art, however, lies in channeling other manifestations of Koldunic Sorcery. A master koldun may whisper his thoughts to the edge of his domain and strike down intruders with tempest, fire and devouring earth. His mystical will is law unto the very edge of his bloated spirit.

• To ••••• (Player’s Guide to the High Clans, pg. 189)
System: This power requires a Blood Trait and a static Social Challenge difficulty of 6 plus the level trying to be activated (so for level 5, for example, it would be difficulty 11). This power lasts for one scene/hour per level of the Way of Spirit the Koldun knows. This power also functions for the rules of “Auspex versus Obfuscate” in Laws of the Night, where Auspex is replaced with Way of Spirit to detect hidden things and beings.

Way of Spirit may go above Advanced Level. Indeed, it may go all the way up to Methuselah Discipline level. For every two levels above Second intermediate, the Koldun must bid one additional Trait on all Empathy challenges. In addition, Way of Spirit allows the user to view into the Umbra as well as the Material World. To do so simply requires the Koldun to focus on the realm he wishes to view. A Koldun can only focus in on one plane of existence at a time. Focusing in the Umbra causes a -2 penalty to detect the “Real World.” Being able to view the Umbra in this manner allows a Koldun to “see,” “hear,” and communicate with the spirits that reside there. It should be noted that while a Koldun may “see,” “hear,” and “feel” everything in his radius, this does not mean all at once.

A Koldun using this power in a radius greater than Way of Spirit 1 provides suffers a 2 trait penalty on all challenges near its body and is considered similar to being Astrally Projected through Aspex. It takes concentration to use Way of the Spirit and all of the sensations in the viewed radius are not instantaneous. As such, if you focus further than Way of Spirit 1 away from your body, you are vulnerable to attack and cannot perform actions in your personal vicinity (unless you are using other Koldunic sorcery paths or break concentration and end the power).

Think of it more like Google Earth: you can get a large picture from above, but you have to zoom in and focus on things to really get what you want. Additionally, while this Way of Koldunic Sorcery allows for other Koldunic Sorcery powers to be used through it; all such uses requires 1 temporary Willpower point per power used each time through Way of Spirit. This in addition to any normal costs associated with the Koldunic Sorcery power.