Rockheart (Level Seven)
For one blood trait and a willpower lasting a scene your innards become rocklike. You are considered to have double Health Levels against physical attacks that do piercing or bashing damage. To stake you, your attacker must at least have Puissance. (Note: If this power is used in conjunction with Flesh of Marble no extra Health Levels are gained, but it now takes three tests to stake you).

Stone Strength (Level Seven)
For one blood trait lasting a scene your flesh hardens and takes on a very distinct rocklike quality. Every manifestation of this power is different in appearance. For some it results in a look of polished marble, while others resemble rough granite. Your skin becomes rock hard and pain is deadened, giving you the extra Physical Trait Tough (above and beyond the maximum allowed by generation). You are immune to wound penalties and take only half damage from fire.

Crawling Chamber (Level Seven)
By spending three blood traits, the Gargoyle may animate an approximately 10 by 10 volume of stone, giving it a base sentience and allowing it to ooze, reshape itself and even attack foes. Statues and the like may be animated as well. The Gargoyle spends 3 blood traits and the “animated” rock has 10 physical traits with Brawl x2, Survival x2, and Dodge. This power lasts for a scene or hour, whichever comes first.