Spiritus is a Discipline unique to the Ahrimanes bloodline that allows them to interact with animalistic spirits. At its most basic levels it allows the vampire to speak with and summon spirits, but at higher levels power can be channeled from them to strengthen the Ahrimane.

Basic 1: Aid from Spirits
Spirits are everywhere, but invisible to most living and unliving beings. This power allows the vampire to briefly rouse the spirit of an object, making that object perform its intended function better or more efficiently. It in no way makes the spirit well-disposed to the vampire.
System: Touch the object, and spend (1) Blood trait and make a Social Challenge (retest Occult) vs the object. An object has a number of traits = 3x it’s rating or bonus traits it offers, whichever is higher. A basic sword that offers +3 traits is a difficulty 9 challenge. A legendary 7 point Artifact is a difficulty 21 challenge. Success means that the object does what it does better for your next challenge, netting you a Free Retest on your NEXT challenge with said object. This effect will last for the next scene and if unused it vanishes. You can not stack this on the same object, but you can enchant multiple objects in the same scene.

Basic 2: Summon Spirit Beasts
With this power, the user can summon up the spirit of an animal indigenous to the area and send it to do what comes naturally to it. The spirit assumes the corporeal form of the appropriate animal, and is capable of whatever the animal would normally be able to do. The animal can follow simple telepathic commands, and is slightly more intelligent than a normal animal would be (but not as intelligent as a person)
System: Spend (1) Blood Trait and spend a number of social traits up to a maximum of 5. You summon a single spirit animal that must be native to the area. It’s stats function exactly like a normal animal except it’s mental traits are higher and it can communicate telepathically with you. It has the same health levels as a normal animal of it’s type only it dissipates when it dies. 1 Social Trait = 1 Turn. 2 Social Traits = 1 minute. 3 Social traits = 1 scene. 4 Social Traits = 1 Day. 5 Social Traits = 1 Week.

Intermediate 1: Aspect of the Beast
The Vampire Emulates aspect of the spirits herself, provided the spirits she uses are local to the area.
System: Spend 1 Blood Trait and 1 Social Trait per grade of success. Using the same duration chart as Summon Spirit Beasts. This power is very versatile allowing you to mimic the effects of any animal native to the area and any aspect of them. As a rule of thumb, any aspect of the beast will enhance a challenge by +3 traits, a free retest, an extra health level, an extra courage, or a special ability such as venom, tracking, etc etc. It is possible to have multiple aspects of various animal powers active at once if you spend the requisite amount of Blood and Social Traits.

Intermediate 2: Engling Fury
Spirits are abound in everything from one’s shirt to the very air around you. The user of this can take those spirits into herself, break them down, and refresh her own mental reserves. This destroys the spirits but no repercussions have been reported... yet.
System: The player makes a Social Challenge vs 3x the local gauntlet rating. This action takes an action. Success means the user finds a small spirit and eats it refreshing either 1 Willpower or 1 Social Trait. You can attempt this challenge every turn and simply consume another spirit. You can attempt to eat a larger spirit, thus netting you more willpower or social traits. Each trait of Spirit Lore you expend allows you to find a fatter spirit or a better area and to refresh additional traits.

Advanced: The Wild Beast
The user grows leaner, lithe, and strong. She hunches over slightly, her eyes become slitted and catlike, she grows vicious claws on her hands. Her features become slightly feline, and in this form she is an even more formidable predator than usual.
System: Spend (2) Blood Traits. The vampire gains +7 Physical Traits (Lithe x2, Quick, Graceful x2, Tough, and Brutal), the Negative Trait Feral, and the character can only engage in Intimidation related Social Challenges. The vampire’s bite now inflicts an additional level of damage and claws that deal aggravated damage. The character can see in the dark normally, and all difficulties based on perception gain a +2 bonus.