Counterstrike (elder)
After attacked in Melee Range, spend 1 blood trait to gain a free attack back against attacker.

Flawless Parry (elder)
Upon activation, the user may only take defensive (dodge) actions for the remainder of the round, and the amount of actions must be specified at the moment of activation. The first dodge is considered to be automatically won, and each additional dodge costs a blood point per action being parried. This total may exceed the users Celerity rating by one. Use of a parry must be called for before the challenge.

The Unseen Storm (asc.)
The player spends one blood point to activate the Unseen Storm and must continue to spend one blood each turn she wants the power to continue. This expenditure does count against the maximum number of blood that can be spent in a turn. The character may not use any other Celerity powers (other than taking extra actions) while maintaining the Unseen Storm. A person fighting a character using this power counts as blind, while the user automatically blindsides her opponent. The user cannot be seen by anyone who does not possess more Auspex than her Celerity, and she can attack and otherwise interact without becoming visible.