Way of Fire

The ancient anathema of vampires, the element of fire offers the most powerful and dangerous tool available to koldun. The Way of Fire shares aspects with the Way of Earth in that it focuses more on magma and fiery rock than pure, naked flame. Koldun never risk Rötschreck from fire and magma they conjure, though any secondary fires may engender the Red Fear. (Player’s Guide to High Clans, pg. 188)

 • Fiery Courage
System: Once learned this power is permanent. The Koldun subtracts his levels in Way of Fire from Courage tests to run from flames. If this would make the test 2 traits or less, the Koldun need not test to run from the flame. This only works against fire.

•• Combust
System: To attack a person with this power requires a Blood Trait and a Social versus Physical Challenge, retested with Koldunic Sorcery. To effect a person, the Koldun must bid two additional traits in the challenge. Should the Koldun succeed, the victim suffers 1 level of Aggravated Damage. Additionally, the Koldun may now throw a number of simple tests (win or tie) equal to his rating in the Way of Fire to score additional levels of Aggravated damage on the attack. You can make only one fiery attack per turn and the victim can dodge the attack, but not soak it.

••• Wall of Magma
System: This power lasts a number of turns equal to the Koldun’s rating in the Way of Fire and costs a Blood trait to enact. The Courage Test is difficulty 4. The Koldun may form shapes other than a ring of magma. The Koldun spends 1 temporary Mental Trait to summon a different shape. Being within 10’ of the wall causes 1 level of aggravated damage per turn. Touching, passing through, or remaining in the wall causes 3 levels of aggravated damage per turn. Damage from the wall is only soakable through supernatural means.

•••• Heat Wave 
System: This power requires a Blood Trait and a Social versus Physical Challenge against the target, retested with Koldunic Sorcery. The victim suffers 5 lethal damage and loses 5 blood traits if it is a vampire. Anyone slain with this power withers into a mummified husk.

••••• Volcanic Blast 
System: It costs a Willpower and a Blood Trait to activate this power. If the Koldun wishes to hit a target with this power, they must defeat them in a Social versus Physical Challenge, retested with Koldunic Sorcery. The volcano lasts a number of rounds equal to the number of Social traits spent after the challenge. Those who fail this challenge suffer 3 levels of Aggravated Damage a round for as long as this power is active. Items that fall into the lava survive for the duration of their health levels before being destroyed. If an item is destroyed, it is trapped in the rock after the magma cools at the end of the duration.