Veil The Legions (master)
The vampire may conceal one dot of Domain Security for each point of Stealth they possess, plus each level of Obfuscate. No test is necessary to create the veil, but anyone may attempt to break the veil with a Mental challenge (their Investigation + Auspex vs. your Stealth + Obfuscate). Sounds of movement and speaking do not break the veil, but combat will break it as usual.

Chimerical Form (asc.)
Prerequisites: Gemini’s Mirror, Visit Faerieland
Growing from the power to create illusory doubles and travel to the dreaming, the vampire has learned to blur the lines between the physical and the dream. By spending a Willpower and winning a static mental challenge against the local Banality, the user is able to actually transform themselves into a Chimera. He may revert to his physical form at will. The true benefit of the power, however, comes when combined with Gemini’s Mirror. By spending an additional Blood trait, in addition to the usual activation, the Gemini Mirror is created as a self-aware Chimerical duplicate of the user which is free to act independently of the user. Once in Chimerical form themselves, the user can spend a Willpower to solidify any of the mirrors into his physical form (there can only be one “real” version). Any chimerical mirrors can be dismissed at will.

Eclipse (meth.)
Surpassing the usual limitations of Obfuscate, a wielder of Eclipse is capable of acting as normal without breaking their concealment. Attacking no longer automatically reveals the vampire, but the target and any bystanders may engage in a mental challenge to attempt to see the vampire. Onlookers must defeat him in an additional mental challenge each round if they wish to keep him in sight. Any who fail are considered surprised in subsequent rounds.